Shocking Brewer Verbal Assault Video Should End Her Political Career

I fear for my state.  The video posted below by SoundAdvice is disturbing and very important for every voter to see before the August 24th Arizona Republican gubernatorial primary.  If you know someone who has not yet voted on Prop. 100, please show them this video and have them read the transcript I provide below before the May 18th special election.  This video is guaranteed to motivate the apathetic voter to rally to the “NO on 100” side and show up to cast their ballot in person on Tuesday.  

The Buz Mills campaign, please, carefully and fairly edit this spectacle down to 60 seconds and broadcast it on every Arizona television station.  You have the resources.  As a man who believes he has what it takes to lead us through these terrible economic times, you have a duty to Republicans and to Arizona to ensure Gov. Brewer never again takes the oath of office as Arizona’s governor.  There will be plenty of time to sort out Dean Martin and John Munger.  Expose Brewer now before it’s too late.

When I first watched it, I found the sound in the explosive Brewer Verbal Assault Video a little hard to make out.  So, I decided to create a transcript to clearly reveal the true offensiveness and creepiness of Brewer’s unprofessional and thoroughly inappropriate rant.

Please make sure this video and transcript get wide distribution before Tuesday’s important vote.  I’m honestly unsettled about having that woman in a position of trust and responsibility.  It might be too late to defeat Prop. 100 with all those early ballots already submitted.  But it is not too late to save our state from an over-her-head political flunky who has risen far, far beyond her Peter Principle level.




[The exchange is largely inaudible until Voter holds up a penny in her left hand while Gov. Jan Brewer clutches her on her right side in an awkward embrace]

VOTER: Penny tax, Penny tax!

BREWER: You vote “yes.”

[Voter holds up her hand where “NO on 100” is written in marker on her palm]

VOTER: I voted “no.”  Sorry.

BREWER: Are they your children?

VOTER: These are my kids, yeah!  No, I’m sorry.  You know what? It’s been such a struggle for me.  And if, if there would have been a pay cut for…

BREWER: You know what?

VOTER: If there would have been…

BREWER: Know what?

VOTER: …a pay cut for those fat-cat administrators…

BREWER: Let me tell you something … let me tell you… if you vote “no” it’s going to be more trouble for you because you are going to have uneducated children, you are not going to have any jobs in the state of Arizona and no recovery and who will you have to blame but yourself?

VOTER: You know what I heard?  We can take the money for other programs…

[Brewer repeatedly points her finger or fingers at the chest of the voter throughout the following]

BREWER: That’s not true.  Do you think that Jan Brewer… do you think… do you think that I, whose has never voted for a tax increase in my life, would have done that? Do you think that I, who has stayed up night after night after night, week after week after week, making myself sick – to say we can’t raise taxes, it just can’t make it work?  There is no other way to turn our economy around.  If you say “no” just because you don’t have the facts… and I don’t think you have the facts… if you had the facts, I think you would vote “yes.”  You can’t do that to your children. You can’t do that to yourself and you can’t do that to the state of Arizona.  It’s a one penny tax, temporary, for three years so we can correct the structural deficit.

VOTER: That would be fine with me if, if other people would take a pay cut.  The $41 million in Paradise Valley…

BREWER: Who hasn’t taken… who hasn’t taken a pay cut?

VOTER: I think there needs to be…


VOTER: There needs to be more…


VOTER: More…

BREWER: Who? Who? Who hasn’t taken a pay cut?

VOTER: I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I don’t want to… I’m sorry… [inaudible]

BREWER: I’m just… You know I’m just so concerned because you’ve got your children. I have no… no… I don’t have, but I don’t have children in the schools.

[Fade to disgust]


  1. Jefferson Smith says

    Worst Case… Jan Brewer has a serious personality disorder that includes a complete disrespect for personal boundaries and the typical hack politician’s narcissism (notice her reference to herself in the third person.)

    Best Case… she was drunk.

    Either way, she needs to go.

  2. I don’t feel one ounce of remorse for that woman. How rude and disrespectful to walk up to a governor under the pretense that you are a fan or supporter only to do it as a goof and write a disparaging remark on your hand.
    How embarrassing our party has become where we openly mock our elected leaders.
    Brewer should have smacked her in the face.
    The funniest part is when she tries to run and hide because Brewer puts her in her place and points out she doesn’t know the facts.
    This video also shows how desperate the 3 other candidates have become. They have to secretly video this stuff to try and find material to throw at her.

  3. No McCain says

    Brewer showed a complete lack of class, but of course the RINO’s jump to her defense.

  4. Verbal assault video? LOL! WTF? Brewer looks stupid but this is hardly verbal assault or any kind of assault.

    Plus, this was obviously a bit of a setup by the No on 100 people. They had the camera there and were trying to be clever by taking pictures and video with Governor while the woman held up her hand with “No on 100” and then confronted her with the penny. These weren’t just some random unlucky constituents.

    I’m voting no on 100 myself and I am pretty sure I am not voting for Brewer. But I think this post is pretty much just over the top garbage.

  5. Jefferson Smith says

    Booby prize to the first person to identify which campaign Jamie’s employed by: Brewer for Governor or YES on 100… or is there any real difference?

    Was that constituent really that out of bounds?

    Since when do Americans treat politicians like nobility and keep to our station, know our place?

    “NO on 100” is a disparaging g remark? Really?

    “Smack her in the face!”

    …and I’m sure the Brewer for Governor and YES on 100 campaigns’ social media drones are paid too well for this amateur-hour crud.

  6. This video and the entire “Yes on 100” disgusts me! If Gov. Brewer were a private citizen she would be indicted for extortion. I plan on voting “NO, HELL NO!” on 100 and voting for the candidate that has the best chance of turning her short gubernatorial term into lame duck status on August 24.

  7. Jefferson I didn’t advocate for either-I pointed out this stupid video and the “shock” that this video somehow portrays. Whoever runs this site should be embarrassed by it’s posters.

    Saying no on 100 isn’t disparaging. Waking up to the Republican Governor, posing for pictures as if you’re a fan and then secretly holding your hidden message is what is disparaging.

    Vote however and for whoever you want. The fact is, it shows desperation when you have to play sneaky games and get flustered when called to carpet.

  8. Oberserve says

    To VSB, “Brewer LOOKS stupid.”????!?!?!?


    Fact is, Yes on 100 voters are libs, dems and RINOs just like Brewer.

  9. nightcrawler says

    Brewer was wrong to sign SB1070 and is correct about Prop 100. So she is even in my book.

    This video is lame, Brewer was just making her point in a passionate way.

    To enroll her kids in this ruse is classless. She took advantage of Jan’s accommodating nature.

  10. BREWER: I’m just… You know I’m just so concerned because you’ve got your children. I have no… no… I don’t have, but I don’t have children in the schools.

    Then she don’t know how crappy they are, does she? Then she don’t know what the concerns are, does she? Or what “concerns” that everyone is havign are legit and what are hysterics.

    NO to Prop 100. THe schools got so much money from the state, they’ve BUSTED it and they have NOT delivered ANY academic improvement over the past 6 years. Nothing to budge them from amongst last in the nation, as they HAVE been for decades.

    The state education establishment is a FAIL. They’ve WRECKED grade after grade of children. Give the SAME people who couldn’t do the job MORE money?
    Why? Just because? The state gonna use the children as human shields?

  11. Back off of Brewer says

    This is such a leap for anyone to say this was a verbal assault coming from the Gov. You can tell that she knew she was being filmed. What I see is a very sincere public servant who is just telling it like it is. All the while candidly expressing the angst she went through in her role as Gov. trying to seek other options to this 1 cent tax.

    All the candidates say in their ads they are not politicians why- because they want to try to claim that as a badge of honor.

    Well folks you just saw a real example of someone who is not a professional politician. If you did not like her before you should like her now.

    Brewer is “Velveteen Rabbit” kind of real..which is more than I can say about many of the people who currently hold, have held, or are seeking to hold elective office.

  12. confused says

    Gov. Brewer says this tax increase will help pull Arizona out of the recession. How does taking more money out of people pocket help get us out of recession?

  13. There is nothing I can comment here about this post that won’t get deleted for extreme obscenity.

    NEVER NEVER NEVER attack a fellow Republican. So what! you don’t agree on one damn proposition, I’m sure when the day comes Buz, Dean, and Munger would all do something to piss off at least one Republican somewhere in the state.

    She signed SB1070, she put forth outstanding educational reforms in our state all you have to do is check out the goldwater’s website to see them thanking her and the legislature for that.

    Tell half the country that’s been watching Fox News since SB1070 got signed that Brewer is a RINO. Tell that to the TUSD kids marching up and down Congress. What the hell is this crap, I can’t believe I wasted 2 minutes and 9 seconds on this load of garbage attacking my CONSERVATIVE governor.

  14. Sorry Mac, but she isn’t conservative.

    Raising taxes on the people, during a recession when our unemployment is highest it has been in years, is stupid. That is what liberals do. Look at California, how has their tax increases helped them? Huh?

    I think it was great that she signed SB1070, but that does not change the fact that her solution for solving our fiscal woes is idiotic.

  15. Mike Kelton says

    She’s just making points to vote for the sales tax. What’s so inflamatory about that?

    MBW, I think you are trying to create a controversy. This is not a big deal. In fact, I just wasted a few minutes of my life watching this and I want them back!

  16. The litmus paper is out and apparently being used quite freely.

    By the time some folks are done, no one will be pure enough, conservative enough, or be able to withstand the call of RINO.

    I sure hope all of you who take part in that understand the full impact of what you are doing.

    There is not one candidate for Governor that couldn’t be called a RINO for something or hasn’t on this site! Dean Martin really got it when he backed Lisa James for state chair. Buz Mills has been called everything from a liar and cheat to carpetbagger. John Munger, backs McCain and is lumped into that label.

    Lots of glass houses around here.

  17. Oberserve says


    sure they will! Oppose tax increases and support spending cuts. Not that hard, except for RINOs!

  18. Iris Lynch says

    YOU FEAR FOR YOUR STATE? You surely mean your state of mind.


  19. Stephen Kohut says


    We call them as we see them. Brewer will learn that you do not tax your way out of a hole you have spent you way into. McCain will learn that people do remember what you did and a 6 month run to the right is meningless. Mill was convicted of defrauding his business partner. When the new conservative PCs are done in January the AZ GOP will once again be the party of Reagan and not the pale pastel of McRINO.

  20. Brewer has signed into law important bills that were crafted by the legislature, that Napolitano would have vetoed. Fine.

    That doesn’t mean what she’d come up with on her own would be in line with the vision the legislature is developing. She didn’t publically lobby for 1070, but she’s lobbying for PROP 100. Getting to see her in action. The 1070 ad under her name was great, but it’s packaged, no spontaneous face-to-face political savvy skills required. (Refer to Gov. Chris Christie’s rhetorical skills on display this week).

    One has to weigh the pros and cons of her willingness to sign legislation versus her ability to be a leader in it.

    It might work out fine, it might not. It’s very worth trying to determine ahead of time her actual potential, and every other candidates’ for that matter. That’s what voters are supposed to be doing to be able to make informed voting decisions.

  21. Governor Christie’s reply to the question was to challenge the conventional media thinking, the narrative. But note the difference between that and Brewer’s performance. The audience was enjoying it, chuckling, Christie made his point very well and the tone was in a general good humor, keeping to the ideological issues, not attacking the person. In contrast, Brewer was defensive and accusing. If she believes in PROP 100, she should be arguing from a position of POSITIVES, not from making the voter feel as if he or she “don’t get it” or “you’ll hurt your kids.”

  22. Jefferson Smith says

    I guess the message of the tea parties and revolt over Obamacare is that we need more lecturing and condescension from our politicians. Brewer clearly thinks she has the interests of that woman’s children MORE in mind than the mother of the kids. Brewer clearly believes that that mother is too uninformed to vote for the best policy for her family.

    I ask all of the commenters who defend Brewer’s tone (let’s leave the substance of tax-good or tax-bad aside for a moment): are you at all troubled by the fact that Brewer rudely interrupted the voter when she began to relate the reasons why she had voted “no” on Prop. 100 (“You know what? It’s been such a struggle for me. And if, if there would have been a pay cut for…”)?

    It was Brewer that engaged the voter even after she revealed the writing on the hand. Brewer could have walked away and would have been justified to do so. But she wanted more from that encounter. So when the voter began to respectfully explain why she was against Brewer’s tax, Brewer interrupted and began lecturing her almost jabbing her fingers into the woman’s chest.

    Please, tell me if this is the kind of attitude we want to encourage and support from our elected public servants? Imagine how insufferable Brewer could get if she’s elected to a final, term-limited term of office for 4 years?

    If this is how she treats her constituents when they disagree with her during a time when she ought to be in maximum pander-to-the-voter mode, what is she going to be like when there is absolutely zero public check on her as a lame duck for 4 years?

    We all like a little (or a lot) of fight in our political leaders. Is this the kind of “fight” that we want?

    This video is about temperament more than policy. That’s where I’d like to see the Brewer defenders provide serious comment.

  23. kralmajales says

    I watched that piece and it was HARDLY a verbal assault. She never raised her voice…and the woman continued with her in a reasoned discussion. It was a good political argument on both sides.

    This post is an absolute joke. You may not agree with her but to say that is a verbal assault is shocking.

  24. Yeah, right. says

    The level of ignorance is appalling.
    Idiot boy repeating the post to make even more hay out of this video says a lot about this blog’s direction, or lack of.

    We would not be in this situation if we had not permanently cut taxes during the boom. Anyone thinking this tax increase was a good idea is also dumb.

    We should have temporarily cut taxes, and recognized that when that housing crack boom was over, we would need steady revenues to fill the gap left by all of that construction of now empty homes.

    We tried to have a decent rainy day fund, and JaNo used it to get outta town, but now the R’s absolutely refuse to see the problem with totally stupid tax cuts that they are unwilling to reverse.

    This fiscal crisis will not end until we overhaul the tax system, and go back to the 2002 budget- WITH 2002 TAX RATES.

    Simplistic fools like the lady with the writing on her hand are good for sound bites, and nothing more. If you can convince Jan Brewer, who has been around politics in Arizona forever that you need a tax increase, you need a tax increase.

    More useful idiots leading to disaster. Real financial disaster.

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