Senator Harper Under Fire for Marriage Amendment Referendum

Democratic Caucus staff members in the Senate have intimidated Senator Bee into stacking the Senate Ethics Committee with members that will attend the hearing to persecute Senator Jack Harper for referring the Marriage Amendment to the ballot.  Yesterday, the committee members were Democrats, Arzberger, Landrum-Taylor, and Republicans Leff, Blendu, and Tibshraeny.  Tibshraeny is a wildcard, while Landrum-Taylor and Arzberger were reluctant to travel to the Capitol for a partisan slap-down to make amends with homosexual activist.  Now, Landrum-Taylor has been replaced with another Democrat on the committee.  The new member is Richard Miranda.  He is not likely to cross the activists that are pushing for the hearing, despite his personal faith. 
Sonoran Alliance is not asking you to contact any of the committee members, but we are asking you to contact Senator Bee and tell him you will not tolerate a betrayal again.  The Marriage Amendment did not get a vote until the last night of the legislative session.  Members had to make a motion from the floor to force it to a vote, in spite of Tim Bee’s reluctance.  Jim Kolbe, the former Congressman who is openly homosexual, quit as Bee’s Campaign Chairman for Congress after the vote of the Marriage Amendment. 
Senator Bee’s office can be reached at and 602-926-5683.  Leave a message if after hours.
If Senator Arzberger comes to the committee and Tibshraeny crosses party lines, as he often does, the complaint will be referred to an investigation.  Sources close to Harper say he will be fine in the investigation, but it will smear other Republicans.


  1. Just so you have all of the information, Senator Landrum Taylor is on medical bedrest from complications from giving birth during the last days of the session. She asked that she be temporarily replaced so there would be a full panel to consider Senator Harper’s situation.

  2. And this is the guy everyone wants to represent District 8…yet another politician without a spine.

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