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Senator Jack HarperMajor General David Rataczak

Today, The Arizona Republic printed an editorial taking exception to Senator Jack Harper’s “hold” on the reappointment of Major General David Rataczak to another term as the Adjutant General of Arizona’s National Guard.

The Republic asserts that Major General Rataczak’s opposition to legislation requiring our guard to train at the border is the sticking point but Senator Harper has another more direct explanation. Here is his response which The Republic will probably not print:

Regarding the hold on Major General Rataczak:

We have a CURRENT policy dispute.

I would like to address the continued false allegation that the Arizona Republic has printed in the paper on B-1 and the editorial page.

Withholding the re-confirmation of Adjutant General David Rataczak has the effect of not giving my endorsement of leaving our border wide open to illegal immigrants.  The General still does not share my view that the National Guard should train along or patrol the Arizona/Mexico border. 

In a private meeting in the Senate President’s office, the General expressed a greater interest in fishing at his cabin in Minnesota, than reversing positions publicly.  Republican leadership agreed that the tone was defiant and indicated that they would back my decision. 

Rather than the reference to Ted Kennedy, a fairer comparison would be to Jesse Helms.  Helms withheld Clinton nominees that held personal positions contrary to eighty percent of the American public.

State Senator Jack Harper


  1. Well, what do you expect from the Arizona Republic and Linda Valdez? Reasoned commentary? We’re decades past that. The Arizona Republic does nothing less than what we are used to them doing. I especially like the Republic’s use of Ted Kennedy in the pejorative while they all but wish Ted was one of our US Senators. Excuse me, but did Jack Harper drive off a bridge while drunk, kill a young girl and then run away while she died?

    Sadly, debate on this issue is opening up the Senate President to this debate by pulling him into the fray. This is probably the beginning of opportunities by the Demmunists to paint him in a negative light and try to taint him in his run against Southern Arizona’s Demmunist Gabby “Johnson” Giffords and her authentic frontier gibberish.

  2. Gee. That someone thinks the National Guard should actually “Guard the Nation”. There’s a unique thought. I suppose the general prefers running around pretending to be a soldier than actually having his troops perform their actual function. I do agree with Mr. Harper, time for someone with a bit more of a service minded leadership. But I suspect that the governor has just the “yes” man she wants in that position and since she usually gets her way with full and unabashed support from the AZ Republic, I want hold my breath for the AZ National Guard to get a leader with some cajones.

  3. A friend of mine deployed to Yuma last year. She was from the KY National Guard. She said the rules of engagement precluded her from defending herself and that if engaged by armed elements across or in close proximity of the border her chain of command’s guidance was RUN!

    That is not the America, I grew up in or am proud of. Senate Harper and Senator Bee should be applauded for exposing this politician for what he is – a boot-licking freelancer whose very presence in uniform mocks the highest traditions of soldiership and honor.

  4. SonoranSam says

    Check today’s Republic.

    Despite your anti-media paranoia, they printed Harper’s letter.

    His argument is absurd, but that’s besides the point. I guess the voters of his district decide, and apparently they’re happy with the guy.

  5. kralmajales says

    Hmmm my thought is that ya’ll should be grateful to this guy and put some stink on Harper.

    Say what you want but Rataczak has led the command of National Guard on our border and they have apparently done a bang up and fantastic job. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this should be the role of the National Guard, but his command and his men and women have been successful.

  6. I’ve read Harper’s commentary three or four times. Huh? David Rataczyk is a stand up guy in every respect and Sen. Harper is…well, honestly, he’s a used car salesman.

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