Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen

Sylvia Tenney Allen

Friday, the Navajo County Board of Supervisors have chose former Navajo County Republican Chairwoman, Sylvia Tenney Allen (blog) to replace the late Senator Jake Flake.

The new interim Senator from Snowflake will begin serving the remainder of Senator Flake’s term on Monday with several critical votes on the table including the 2009 State Budget and several social bills.

According to The Arizona Republic article, Tenney Allen,

…Was president of Freedom for America League, a grassroots organization that advocates for healthy forests, families and free-market economics. And in the 1990s, she held regional leadership posts with People for the West, a conservative national land-rights group.

This should be a good indicator for conservatives who have advocated property rights and wise-use policies when it comes to the environment.

While Tenney Allen will serve out the remainder of Senator Flake’s term, she is also a candidate for one of the State House seats this November. Because Senator Flake was running unopposed for re-election, his death leaves the Senate seat on the ballot vacant. Republican leadership in District 5 will be meeting this Saturday to choose his replacement on the ballot.


  1. Konopnicki is pushing HARD to get chosen. Can we get a conservative instead? That is up to the GOP PCs who live in LD5. Yet another reason why every conservative needs to become a Precinct Committeeman!

  2. The Shadow says

    ABSOLUTELY – And there is only four days left to run as a write in candidate for Precinct Committeeman. The PDF of the form is downloadable from the Sec. of States office at the following URL.

    Has to be turned in by 5pm on Wednesday.

  3. Fly_on_a_Wall says

    Saturday PC’s from throughout Legislative District Five elected Sylvia Allen to Senator Flakes ballot position in the September Primary.

    This was the second significant defeat for veteran Representative Bill Konopnicki who saw his RealID bill go down to defeat 57:1 in Wednesday’s House vote. Konopnicki, who had hoped to replace Senator Flake was defeated by nearly 60% in his own District.

    Former Payson Mayor Barbara Brewer was elected to replace Allen in the House Primary and will compete with Konopnicki against Democrat Jack Brown. Both Konopnicki and Brown are term limited after this election.

    Konopnicki was gracious in his defeat, pledging to support both of his Republican running mates Allen and Brewer. Party unity was the veteran’s promise.

  4. Glad to hear Konopnicki is going to work with his fellow Republicans. That is an important gesture and, if he follows through with his promise, an important olive branch to folks who don’t always appreciate his voting record.

  5. Sylvia Allen in the Senate is going to be a great friend to natural resource industries. She has been active in knowledgeable in this arena for decades and has paid her dues with hard work and selfless activism to improve the economies and and forest health, which are not mutually exclusive as some organizations will trick us into believing.

    I also hope that Mr. Konoponicki was sincere in his promise to support who ever was chosen and to act in the best interest of the entire district. Time will tell. He has changed his mind in the past.

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