Shameful McCain Web Ad Blasted by Hayworth Campaign

Phoenix, AZ (May 25) – U.S. Senate J.D. Hayworth spokesman’s Mark Sanders said, in response to the McCain web ad, regarding Congressman Hayworth’s statement:

“It was a mistake that the McCain camp is trying to shamelessly use to distract voters from the real issues. They may believe it is clever and cute to show war footage including cannon firing and the Third Reich’s war machine. But it’s not and it is politics at its worst, which is what we have come to expect from John McCain.

“As we approach Memorial Day, we honor the men and women of the Greatest Generation for their service. McCain uses them as a political tool.

“The real question is not who misspoke about an event nearly seventy years ago, but who has the faulty memory about events happening today. Sen. McCain sponsored the amnesty bill and now wants to build the ‘danged fence’; he voted against the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 and now says they should be extended; and he wrote the ‘Cap and Trade’ Bill in the last Congress and now does not even acknowledge it.

“John McCain needs to drag his campaign out of the mud, stand up before the voters, and debate Congressman Hayworth and let the people decide.”


  1. This sounds so defensive.

    What is it that they say about being on defense?

    How many days until voting begins?

  2. LOL! JD didn’t just “misspeak” about some obscure “event” nearly seventy years ago. JD thought the US never formally declared war on Germany in 1941!

    That’s way beyond misspeaking.

  3. Is there a link to the ad?

    Third Reich footage? Who’s designing McCain’s media vision? David Axelrod?

  4. Why doesn’t McCain change Parties? He’s running as a fear-mongering Democrat, make it official.

  5. Why doesn’t JD’s people learn to spell. The original release looks like a third grader dropout did the spell check.


  6. Jane 001 says

    Which is worse, someone who didn’t understand a historical fact or someone who out and out lies about current events. Sometimes all in the same sentence!

    It’s highly inadvisable for the McCain camp to get in a battle over which candidate can’t keep track of the truth.

  7. Ala Claxton says

    The only folks that still listen to the *right- leaning machine* are the confused and brainwashed teabaggers and those that were (and obviously still are) so out of touch with reality to actually vote for Bush not once, but twice.

    The Maverick needs to be put out to pasture to graze on his own karmic oats.

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