Sheriff Arpaio & Andrew Thomas endorse Alice Lara for Healthcare District Board

Stan Barnes and the team at
Copper State Consulting Group
invite you to meet and support two candidates for
The Maricopa County Special Health Care District Board of Directors
Maricopa Integrated Health System

ALICE LARA (District 5)

Friday, September 26, 2008
4:00 to 6:00

You’re invited to stay afterwards
to watch the first presidential debate.
Copper State Consulting Group
3033 North Central Avenue, Suite 900
Phoenix, AZ 85012
[SE corner of Central and Earll]

If you are unable to attend, contributions can be mailed to:
Committee to Elect Alice Lara
Committee to Elect Greg Patterson

8809 South 13th Way 13358 East Del Timbre
Phoenix, AZ 85042 Scottsdale, AZ 85259
Maximum contribution:
$390 per individual / $780 per couple

As the only conservative with an Hispanic name running in this nonpartisan race in South Phoenix, she could really use our support. The fundraiser is early enough in the evening that it is possible to attend it before any other election-watching parties.


  1. You know, it’s too bad the MCRC didn’t bother interviewing Alice Lara or Greg Patterson before coming out with their slate of candidates. Alice is a prolife social conservative, tough on border security candidate who I’m told will be getting the arizona right to life endorsement too. Must have been an oversight.

  2. The MCRC didn’t endorse anyone in Alice’s district, ‘though it looks like they did in Greg’s. Not sure why!

  3. Wooden Teeth says

    I wish people would stop looking to the MCRC for “guidance.”

  4. What exactly do her anti-choice credentials have to do with this position?

  5. nightcrawler says


    Normally, I would agree with you on that point. Pro-life or pro-choice have little to do with many elected positions.

    In this case, it is relevant, in fact probably more so than in any other post.

    Pro-life is a one word code for “platform” Republican. This ideology goes hand in hand with many other medical philosophies on stem-cell research, human euthanasia and indigent care.

  6. Hmm… Someone pro-life in a health care position? How does something that makes so much sense seem so confusing to you both? Its not code, its life and it means life. A good thing for healthcare positions in general.

  7. What does having an Hispanic name have to do with anything?

  8. Wooden Teeth says

    Pro-life is not a code word for platform R. I recommend not using any code words for the “platform” until you are comfortable with its provisions, like on global warming.

  9. Not sure that indigent healthcare is part of the Republican platform.

    GlendaleGOP – are you suggesting she might use her position to try to limit medical procedure, drugs, etc. she is opposed to? Does this mean she would reject HPV vaccine? How about birth control? Will she try to ban abortions. I just wonder what the message is in this advertising.

  10. nightcrawler says


    You are starting to get the picture. A person’s ideology will indeed play into their decisions on the board. The platform does indirectly deal with indigent care and other social entitlements. For example, should tax dollars be used to fund abortions for the poor ?

  11. nightcrawler says


    Here is an interesting article…

    You may need to cut and paste this, not sure link will work.

  12. nightcrawler – i see, the platform deals with denying indigent’s care. ok.


  1. […] for Healthcare District Board #5, and if you like what she has to say, consider attending her fundraiser tonight from 4-6pm at Copperstate Consulting. Why Alice Lara is running for healthcare district […]

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