Sheriff Babeu to endorse Waring, Gates for Phoenix City Council and Oppose DiCiccio Recall

CONTACT: Chris DeRose

Supports bringing fiscal sanity and transparency to City Hall

Sheriff Paul Babeu announced today that he will endorse Jim Waring in Council District 2 and the re-election of Councilman Bill Gates in Council District 3. “I’ve been privileged to know these two exemplary public officials for years. Bill Gates has been a tireless voice on the council for fiscal sanity and public safety. Jim Waring has an unmatched record as a taxpayer watchdog and supporter of tough laws that have reduced drunk driving and domestic violence. As a veteran, I know that we’ve seldom had a better friend in public office than Jim Waring.”

Sheriff Babeu will also announce his opposition to the recall of Councilman Sal Diciccio. “Nobody has done more than Sal Diciccio to shine a spotlight on the practices at City Hall. He has been targeted for favoring a government of, by, and for the people — not of, by, and for the insiders. All Arizonans have a vested interest in keeping him right where he is — asking the tough questions and demanding the public get answers.”

“Phoenix is by far the biggest city in Arizona. For our state to work, we desperately need Phoenix to work. I have worked hard to bring transparency and honest government to Pinal County, and wherever good candidates like Diciccio, Gates, and Waring seek to do the same, they will have my support.”

The endorsement will take place on Thursday, July 28th, at the Arizona State Capitol at noon. Press and members of the public are welcome.



  1. PolicyPunt says

    Too funny. An out of town sheriff who used to be a police union head endorsing Phoenix council guys and opposing a recall that has not filed nor raised any money (as opposed to Sal raising $88,000.00).
    What is funnier is that Waring is a career politician with a pension in the bank looking to move up with the council salary so he has more money coming in – yet Waring’s opponent yesterday got in the media he has refused all the “perks & pension” at city hall.
    Here’s my Waring Warning: we cannot afford JIm Waring.
    Taxpayer watch dog? Yeah, every dog I’ve had has watched when I put the food bowl out and lapped it up quickly. Seems Jim Waring hasn’t missed a fiscal meal at our expense and has never had to work in private sector like the rest of us with no pension.
    What will Waring run for next? He’s gone from being John McCain’s errand boy/staffer, to working at NAU, to being a state senator, to be a congressional candidate, to being state treasurer candidate, to being lobbyist for the Yuma County victory fund to now running for city council and has never served on any city or neighborhood anything. Oh yeah, and still working in government for Tom Horne doing “community outreach” …. sounds like community organizer.
    If were Bill Gates, I’d pick better company to hang out with.

  2. Why is he meddeling in Phoeni City Politics?

  3. Diogidog says

    Truth never stated better. The only thing you missed is that Waring is
    a pretty momma’s boy … couched on what? There is NO there, there!
    BIRDS OF A FEATHER … Look around and see who he hangs with.

    @Barbara Espinosa sats:
    Exactly! WTF in Maricopa County cares what a Pinal County Sheriff
    thinks about anything? SOMEBODY is growing up to be a wannabe!
    Must be gittin’ too crowded on that border beat ?

  4. catsclaw says

    Waring, former McCain staffer, that’s all I need to know.

  5. Nightrider says

    While these endorsements may seem impressive…most of them do not live, vote or pay taxes in our city. The Phoenix City council and Mayors race has always been a non-partisan belongs to us………the good citizens of Phoenix who live and enjoy the quality services & life our city provides. Our election has never belonged to the Republican Party! No political party has ownership. Independents, Democrats vote in our elections, not just Republicans. Many voters are angry over this.

    I am a Republican and find this offensive and desperate on their part to hijack our elections.

    Today they are a fractured, sinking party on a state level that only offers extremist opinions and is loaded with scandalous State elected officials.
    The Republican party is in trouble, it can’t even garner enough PC’S…they have to depend on these Tea Parties to recruit libertarians to become PC’S.Just look at the extremist leaders of these tea parties….these tea parties have lost their real purpose and have been hijacked by disgruntled Republicans sending a very confusing message to the voters. Republicans have a big identity crisis!

    Just look at the Fiesta Bowl Scandal like Russell Pearce, the triple dipper and his pensions, Bungaard who has a History of physical assault on women, Lori Klein who has a DUI history and inappropriately uses a firearm which could be considered reckless endangerment and presents the wrong image for women to have a firearm, Fulton Brock and the child abuse molestation scandal of his wife…what kind or moral standard is this…it certainly in not lead by example…and these folks are crafting our laws? I thought the Republican party was the Party of Family values! Pinal Sheriff is not even in our county… and I don’t recall any of these outsiders attending year long meetings, hearings, senior center activities and events in our city until now!

    They need to be concerned about their own towns and communities and butt out of our elections. Phoenix Votes are well educated and see right through them!

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