Senator Harper responds.

Amanda Crawford of the Republic took a cheap shot at State Senator Jack Harper in Sunday’s Political Insider. He was nice enough to send a copy of his reply to us so we have posted it below.

In an attempt to avoid the same vitriol from Amanda Crawford that she heaps on Cathi Herrod from the Center For Arizona Policy, I have tried to be pleasant in casual conversation with her. After she was reassigned to the House of Representatives, I expressed that we missed her in the Senate and she only seems to come over when “SOMETHING crazy” happens. Ms. Crawford is obviously not swayed by polite comments, as she took the very words that I said to be nice, and twisted them to imply that the entire controversy over the Marriage Amendment was designed to bring media attention to myself. That is not the case.

For one thing, hardly any Republicans in my legislative district still read the Arizona Republic. It is on the internet, though and seems to be referenced during campaigns. That is why I was very disappointed to read the “Political Insider” on Sunday and that Ms. Crawford was auditioning to replace Emily DeRose at the Arizona Democratic Party. Ms. Crawford expressed the same vitriol on the KAET Horizon show on Friday. I hope that is not characteristic of what the Republican Party can expect the rest of this election cycle.

I am looking forward to working around your Capitol Team of reporters next year. Obviously, it will be at arms length along with the rest of the Democratic Caucus.

State Senator Jack Harper


  1. This rings extremely hollow, especially considering Jack’s previous gambits to jam his finger into the camera eye – the most egregious example was the “I know what’s best for the Democratic party” primary voting plan.

    No one remembers their fables anymore. Harper’s a shepherd looking for praise from the villagers.

  2. AZpublius says

    Harper seems to have a corner on getting media attention when the Legislature is not in session.

  3. Richard Moreno says

    Why does Jack bother responding to a slimeball like Crawford?

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