Sheriff Joe Seeks ICE

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is getting even more serious about cracking down on illegal immigrants in 2007.

Within the week, Arizona’s toughest Sheriff will seek county approval for 160 of his finest to be trained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security.

By receiving this specialized training and partnering with ICE, Maricopa County Sheriff deputies will be able to identify, apprehend and transport illegal immigrants to federal or local detention facilities. Currently, deputies oftentimes wait around for ICE to arrive (if they arrive) in order for any enforcement procedures to begin. This training arrangement will give deputies the ability to fill in those enforcement gaps.

This agreement between Maricopa County and ICE will be the largest arangement anywhere in the country and will cost Maricopa county taxpayers nothing.


  1. concerned reader says

    The posting about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s tougher stance on illegal immigrants clearly shows the deep divide between those who support our nation’s sovereignty and rule of law and those who advocate for the other side.

    Given the outrage over the conviction of the two U.S. Border Patrol agents who shot and wounded a Mexican national suspected of transporting 700 pounds of marijuana across the border, Congressman Jeff Flake (R- AZ) is taking an unusual perspective.

    The agents, Ignacio Ramos (sentenced to 11 years in prison) and Jose Compean (sentenced to 12 years) have been the subjects of congressional proposals and requests for a presidential pardon. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R – CA) authored a bill boasting 70 co-sponsors, invoking a previously untested authority of Congress to pardon.

    At last week’s Arizona GOP state convention, state committeemen unanimously approved a resolution seeking a pardon of the agents. The case, prosecuted in Texas, has generated widespread grassroots support for the agents in that state.

    President Bush has said he would consider granting a pardon after reviewing the facts of the case. But Flake, taking a hard-line, opposes the state party’s resolution as well as the congressional proposal to pardon the agents. Flake has been a vocal supporter of “earned amnesty” for illegal border crossers, and supports President Bush’s “comprehensive immigration reform” measures, which many liken to amnesty. He has joined with Sen. John McCain in sponsoring bills to increase immigration and establish a guest worker program.

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