Senator Sylvia Allen responds to Konopnicki publicity stunt

By Sylvia Allen

In Response to Bill Konopnicki’s Last-Minute Publicity Stunt

It is quite clear that the stress of masquerading as a conservative has finally taken both a physical and mental toll on Bill Konopnicki. Our first indications were his accusations that our campaign consultant had been kicked out of his country of birth (the USA) where a warrant was out for his arrest. Or that he had been banned from Colorado (where apparently Bill thinks the medieval practice of banishment is still practiced.)

Today, Konopnicki’s Hail-Mary pass was a bogus complaint alleging campaign finance violations that are not supported by any facts, and that was presented to the world in the form of a press release, the hallmark of any serious legal complaint, no doubt.

Those of us who have watched Bill Konopnicki craft debt-laden state budgets are not surprised to see him having trouble with budget numbers and mathematics. He also ignores a number of other facts, including the fact that he is speaking about a number of expenditures that occurred after the last finance report and yet is complaining that they have not yet been reported. He is also making assumptions on quantities and timing that are nothing more than guesses.

Even stranger was his complaint that any mis-filing was “depriving candidate Bill Konopnicki of a fair election process. There will not be a meaningful opportunity for Mr. Konopnicki to timely respond in kind to these flyers.” Of course, thanks to his Maricopa County special interest buddies, Mr. Konopnicki will spend between two and three times as much as Senator Allen will, and he has produced a substantially greater number of flyers, as well as ads, billboards, radio ads, television ads, etc. For him to complain that he has been denied the opportunity to communicate with the voters in any way is a complete joke.

No, what Bill Konopnicki is doing here is trying to get some desperately needed publicity. Perhaps his polling is predicting an outcome that is prompting this desperate behavior?

Whatever the case, we are going to continue to campaign hard until the final bell rings, undistracted by Mr. Konopnicki’s and his legal team’s bizarre complaint.

In the meantime, we would recommend that Mr. Konopnicki respond to the campaign finance complaint that was filed inquiring where the expenditures were on his own reports for the radio ads, billboards and other expenses that have been running since March.


  1. Sad attempt by the SA folks since Sylvia Allen did not write this.

  2. BTW All polling has Konopnicki winning by six and that’s the polling from both sides sweet cheeks.

  3. Not one of the issues pointed out occured ‘after’ the filing period.

  4. Disgruntled says

    So that’s our choice up here. An open boarder burger baron or a spineless shill for the board of supervisors. God save us from ourselves. I guess I’ll vote for the spineless one. At least she supports sb1070 for now.

  5. I'll take Sylvia says

    I’d rather have a spineless one than a dishonest one. And I’m not convinced she’s spineless…….yet. But I am convinced he’s dishonest. Any fool could see thru his latest tactic and recognize that most likely the final reperts have not been filed. That was pretty chicken poop.

  6. I'll take Sylvia says

    oops, make that repOrt.

  7. Harris Shirley says

    Re: Posting #2 “…all polling” ??

    Are you referring to McK’s push polling that’s he’s dumping thousands of dollars into?

    You know, push polling has a short shelf life and everyone knows that there’s a point of diminishing returns after which the push polling combined with other negative campaigning tactics begins to work against the candidate using them.

    Allen by 2pts when the dust settles – or will Konopnicki do an Al Gore and run to the lawyers for a re-count?

    Not much of a “man” if he can’t win on his own merits or record.

  8. Harris Shirley says

    re: #2 above … your “by six” isn’t counting the undecided which is currently standing at more than six.

    Filing a complaint at this point in a campaign is an act of desperation.

  9. Goodyear GOP says

    Hey NotSylvia, I guess you need a new pollster, ’cause you got killed tonight. Losing by ten points? So you were off by 16 percent? Boy, that’s not even close is it? Oh well, it was good for a laugh anyway.

  10. I bet Jabba the Vath is crying in his slop over his boyfriend “Burger King” Bill’s loss. The McLamiacs’ results weren’t picture perfect last night. McAmnesty allies Waring and Koponicki lost. I wish it would be their political obituaries for good, but I’m sure they’ll rear their ugly heads again.

  11. In almost all cases, I respect people who stick out their necks and run for public office. While Mrs. Allen could use a basic geology course, she is an able legislator. Bill Konopnicki has been a solid and sincere lawmaker, and his business acumen will be missed. I hope he runs for office again. We Republican voters should now be uniting and concentrating on the Nov. election. August 24 was merely a nominating process – not an election.

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