Sending women to do a man’s job

With the Democratic ticket in big trouble, Barack Obama has made the decision to send several female governors to key battleground state to counter the “Palin Effect.” (read International Herald Tribune.)

One of Obama’s earliest supporters is Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano. Look for her to be dispatched to play defense for the BOJB team in states like Virginia, Colorado and Nevada. Hillary Clinton will also join the Nag Squad joined by Kansas Governor, Kathleen Sebelius.

The BOJB team apparently believes the Palin’s entry in this race has sucked the oxygen out of the room leaving them gasping for energy and excitement particularly with “non-college educated women.”

The “Palin Effect” has certainly energized Republican voters across the board, pulled in independents but most importantly, demonstrated that Americans are heavily factoring in a vote for the Vice President at a level equal to their vote for President.

Democrats are scrambling as the political game has changed dramatically. Unfortunate for them, calling in women to do their man’s job may be a little too late in the game. Obama had his opportunity to bring an experienced woman in to the game but blew it maybe out of fear or pride. Now he has to sleep in the bed he’s made.



  1. kralmajales says

    Palin is going to be bloodied before this is all over. In her speech, she strongly implied that she saved the state money and sold her plane on EBAY. The plane was on Ebay, never sold on Ebay, and was ultimately sold at a loss…not on Ebay.

    Knitpicky? Maybe…but what else is this reformer not telling us? Oh…yeah…that she left a deficit in her work as a mayor, that she strongly argued FOR earmarks for her city, and I think she even raised taxes.

    She is going to be cut to ribbons…not as a female, not as a lack of experience, but with her own record.

  2. “Sending women to do a man’s job”?
    Is this SA’s idea of 21st Century Feminism? Palin did a fine job delivering Joe Lieberman’s speech the other night, how else do you explain a mother of five failing to mention health care once during her acceptance speech?

  3. kralmajales says


    Did you notice that in the entire convention…and I watched about the whole thing…there was never a single mention of illegal immigration.


    I think this deserves a topic. It is franly fascinating. Listfolks?

  4. Am I the only one getting the impression that if we question Palin’s qualifications we are anti-woman?

    Isn’t this about discerning who is going lead the future of this country? If we can question the integrity of a person running for the ACC because his/her success may lead to future statewide office holdings, can’t we apply the same discernment process to the VP?

    Just asking….

  5. Sonoran Sam says

    This is your “wonderful” candidate?

    Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”
    September 5, 2008
    by Charley James –

    “So Sambo beat the b**ch!”

    This is how Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin described Barack Obama’s win over Hillary Clinton to political colleagues in a restaurant a few days after Obama locked up the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

    According to Lucille, the waitress serving her table at the time and who asked that her last name not be used, Gov. Palin was eating lunch with five or six people when the subject of the Democrat’s primary battle came up. The governor, seemingly not caring that people at nearby tables would likely hear her, uttered the slur and then laughed loudly as her meal mates joined in appreciatively.

    “It was kind of disgusting,” Lucille, who is part Aboriginal, said in a phone interview after admitting that she is frightened of being discovered telling folks in the “lower 48” about life near the North Pole.

    Then, almost with a sigh, she added, “But that’s just Alaska.”

    Racial and ethnic slurs may be “just Alaska” and, clearly, they are common, everyday chatter for Palin.

    Besides insulting Obama with a Step-N’-Fetch-It, “darkie musical” swipe, people who know her say she refers regularly to Alaska’s Aboriginal people as “Arctic Arabs” – how efficient, lumping two apparently undesirable groups into one ugly description – as well as the more colourful “mukluks” along with the totally unimaginative “f**king Eskimo’s,” according to a number of Alaskans and Wasillians interviewed for this article.

    But being openly racist is only the tip of the Palin iceberg. According to Alaskans interviewed for this article, she is also vindictive and mean. We’re talking Rove mean and Nixon vindictive.

    No wonder the vast sea of white, cheering faces at the Republican Convention went wild for Sarah: They adore the type, it’s in their genetic code. So much for McCain’s pledge of a “high road” campaign; Palin is incapable of being part of one.

  6. Well, we all know about McCain’s temper – and now we hear of Palin’s temper….

    ‘birds of a feather….

  7. I wonder if “Lucille” would be willing to testify under oath to such comments.

    Oh, and did you know that Sarah Palin’s husband is part native American?

    This really sinks to a new low for the libs who are worried about McCain’s pick. What next, are they going to blame the Russian invasion of Georgia on Palin?

  8. DSW,

    Of course, we are going to blame Palin for the Russian invasion of Georgia 🙂 after all Cindy told Georgie that Sarah has international experience because Alaska is next to Russia 🙂

    More seriously, we should look at who is McCain’s advisor on Georgia – he is a hired consultant of the country of Georgia.

    What were McCain’s words about special interests determining policy in this country? Wasn’t ‘election reform’ supposed to save us from this?

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