Senator, You asked for an alternative, try this one

Senator Kyl, it seems that you still did not get the full import of the message the Arizona citizens sent over the last three weeks.  Your floor speech after the failure of cloture last Thursday followed by your interview with Hugh Hewitt demonstrate clearly that you are still listening to the Beltway Babble instead of your constituents in Arizona. 

To paraphrase you, we sent you to Washington to do the hard work, but you do not seem to understand that we sent you there to fight for us against the Immigration and Sovereignty philosophies and mandates of people like Teddy (Who’s Mary Jo) Kennedy and President Bush.

It is in the best interest of everyone if you will spend more time listening to the grass roots leaders of this Party and recognize, as President Reagan did, that this Comprehensive Reform Amnesty Policy (CRAP) is a bad idea that should be killed once and for all and replaced with Consecutive Immigration Reform.  To this end, the National Review Editorial Board has stated the priorities very succinctly. 

(Senator) Instead of “comprehensive” reform, you should choose a second option: consecutive reform. During this debate, both the comprehensivists and their opponents have stressed the critical need to control the border and to give employers a reliable system to verify the legal status of their workers. There is no reason that either imperative should wait on resolution of the amnesty or guest-worker questions.

The administration has often said that enforcement cannot work without an amnesty or guest-worker program; but it has refuted that claim by pointing out that its border-enforcement measures have brought the number of illegal crossings down. When Americans are confident that the government is committed to enforcing any immigration laws, they will be more open to changes to those laws.

We are skeptical about the need for a guest-worker program or a sweeping amnesty. But we would be willing to debate these policies in a few years’ time. They are not even worth debating, however, until we know that we are not merely legalizing millions of illegal immigrants while inviting millions more to be legalized in some future round of “reform.”

Last September, the Secure Fence Act, designed “to establish operational control over the international land and maritime borders of the United States,” passed the Senate on an 80-19 vote. It was supported by every Democratic candidate running for president and by Republican senators McCain, Martinez, and Graham.

Mr. President (Senator Kyl), build on that overwhelming bipartisan support. Build that fence.

Senator, get the CRAP out of your system.  Send a strong message to Michael Chertoff and the rest of the Bush Administration that they will never get an immigration bill passed until they begin to fully implement the laws currently on the books.  This includes laws that prohibit limitations on law enforcement like Sanctuary City policies and the completion of the 800 mile border fence that became law last year.

There should be NEVER be a provision that grants probationary legal status prior to FULL and COMPLETE background investigation.  Your “Grand Compromise” places all of us at risk by the granting of probationary legal status within 24 hours unless there is a determination that the person is on a terror, criminal or other such list. 

Let me quote you in an interview with Hugh Hewitt just yesterday on this issue.

“As you know the rights begin to attach a few miles in from the border, and a few days after you arrive. So the courts have basically said unless you’re caught at or near the border, and unless you’re taken out within a few days, then rights do attach to you simply by virtue of the fact that you are in, that you have been and are in the United States for a while. And I don’t know whether issuing the probationary card will add to those rights or not. It could well. I’m not certain.”

Senator, if you are not certain, how can you support a bill that would give those rights to potential terrorists, drug smugglers, human traffickers and other criminals?  Senator, it is time for some fresh Arizona air to clear your mind from the pollution on the Potomac. 

Senator, the further you go down this road, the harder it will become to rebuild the respect millions of Americans have felt for you over your decades of service.  Senator, if you are a part of resurrecting this bill, you risk destroying your image, the image of the Republican Party with the average citizen, and you risk the very sovereignty of our country.  Those risks are too great to even contemplate.


  1. Will someone please explain to me why Kyl has done an “about face” on this issue.

  2. Keen Observer says

    He’s carrying Bush’s water on this and since he doesn’t stand for re-election for another six years he likely thinks he has time on his side.

    If he runs again, he knows the average GOP voter has no where to go. His “conservative” credentials will be dragged out and this betrayal will be yesterday’s news.

    We shouldn’t forget that he was a major player in this outrageous piece of legislation. It will be resurrected in the Senate—and watch for AZ Rep. Jeff Flake to lead the charge for amnesty in the House.

    We need to keep the pressure on.

  3. You are right. We must be vigilant because the President and McCain are in a box on this and Kyl has bought in.

    If you know anyone in South Carolina, continue to put the pressure on Lindsay Graham, I believe he is up for reelection next year – there are twenty one Republican Senators whose term will expire next year. They need to be contacted and reminded that we will remember.

    With the very future of our country at stake, this must be the number one litmus test at this time. I have grandkids whose American dream is at state and that is worth fighting for.

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