Sheriff Arpaio Issues Strong Endorsement For Klein In LD6 State Senate Race



In order to put to rest any confusion over endorsements in the LD6 State Senate race, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has stated as follows:

“I want to take this opportunity to clear up where I stand in the race for State Senate in LD6.  Upon further reflection on the two candidates runnning for the Republican nomination, I am 100% behind Lori Klein and have proudly endorsed her election effort.  I mistakenly endorsed David Braswell for the office as well, but I’ve done my homework and Lori is a fighter, a conservative, and someone who will do the right thing in the face of tremendous pressure.  You know, politics ain’t bean bag, and voters have had enough of politicians who do the right thing or cast the right vote only after they run out of other options.  Our efforts to make Arizona great, fight crime, and stop illegal immigration are not served by politicians who have to be kicked and dragged to do the right thing.  Lori Klein has the backbone we need and I urge every voter in her district to support her and vote for her.”

Lori Klein is the owner of Lori Klein & Associates, which specializes in fundraising for non-profit issue advocacy and limited government projects. For nearly two decades she has labored to manage and pass voter initiatives to protect Arizonans and their rights.

Her conservative resume is quite extensive. She served as the Executive Director and Director of Development for Medical Choice for Arizona (Proposition 101) that was defeated by a mere 8,000 votes of the 2.1 million votes cast in 2008. She is currently working in Development raising funds forThe Health Care Freedom Act which will be on the Arizona November 2010 ballot. Both of those efforts were designed to protect Arizona residents from any successful efforts to nationalize health care through plans like “Obamacare.”

She was the Executive Director and Spokesperson for Proposition 207 which passed with 65% of the vote in 2006. Prop 207 provided protection for private property owners from government takings by eminent domain or excessive regulations. Thanks to these efforts, Arizona now has the strongest private property rights in the nation.

Ms. Klein served the National Director of Development for Americans for Fair Taxation from 2002–2006. She worked as the Executive Director and then the Director of Public Affairs for the Arizona School Choice Trust in 1998 and served for six years as Chairman of its Advisory Board.

She was the Executive Director of the Taxpayer Protection Alliance in 1999–2000 which spearheaded Proposition 107, a ballot initiative that would have eliminated the Arizona state personal and corporate income tax over the course of four years, making Arizona competitive with Nevada, Washington and Texas in attracting business.

Ms. Klein has been active in the Arizona Republican Party as a Precinct Committeeman and as a former member of the Ponderosa Republican Women.

Ms. Klein and her three sons live in Anthem. She attends Fellowship church in Anthem.


  1. PV Conservative says

    Too bad I don’t live in this district. We’ve got a good race in my district as well, but Klein’s resume is really great when it comes to conservative causes. Prop 107 was one of my all-time favorites, so anyone who worked on that is good in my book.

  2. Sheriff Joe’s Mistaken Endorsments List now includes Janet Napolitano, Susan Bitter-Smith and David Braswell.

    I may have missed a few, but then again I may have to wait until the wind changes and it could grow that way.

    There are politicians and then there are celebritities. One of them makes wise endorsement decisions, the other makes endorsements based on expediency.

  3. Mike Kelton says

    Lori is a real solid conservative. She will always vote her concience.

    Braswell is a nice enough guy but he blows with the wind.

  4. Well this is good for Lori Klein, the next time she gets busted for DUI she can get her own tent in tent city. What was Joe thinking? The women is a convicted drunk driver. I can see the headline now, County Clown endorses Town Drunk.

  5. Moon Valley GOP says

    I’m very turned off by the way that Braswell and his supporters keep slinging Lori’s DUI around. She has spoken of it in pubic many times and while she acknowledges her mistake, she takes the opportunity to warn others about the dangers and costs of drinking and driving. It takes strong character to admit mistakes and use them for good. It takes a real lack of character to try to turn it into a weapon against someone.

    If Braswell could explain his weak positions, his support for Prop 100, and his allegiance to school bureaucrats over the kids that need a quality education, he would. But he can’t, so he just attacks ugly.

    No wonder Arpaio ditched the loser and backed Klein.

  6. PV Conservative says

    My bad, I said Prop 107 when I meant Prop 207. Private property rights are fundamental and we now have some of the best protections in the nation.

  7. raymond f says

    When was the DUI? If it’s recent that’s one thing, if long ago-who cares?

  8. Appointed interim temporary Senator Braswell is one of the most liberal Republican legislator in Arizona. Check it out at – 2010 Legislative Report Card.

  9. Ed in Tempe says

    the pachyderm coalition is a joke. They even gave Carl Seel thier highest rating. Seel is an embarasment to the GOP. He couldn’t even get one bill past committee. If they endorsed Klein then they are as stupid as Carl Seel is. In fact, Seel propably got her the endorsement.

  10. Jack Hammer says

    If D.U.I.’s were a critical impediment to public office, half of our state and federal slots would be empty!

  11. Press Release says

    PLEASE NOTE: While everyone is entitled to a screen name or the use of an alternate identity on this site, you are not entitled to the real life identity of someone else. When you pose as someone you are not, your comments will be deleted.

  12. EastValleyPC says

    Lori is a solid conservative. Joe’s been good on many of his endorsements. Having to straighten one or two out an election cycle isn’t a big deal.

  13. Disclosure: I am a Braswell supporter.

    Who is Arpaio actually endorsing? I am truly curious. This blog post was posted June 24, but Braswell’s site has an offical press release from June 25 stating that he endorses Braswell no matter what the blogs say.

  14. PV Conservative says

    I saw the same press release on the Mafioso website, but they took theirs down. My guess is its not real, even if Braswell wishes it were.

  15. PV Conservative says

    Man LD6, we need to work better hours, you think?

  16. Ken Ramey says

    Please look into moving military facilities to along the u.s. border, this I beleive would detur illeagle migration. This would also be the answere to posse comitatas.

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