Senator McCain Sets the NYT Straight

I have to admit this is a great response to the pesky New York Times reporter when asked about a private conversation that took place between Senators John McCain and John Kerry.


  1. I wonder if the sting has gone away yet from her being spanked so hard by the Senator. That was some straight talk.

  2. Great response?? I would say more like great question, awful response. Very valid that a reporter would ask the (liberal) Republican Presidential nominee about his considerations of running V.P. for the Democrat nominee only 4 years ago. “Straight talk” would be addressing the reporters question. This talk was a lot more like a denial than it was an address to the concern many voters have on their minds. What in the hec is a “conservative Republican” (his words) doing considering running against a Republican Presidential nominee? We’ll never know as long as he gets away with more cover-up. More of the same crooked talk we can always expect from McAmnesty. Don’t you enjoy those commentators saying McAbortion is making progress with conservative Republicans?

  3. You’re a little bitter, aren’t you Mark?

  4. Joe,Talk to the Vietnam Veterans against John McCain about McCain/Kerry shutting down the POW/MIA Investigations. McSellout is disgusting beyond bitter.

  5. And let’s not mention slow-witted.

    1. Lost his temper, feeding that meme.
    2. Now will have to go around denying he’s on close enough ideological terms John Kerry’s.


  6. Mark, Are you voting for Hillary or Obama? Do you honestly believe that either of them wouldn’t do serious harm to the country? It’s time for a reality check.

  7. Joe, The best argument I’ve heard for voting McAmnesty is “he won’t appoint conservative judges.” It’s a long time until November. I can’t stomach working for McCoverup that’s for sure. I’ll see what the field is on election day. Hillary or Obama may be the best choice for rebuilding the conservative movement.

  8. McCain is learning what its like to be a Republican. Until he got the nomination, the MSM treated him like a Democrat and never asked him a tough question.

    Now that’s running for Pres against a Dem, the MSM is making up stories and playing gotcha journalism like they do to the other Republicans.

    There’s a reason why Pres. Bush is more popular and more respected than the media.

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