Senator John McCain on the Tax Package Deal


  1. Then have a little spine and vote No. The new Congress will handle this.

    Too much to ask from McDoublespeak.

  2. He is beginning to remind me of John Kerry. “I was against earmarks, before I voted for them….”

    When are members of congress going to grow a spine and say NO to this sort of stuff. Our nation doesn’t have the money for this. And in my eyes, Kyl is no better…

  3. Principles, what principles – McCain has none, when he won’t even vote against something that he says he is against?! Very telling of this man.

  4. McFlipflop strikes again, hope all you that voted for McAmnesty are happy now. $21 million bought you. Wake up Kyl and he are all in it for themselves not us.

    Time to flush the Johns all of them.

  5. The problem here is only 7 republican senators voted no!! 7 of 41!!! So whar are we going to do get rid of over 80% of the current caucus? The gop knows that’s not happening so then can vote how they want.

  6. The “tough” decision is to let the tax cuts expire and pay down this friggin debt crisis before it kills our country. President Reagan even came to the reality in his first term that we needed to raise taxes to get our country back on its feet. How do we get back out of the red by spending more (adding 13 mos. to unemployment) and taking in less revenue? Is this some kind of fuzzy math? No, it’s Progressive math. Business as usual for Washington.

  7. …………….
    Danco Says:
    December 14th, 2010 at 8:21 pm
    The “tough” decision is to let the tax cuts expire and pay down this friggin debt crisis before it kills our country.

    Since when should we pay for things we didn’t want? I say, send the bill to the Democratic Party. They threw their heads back and laughed like donkeys and spent the money after Americans took to the streets AND the voting booths to say NO!

    The Democrats are the Party of RICH now anyway, they can afford it. Start with Pelosi’s mega-millions, John Kerry’s wealth, Bill and Hill CLinton at over $100 million for producing NOTHING.

    If Pelosi is worth what $50 million or so doesn’t that mean she isn’t paying enough in taxes? How about all those Hollywood stars who do nuthin’ and get paid royalities forever and live in $10 millions dollar homes? THEY aren’t paying their share.
    Why should me and my neighbors go without heat this winter when those filthy rich Democrats don’t cut back on anything, spend OUR money on things THEY want, but WE don’t and then tell us WE have to pony up MORE money?
    The Democrats are destroying the country. Cut them off, give them the bill and see how they like living on cold oatmeal.

  8. Great pragmatic response Wanumba. Like always you seem to have such great ideas.

    I am surprised you did not link the tax cut debate to Obama and Kenya yet.

  9. Jill Arizona says

    No wonder McCain was crowned as “KING RINO”.

  10. Look folks!

    Let’s stop blaming McCain!

    John IS what he IS and has never changed behavior!

    The only times he’s veered right over the past three decades is during the election cycle

    Serious Republican should look in the mirror when seeking a culprit for his power and longevity!

    Especially after the last primary cycle!

    The tag “Stupid Party” has been well earned!

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