Senate Candidate Goes On Offensive Against Tea Partier?

June 7th, 2010 an article was on posted Sonoran Alliance that included a link to a local poll labeled “Should Deakin drop out of the AZ Senate race?”. Naturally this poll received some attention from the Deakin campaign, and for good reason as the poll indicated that a majority of participants felt that Deakin should withdraw or drop out of the Senate Race. The poll was established shortly after two separate Sonoran Alliance opinion pieces called for Deakin to bow out of the Senate race. What Jim Deakin choose to do with that information however is no mystery. Instead of trying to work at his campaign to put himself into a better position, he choose to tell the organizer of the poll to “Butt out of Arizona Politics”. It’s important to note that Mr. Deakin knows exactly who the pollster was, and that the organizer of the poll is a local Arizona resident, voter, and member of the Tea Party movement in Arizona. The point being made here is that Jim Deakin is establishing an unpleasant reputation among many tea party groups and individuals that are not in support of him. This is a confusing position for him to have since he is a candidate that claims to promote tea party principles, free speech and the Constitution.

On both the Arizona Tea Party Network website and the Greater Phoenix Tea Party website are forum areas for Tea Party members to discuss candidate related content; Deakin and his campaign staff frequent the forums and post updates regularly under pseudonyms like “JPD”. June 8th, in response to the Sonoran Article listed above, Jim Deakin’s camp posted the following message in at least 9 separate areas of Greater Phoenix Tea Party website and 1 area on the Arizona Tea Party Network website:

“Speaking of interfering in elections of a Federal Candidate on an email with this paid for notice “Paid for by Maricopa County Republican Committee”. is a link to a poll made by the Congressman’s campaigner Keith Sippmann “should deakin drop out of the us senate race! Call Rob Haney Maricopa County Chair and tell him… I said HELL NO! (602) 996-1004”;

A rational person would have to question why someone would go through the trouble of posting the same update in ten different places. What is the purpose? The logical answer is that Mr. Deakin was basically implying that the MCRC was somehow approving of the polls position by including a link to the poll in a regular email communication that includes many other links to articles and related local political content. Of course this is an intentional misrepresentation of the truth by the Deakin camp, and a blatant attempt at labeling a citizen activist that opposes his candidacy for Senate as a “Congressman’s Campaigner”, again misrepresenting the truth that the activist somehow officially works for the JD Hayworth campaign. The MCRC was contacted by a concerned Tea Party member and was informed that ” the e-mail that was sent out by the MCRC was NOT an endorsement, simply an FYI, just like any other news link or other piece of information regarding any Republican Race in the State or County.”

Whenever a discussion appears online suggesting that Jim Deakin withdraw from the Senate race, his supporters always use the phrase “only a moron votes for the lesser of two evils as opposed to the RIGHT candidate.” These Deakin’ites don’t care that Deakin still isn’t breaking double-digits no matter what poll is quoted, or that he could possibly hand the seat to McCain. Instead his campaign posts a link to a CBS News article revealing that “Among Republicans, 71 percent would rather vote for a candidate with no experience.”, as if this somehow translates into more Arizona voters supporting him over Hayworth or McCain. At some point the die hard Deakin supporters and Jim Deakin himself, will have to realize that their individualist, political “outcast” attitude is just a matter of pride. To them, popular political movements that don’t favor “their guy” or “their way” of doing something must be wrong. They feel that a majority of people cannot be very smart if they aren’t supporting their candidates or initiatives, which is an attitude of intellectual elitism ironically found on the other end of the spectrum with the far leftists. It would seem that

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