Senator Larry Craig To Resign

Senator Larry Craig

This morning, Senator Larry Craig, the staunch conservative from Idaho, announced that he will resign on September 30th.

Earlier this month, Senator Craig plead guilty to a misdemeanor after being arrested for disorderly conduct in a men’s restroom in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in June.

While I am still unclear as to what actually happened (yes, I’ve heard the recording), the charge in itself has brought on a tidal wave of pressure to the point where the Senator has been confronted with the proverbial, “have you stopped beating your wife” question.

Face it, he’s damned if he did and he’s damned if he didn’t.

At this point, the best thing for the Republican party and for the Senator’s well being, is that he resign. He will.

I’m pretty sure that every time he goes before the camera (as an elected official) he doesn’t want the caption of bathroom pervert under his name or in the back of everyone’s mind. He needs to avoid the Michael Jackson complex.

So he will resign at the end of the month and hopefully, life will go on for him and the party.

But as we leave this haze of politics and sex, I do want to voice my frustration with the American people’s perception of both political parties.

While Republicans attempt to set and live to a higher standard of civility and morality, the American people have come to expect a baser nature from the Democrats. Republican who preach higher standards usually die a quick death by the same sword but Democrats manage to get off easy as the party of moral confusion and nihilism.

The lesson I hope our party learns from this is that it must continue to clean its own house despite whatever pass the American people give to the Democrats.


  1. Sonoran Sam says

    “While Republicans attempt to set and live to a higher standard of civility and morality, the American people have come to expect a baser nature from the Democrats. Republican who preach higher standards usually die a quick death by the same sword but Democrats manage to get off easy as the party of moral confusion and nihilism.”


    Live to a higher standard of morality? Where do I start? The steady parade of bush admiminstration hacks who have lied to Congress? Continued efforts to subvert the Constitution?

    Oh, maybe you mean morality. David Vitter. Newt getting oral sex in his office while leading the impeachment of Clinton for the same. Livingston? Henry Hyde and his “youthful indiscretion?” The steady stream of sleazeball Republicans who have been indicted for corruption or will soon be. (Yeah, that Renzi guy did a hell of a job).

    I feel some pity for Larry Craig, just as I felt pity for other closeted Republicans – like Jim Kolbe – who had to live a lie. But they were hypocrites who voted to condemn and prosecute people who were doing the same thing they were doing.

    Please don’t climb on your high horse and try to explain this stuff. If you want to run as moralists, be moral.

    No one believes the lie any longer that Republicans have the moral high ground. They are mired in the muck of their own slimy creations.

  2. jerry warriner says

    Why should Larry Craig resign? He’s up for re-election next year, and the people of Idaho, not the hypocritical Republicans who want to crucify him, should determine his fate.

    Furthermore, all this nonsense about morality and family values has no place in this discussion. Too many people find refuge by screaming about morality, and they are also hypocrites.

    I don’t agree with much of Senator Craig’s politics, but that doesn’t mean I should join the “shame on you” bandwagon.

  3. I am never surprized when news comes out about a senator or congress person being gay or accused of being a pedophile. Years ago a late friend of mine worked as an information analyst in the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff office. One of his duties was to read and route reports from Hoover’s FBI investigators. He told me one time that the American people would not believe how many FBI reports he had read about gay and pedophile politicians being discovered molesting young interns. He told me it was over 50% in those days 30 years ago. My belief, nothing has changed! Who’s next?

  4. One could speculate that if absolute power corrupts absolutely, less than absolute corrupts less absolutely.

    Back in the copper company days, our CEO talked to us “rising stars” (didn’t happen for yours truly) and warned that as we climbed, three things bring down the powerful:

    1. Arrogance
    2. Alcohol
    3. Sex

    or, of course, a combination.

    The forces are bipartisan and also apply to executives, but yes, it inflicts more injury on Republicans because of the intolerance (gay) they preach.

    Many could not care less what Craig does with a consenting adult, although I personally have a thing about infidelity. Also, any SOB that peeks into my stall like that had better be out of that bathroom before I can get out of that stall.

    It’s the flaming hypocrisy that sends everyone south. He needed to resign at once. GOP leadership knew this and acted swiftly. He will never win an election again.

  5. To be a wee bit provocative, it’s often said that hypocricy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue!

    As man is a fallible creature and slips up from time to time, is he precluded from establishing and defending moral standards?

  6. I am very pleased that this political figure acused and pleated guilty to: “trying to start a gay contact with(anundercover police officer) I am also pleased to know that-that officer openly revealed his intentions! If he was innocent, he would not agree to resign at this time but, I do feel that he knows that we know we will not vote for a political figure that is shown immoral conduct and to futher this:it is said in the Bible that man will “not lay with man and woman will “not” lay with woman! Now how simple is that? If you look at whats going on in the world today! Like global warming! We are cutting down trees and putting up cement structures for the business part of our world and that is cutting off the oxygen to our O-ZONE! Just dont forget its not the smokers that are poluting but the smoke from the diesels (now so abundant that the travel in any lane they choose) but also the trains,planes and still we have old cars that are spewing smoke from their exaust that haven’t been caught.

  7. WOW, EH, from illegal (Craig is married) sex to global warming in one paragraph?

    Yes, x4mr, power comes in many flavors and is far more addicting than any street drug you can name. Only those who come equipped with an ‘inner’ power seem to avoid the lures. Newt is a brilliant man, but even brilliance doesn’t do it. As for the FBI, Fred, the 50% were those who were ‘discovered’. I would bet there were some guys who never were.

    Nevertheless, if you are Democrat, these so-called ‘natural’ foibles are celebrated. If you are Republican, they are punished. Democrats understand power better than we do.

  8. This unseemly chatter about which party has the high ground with regard to punishing members who break the law or who commit ethical transgressions is pointless and detracts attention from the main issue. David Vitter is still a senator. Barney Frank is still a congressman. Bill Clinton’s unconstitutional acts are seen by some Democrats as nothing but “lying about sex.” Some Republicans still claim that Nixon merely got caught engaging in the sort of trickery many politicians commonly engage in.

    Neither party is without its hypocrites or scars when it comes to ethics and morality. The larger issue with Craig and the horrible fate he is experiencing should teach us lessons about how we treat gay people, especially men, in our society. From birth, the clear message is that being gay is wrong and shameful. Mockery and abuse from others, coupled with the natural self-loathing many closeted gays feel helps lead to fleeting and tawdry encounters in public restrooms. Would anyone in their right mind CHOOSE such a lifestyle, knowing how they would be regarded by most of their peers???

    The American Psychiatric Association has long held that we very likely do not choose our sexual orientations. Theological and ideological bullies continue to make gay people feel isolated, targeted and ashamed of who they are. It is sickening, dehumanizing behavior that must end. Is it any wonder that gay teens are more likely to commit suicide, abuse alcohol or drugs and run away from home?

    Quit using this human tragedy as a way to argue that Democrats or Republicans are better than the other party. Use this sad event as the impetus for change in how we treat our fellow human beings who happen to be gay. That is the only way anything good can come out of the Craig debacle.

  9. To add to Rex’s remark, the studies have been published and statistics well replicated worldwide that about 4% of men and 2% of women are born homosexual. Interestingly, it does not vary by ethnicity. Yes, it’s more complicated but let’s skip all that.

    Some have the ability to swing both ways, but most of us have a very clear inclination, and WE DID NOT CHOOSE IT.

    The weirdos that like to dress funny, sniff shoes, an do kids are beyond my scope. If we are honest with ourselves, we know that we did not choose what we find attractive. In my youth, a poster of bikinied Farrah Fawcett Majors came out at the same time as a poster of Burt Reynolds naked on a couch.

    Staring at Farrah and Burt, no agonizing decision occurred. My teenage hormones provided no choice whatsoever.

    I am an Independent who recently posted my respect for John Warner and Lamar Alexander. I have a reaction to this notion the Democrats are OK with transgressions while Republicans punish their own. Really?

    Why is Cheney still in office?

  10. I don’t think its merely that Democrats are just ok with their own transgressions, its more or less that we understand the impact that the hypocrisy has on our party, therefore we seek to take the moral high ground.

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