Senate approves 2 billion in new debt

The Arizona State Senate approved a bloated, debt laden budget early Thursday morning. The budget includes massive amounts of new debt financed by increased sales of lottery tickets, the crack cocaine of budgeting. We would like to salute Senators Gould and Harper for a valiant effort to save the citizens of the state from years of debt payments plus interest. They do not make it easy to understand but it looks like the senate version was a collection of 7 bills, HB 2209, 2210, 2211, 2275, 2278, 2391, and 2462. A quick look reveals that all Democrats voted for the bill along with Republican Senators Carolyn Allen, Tom O’Halleran, Jay Tibshraeny, and Tim Bee. Allen may be safe in LD 8 this vote could have an impact in LD 1, where conservative Steve Pierce is challenging O’Halleran, and in CD 8, where Tim Bee is challenging incumbent Gabrielle Giffords. Giffords just voted FOR the FISA bill and may now pin a huge budget mess on Bee. She will need to spend her 1 million dollar war chest on something.

The bills now head to the house. Sources on that side of the capital almost sounded resigned to passage. The Democrats have 27 votes plus Pete Hershberger and Jennifer Burns. Burns is not running again and could easily vote for the senate version. Hershberger is in the race of his political career and will give more ammunition to Melvin if he votes for the senate monstrosity. One more Republican cross over and the package goes to the governor. Now might be a good time to contact your representative. That or buy a lottery ticket, a lot of them!


  1. Just Win Baby says

    Actually, two more Republicans are needed… 31 for passage!

    (Thanks for the correction. We added Tibshraeny to the senate hall of shame list.)

  2. Duke the Dog says

    Arizona’s RINO chickens……Are coming home……to roost!

    Rep. Lucy Mason, RINO-Prescott; Rep. Michele Reagan, RINO-Scottsdale; Rep. Jennifer Burns, RINO-Avra Valley
    and Rep. Pete Hershberger RINO-Tucson.

    Thanks for raising my taxes, expanding big government and now allowing big brother to watch my every move.

  3. Kralmajales says


    Where the heck is Tim Bee on your list? At least be consistent. Is he conservative or not? Is he a big spending, budget breaking, vote with dems RINO…or not?

    At least the post suprised me for finally taking him to task.

    You CANNOT blame the budget mess on the Governor without also blaming it on Tim Bee…who proudly talks of brokering the compromise to get her the budget she could vote on…not once…but twice in a row.

  4. Ur so Crazy says

    I thought we had a debt limit in our constitution – oh wait…..who cares about the constitution – it’s so old anyway.

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