Senator Franklin L. “Jake” Flake, 1935 – 2008


Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Senator Jake Flake who passed away this Sunday. Senator Flake was a champion to conservatives and will be sorely missed.

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  1. Senator Jake Flake …….. A voice for the GOP. Devoted servant to the citizens of the State of Arizona he loved so dearly and a great patriot on behalf of our nation.

    Your good works will live on in the future.

    Thank you friend…….

    Bruce Ash

  2. T.J. Shope says

    I got to meet Senator Flake when I was following former State Rep. Cheryl Chase around the Legislature. I always pictured him as a larger than life figure considering what I had heard and read and I am happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

    My hat’s off to you sir.

  3. Jake Flake from Snowflake was a true gentleman and leader. He epitomized rural Arizona and made the lawmaking process memorable with his wit and homespun stories.
    Happy Trails to you my friend. Until we meet again.

  4. crome dome says

    “Honorable” was a title he has before his name and was a great way to describe who he was as a person. I thought we would have him around alot longer than this…so sad to know he is gone.

  5. A warm and affable fellow. Really one of the last of his kind here in Arizona. Cowboy/Legislators are so rare now.

  6. Charles Brannon says

    So, where are the guys who rolled him? Don’t they have something nice to say now? Isn’t that what politics is about.

    Do unto others until they die. Then, describe others as saintly.

    Jake Flake was neither devil nor saint. He was a moderate, even liberal, at times and conservative at other times. But, he was always a gentleman.

    He had a hearty laugh and a comfortable sound to his voice. He did not seek to place himself above others. He treated guards and assistants with high regard, the same regard he gave to other legislators. He seemed to like people.

    He deserved better as Speaker of the House then some gave him. I am always surprised what people will do with a little bit of power, even if it means they lose in the long-run. Well, Jake proved them wrong in the long-run. He went out a winner.

    I’m sure God has a fence-line for him to ride.

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