Shadegg vs. Kyl

            If the Senate bill fails, it will be in part because of the work on Congressman John Shadegg.  (Who has an excellent piece on National Review Online today.)

            Many pundits and hill staff have speculated that the vote by the House Republican Conference disapproving of the Senate bill will have an impact on the cloture vote in the Senate.  After seeing so much opposition among House Republicans, some Senators are realizing that a yes vote may have serious consequences.

            There is more information coming from the Hill about the inside story on the Conference Resolution passed Tuesday night.  It turns out that it was Congressman Shadegg’s idea and he had circulated resolution text two weeks ago.  According to Conference rules, for a resolution to be brought before the conference, it must have 25 signatures.  According to insiders, Shadegg collected the 25 signatures in one afternoon and when he went to leadership they decided to get out in front of the mob and call it a parade.

       As is typical, the leadership resolution isn’t as good as what Shadegg originally circulated for signature.  And, leadership officially gave the revised resolution to Rep. Peter Hoekstra to carry in the conference.  You can bet Republican Whip Roy Blunt didn’t want to give Shadegg any credit.  Here is the text of the original resolution:

Republican Conference Resolution
on the Senate’s Immigration Legislation
 June __, 2007Whereas the Founders intended Congress to be a deliberative body;

Whereas the Founders intended Congress to be a deliberative body;Whereas the U.S. House of Representatives is constitutionally the House closest to the people;

Whereas Members of the Republican Conference represent diverse constituencies and hold many different concerns and viewpoints about immigration reform;

Whereas the problem of illegal immigration has been developing for decades, and the two previous legislative initiatives promised border security and no future amnesty, but failed to deliver what was promised;

Whereas the Senate immigration bill has been drafted and negotiated without a public hearing process;

Whereas the Senate forced a “take it or leave it” immigration bill of more than 300 pages in an expedited fashion;

Whereas this legislation contains items that cannot be implemented for years, including border enforcement, secure identification, overstay plans, employer enforcement and certainly includes inadequate funding to implement the procedures, while at the same time offering immediate legal status for at least 12 million illegal aliens

Whereas the lack of realistic, funded, border and enforcement strategies combined with past immigration law failures – especially when combined with the lack of hearings, unwillingness to compromise, and forced speed with which the Senate bill was considered – has resulted in a general perception in America that Congress has ignored the public will; and

Whereas the Senate immigration bill is deeply flawed in a number of ways including:

(1) allowing illegal aliens to obtain probationary benefits of the so-called Z-visa the business day following their application for such benefits even if their background check is not complete;

(2) not allowing employers to use the Employment Eligibility Verification System to verify the work eligibility of a prospective employee until after hiring the employee and, if the employee is deemed not eligible, the employer cannot fire the employee if the employee pursues an appeal process;

(3) allowing illegal aliens who have repeatedly violated U.S. law and engaged in identity fraud to gain legal status;

(4) treating illegal aliens significantly more favorably and with much greater benefits than guest workers.

Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the House Republican Conference –

(1)   opposes the Senate immigration bill in its present form;

(2)   will continue to oppose the legislation until, at a minimum, there has been a full and open process of subcommittee and full committee hearings and mark-ups in the House, and the legislation comes to the House floor for a full, open and deliberate debate to address the flaws in the current bill.


Shadegg working against the Senate immigration bill that Kyl negotiated is probably one of the most significant splits between the two in the last 15 years.  People say they have a good relationship, but I have to believe the strain is on right now. 


  1. Carolyn Miller says

    Hooray Shadegg!!!

  2. Dennis Knill says

    I sent handwritten letters to McCain, Kyl, and Flake two weeks ago. Today, I received a form letter from Kyl, written 6/18, the contents of which I had previously read online, word for word.
    Thank you John Shadegg, and all you American citizens. Power to the people.

  3. Kevin Brown says

    Thank you Sir for your excellent work stopping the Senate’s “shove it down their throat” actions.

    There are many of us ready to discuss how we can provide a reasonable solution to the illegal immigrants currently in the USA, but we first ***Demand*** accountability from the very unaccountable Congress. We wish to have extremely tough laws in place to punish businesses from knowingly hiring illegals. We wish to have border security taken seriously by the Federal and State governments. We wish to take the racist and cultural points taken out of all discussion, especially from the Hispanic illegal immigrant lobbyists. We wish to have a very open and perhaps boisterous dialog with the Mexican federal government about their road map out of third world treatment of its citizens. We wish to have a dialog about the Mexican government funding all criminal litigation AND to have the Mexican government take full responsibility for jailing illegal immigrants in Mexico under US sentencing terms or pay a severe penalty. Then we will be ready to discuss how to provide legal work in the USA for illegal immigrants while they move to the back of the line for citizenship. And we demand full accountability of their US employers – ensuring full payment for English language education for adults and children so US taxpayers do not have to bear the cost these employers have laid at our feet while knowingly hiring illegal immigrants.

    Well done Sir!
    Kevin C Brown

  4. Thank you Mr Shadegg!

    You have restored my faith in at least ONE Politition!

    Victoria Bjerke, Phoenix AZ

  5. George T. Dearing says

    Conratlations, Representative Shadegg. You have done a remarkable job in stopping passage of the Senate Immigration Bill.

    I feel sure that you will be our new Senator replacing McCain.

    Your conervative leadership is sorely needed.

  6. Roland Sleater says

    Thanks for your efforts on opposing the tragically flawed immigration bill. I have written the Arizona Republican Party recommending that they publicly withdraw their support from both McCain and Kyl. Need I say more. If you run for McCain’s seat, you have my support.

  7. Carol Conant says

    Thank you Congressman John Shadegg you have my support.

  8. Thank you, John.

    Your leadership on this resolution is very much appreciated. I believe it may have played a larger role in the final vote than has up to now been given credit.

    I suggest that you have a window of opportunity to build on this action if your staff will make work more closely with the grass roots leaders in the Party in the future than they have in the past.

    Regardless, we appreciate your efforts on this critical issue.

  9. theresa corbett says

    Thank you ssoo much!!!!I will INDEED keep you in mind at the next election. You are needed in washington. I will do what I can to keep you there.THANKS AGAIN!!

  10. Thank you for your support. We need new Senators in the Senate, you have my vote. Also send me snail mail, I do not donate over the internet, I’m a victim of ID theft.

  11. D. Brumbaugh says

    thanks-finally somebody in congress that has the backbone to stand up and say STOP- this is a joke-I was tired of hearing those fools say, “well this is better than doing nothing about it”- What!Considering what a joke this bill was that isn’t even logical

  12. George V. Rowe says

    Dear John,

    This is one Dear John letter which I really like writing.

    We have met several times and I liked you from the first.

    You do your dad proud.

    Thanks for being one of the few on Capital Hill with honesty and integrity.

    Maybe this experiment called a Democratic Republic has a chance of surviving.

    There are many on the Hill who have demonstrated by word and deed that they will destroy the United States of America as we have know it if they can.


  13. Vaughn Autrey says

    Thank you for your support in the House Resolution apposing the Senate. I will remember your action in the future just as I will remember the actions of Kyl and McCain.

  14. Robert Kunsman, Sr. says

    The time has come to stand up and take action on what the Senate is telling everybody what todo. The trend of Socialism is getting great and should be stopped! Therfore, I am greatly empressed with your actions. Sen Kyle and McCain have not supported the Military of this nation. I would like to see that the wounded soliders returning from battle not be treated as the past soliders have been. “Paying for medical care from their retirement.” Or, those who donot retire having to pay for their medical care through insurance that they cannot afford.
    Once again, BROVE for the work that you have done in this matter of immigration.


  15. Paul Gorman says

    Way to go John Shadegg!! I am so proud to have you as my congressman! I sent both Kyl and Mc Cain email’s, telling them what a disgrace they were to us, and that I will not vote for anyone who tries to turn this country into a third world hell-hole, like Mexico is. Maybe Kyl can reedem himself, by working just as hard now, to pass border enforcement and employer sanctions legislation, as he just did for the Amnesty he promised to fight last fall. Mc Cain is a lost cause, and this whole Amnesty episode is causing his presidential campaign to crash as fast as his A-4 Skyhawk did, when hit by a SA-2 SAM missile in Vietnam.

  16. I agree with all the above.

    In addition, we need to remember that Trent Franks played a key role in the Shadegg actions – the only Arizona federal elected official to do so.

    When Shadegg takes the next Senate position, Franks should be looked at as a possible for the second Senate position.

    Shadegg and Franks working together in the Senate. That would shake up the senate in conjunction with people like Sessions, DeMint, Vitter, etc.

  17. Oro Valley Dad says

    GOP PK,

    I love your thinking but no one could accuse you of not being ambitious. Few states in the union have every had as conservative a lineup as Shadegg/Franks would represent. Bravo for setting the bar nice and high.

  18. Betty H McRae says

    Thank you John, for standing up to extremely strong support for a badly written bill. Amnesty is not in the best interest for this country. I support a work program but it must be according to rules. Employers must be held accountable.

    Why is the information in the media saying this is a dead issue until after the next election? Could a new bill not be presented in the fall. The defeated bill could be a springboard with all the offensive parts removed!

  19. TOM PEPPLER says

    Dear John,
    May I add my sincere gratitude for your relentless, principled leadership of our state in the face of the shameless sellout by (soon to be ex-)Senators McCain and Kyl.
    I only hope you now realize that many thousands of Arizona citizens are acutely aware of your exceptional leadership skills and would strongly support your candidacy for the U.S. Senate to replace McAmnesty in ’08.
    Please, John – We NEED you NOW!!
    Tom Peppler

  20. The Democrats are in the majority which means Harry Reid sets the agenda of which bills will be heard. They will not accept any bill that does not include the amnesty provisions. Next year is an election year, and almost nothing of import will pass then.

    The Congressional and Presidential election results will determine what, if anything will occur on the federal level even in 2009. It may be left to our state legislature or citizen Initiatives (more likely) to solve our problems here in Arizona.

  21. Tom,

    good sentiment – however McStain is not up for election for his senate seat in ’08

  22. Niki Nichols says

    A friend just emailed this to me. Did not know about your work and now I do. Wonderful, I have been with NumbersUSA for a year now and active in illegal immigration as I lived in Prescott AZ until 2004. Because active in AZ.

    Thank you for a great job. And helping us, the citizens of the United States finally be heard over other countries, illegal immigrants, and alot of politicians. N.

  23. Mel Johnson says

    I´m very proud of your efforts on behalf of the country, John. Thankyou so very much!
    Mel Johnson

  24. Dutch Johnson says

    Thank You John!
    We have stalled the Immigration (Amnesty) Bill for now but must keep up the fight.
    We must now insure that the “Broadcast Freedom” Bill gets passed to protect our First Amendment rights. The “Fairness Act” is nothing more than a blatant communist tool to silence conservatives in this country. I gave up on Mccain, he has been in bed with Ted Kennedy too long. There may still be hope for Kyl if he begins listening to his constituents and does something for the Great State of Arizona.
    Regards to you and keep up the good fight.

  25. Phil Hilliker says

    The number of political figures I trust can be counted on one hand with fingers left over! John Shadegg has made many good stands for Arizona and this nation, unlike McCain and Kyle who have favored illegal’s over their own constituents. I used to be a Trent Franks supporter, but I have to question him now that he has opted to endorse the RINO McCain over either of the honest conservatives running against him. Makes me wonder if Trent Franks has started falling prey to the Washington, D.C. buddy system over principle.

    Thanks Again for taking a stand for the people of this great state and nation, while others such as Kyle, McCain, Graham, Flake and others are working to make us second class citizens by rewarding illegal’s.

    By the way, should it not be considered a conflict of interest for McCain to support amnesty for illegal’s? His wife’s business would stand to benefit from cheap labor, while expanding her customer base! Maybe there is some madness behind the motive


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