Sen. McCain: LAFB chosen as preferred site for F-35

Gov. Jan Brewer and Sen. John McCain announce the F-35 to LAFB

On Thursday officials announced the long-awaited and much hoped for decision that Luke Air Force Base was the preferred site for the F-35 Joint Srike Fighter  as a replacement for the F-16 fighter.  Sen. John McCain and Governor Jan Brewer held a press conference today in response to that announcement.  Both the Governor and the Senator have worked to keep Luke open and understand the vital economic role it plays, not only in the west valley but the state as a whole. 

Gov. Brewer and Sen. McCain singled out State Senator John Nelson, LD-12, as being particularly instrumental in keeping Luke open and bringing the F-35 to our state.  West valley mayors Cavanaugh of Goodyear, Schoaf of Litchfield Park, and Scruggs of Glendale along with County Supervisor Max Wilson were in attendance and also were  commended for their efforts. 

The F-35 was met with some resistance due to the noise issues it may bring in comparison to older models of the F-16.   However, in answer to a reporter’s question to that effect, Sen. McCain made the point that the F-35 is not any louder than the newer, upgraded engines of the currently flown F-16.

The economic impact of Luke is over $2.7 billion annually and 8,000 jobs statewide as a direct result of the operations at LAFB. The new F-35 is expected to bring in another $2 million-plus dollars in jobs for construction and development. 

An environmental impact study will be completed with final award to be announced in 2011.


  1. I like that big, honkin’ American flag pin Brewer is wearing on her lapel.

    McCain. No tie, no pin. Get up late and have to rush over?

  2. Oh my goodness… you guys are really getting desperate!

  3. Jane 001 says

    Seeing these two together erodes my confidence in both of them.

    What are the odds that Arizona could regain a strong economy that’s NOT dependent on federal money? Luke is great; our Airforce rocks! but when are we going to get a life of our own and stop sniffing for federal dollars. Brewer announced today that she’s interested in changing SB1070 to suit Bolton’s opinion. Now, I’m wondering whether she’s under pressure to capitulate to win this contract. Sometimes it pays better to just say no!

  4. Are you serious? How about the homes they buy, the groceries they eat, the tires for their cars…the taxes they pay into OUR coffers. We are talking about people….

    Like the USAF is not going to have this very necessary program somewhere… are you stupid?

    Ya’ know, some people will say anything in hopes of making McCain look bad…but in reality, you only show such ignorance as to discount everything you and your cohorts say.

    Oy Vey!

  5. Michael Holliday says

    Thank you John McCain for giving us Maobama.

    You promised he was a good American and a family man when you “ran” against him for president.

    You promised we shouldn’t be scared of him.

    Yeah, just like you won’t support amnesty when we all know the first thing you’ll do if reelected is run as fast as you can to implement the amnesty of comprehensive immigration reform.

    John McCain, you scare the hell out of me!

    Read this:

  6. This image is so yesteryear. The party is changing and there is plenty of younger more energetic conservative talent rising up through the ranks.

    It’s exciting to see people like Ruth McClung, Dusti Morris and Justin Olson entering politics.

    I look forward to the years ahead of candidates who are willing to push the conservative agenda forward.

  7. Hey Shane, careful on the yesteryear stuff. I resemble that remark and you my friend…I’m just sayin…. Besides I hear 50 is the new 30!

    New blood is important and vital but you cannot diminish the accomplishments of others by trying to discount their value using such a biased concept as age. How old was Reagan when elected POTUS?

  8. State Senator Jack Harper says

    Dear CQ (contributing under a different name on a different post),

    You are a liar. I did not discharge any debt to the state. You also are violating the business agreement we have. I paid you to be my consultant for June and July. You took my money and back-stabbed me all the while you were trying to force me to run as a team with your criminal client. Posting this during the month that you are supposed to be working FOR me should send a red flag to your other clients. Of course, you damaged them for Scott as well, when Scott tried to get the Legislature to pass an amendment to give him an exclusive contract after he had already lost the bid for E-procurement. He was lobbying without being registered and is unelectable in the general election.

  9. John Doe, P.E. says

    Its another good day for AZ, regardless of the clothes pens the idiots at the gate are wearing. Good lord, you folks seem to forget that the flag is about our nation, not about the latest fashion trend. So much for your thoughts about service, honor and fortitude.

  10. SO, the base decision isn’t final, is it? It’s just a big tease. That tiny little “pending the environmental impact statement” should be in billboard size print.

    Luke AFB don’t need no “environmental impact statement.” It’s been an AFB with jets roaring out of it for DECADES.

    HOW is McCain gonna guarantee the military-budget-cutting DEMOCRAT MAJORITY won’t deep-six this the second they want? The so-called “Stimulus Funds” went overwhelmingly to reward DEMOCRATS. The forced close-out of auto dealerships under OBAMAUTO overwhelmingly favored DEMOCRAT dealerships over REPUBLICAN.

    What if the DEMOCRATS say, “Hey, suckers. We gonna BOYCOTT ARIZONA if Arizona doesn’t get on its hands and knees and grovel and get rid of SB1070 or Luke AFB and all its jobs are going to Nevada to help Harry Reid.”

    Is that why ex-military veteran patriotic McCain wasn’t wearing his flag pin?

  11. Jane 001 says

    Oh Ann, you got me. The program HAS gone somewhere. Florida is definitely getting 59 F-35’s and AZ is only shortlisted for training–treat that as a clue that McCain sleeps on the job. But, there’s no job like a gov’mint job; and there are no taxes like taxes from a gov’mint check, isn’t that right? The largest single employer in AZ is the State and McPeople want the federal government to take that over too.

    Still, let’s give John credit for the hope he has for AFB jobs and review the math. McCain’s climate bill SUBTRACTS $2 billion dollars annually from Arizona pocketbooks and billions more in corporate revenue. McCain historically defends illegal immigrants who SUBTRACT $2 billion annually from the state. Now, it’s at least questionable who’s stupid, but let’s continue. TARP–now at $3.7 trillion–SUBTRACTS $66 billion from future household spending. If we just kick John to the curb, we’d come out ahead with or without striker jet jobs! Again, sometimes it pays to just say no!

  12. “An environmental impact study will be completed with final award to be announced in 2011.”

    Obama said “no border action” unless he gets his way on amnesty.
    Brewer knows this. Obam told her to her face. SO, the Administration is fully prepared to hold important actions hostage to get what they want. Nancy Pelosi is already cackling about downsizing our military, reducing its capabilities to wage any war, and a DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY IS NO WAY GONNA LET A BASE BE CUT IN ANY DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED SEAT or DISTRICT.
    The cuts will be in REPUBLICAN states/districts.

    Perhaps that’s why McCain looks a little strained. It would look politically good for him to be up front and center with keeping Luke AFB open, but it’s not a done deal at all, and consider that he has no swing now or will have as a minority party Senator to stop the Democrats from pulling the rug out from under Arizona any time they want. If that, his hope would be they do it AFTER he’s re-elected. Everyone screams, but he would be senator for 6 more years, tough patooties.

  13. I hope Luke gets the F-35s. However, I thought John McCain is against earmarks. Doesn’t that mean he should be supporting basing the aircraft based on what is best for the country instead of what is best for Arizona? How McCain can brag about bringing military spending to Arizona while criticizing JD Hayworth for earmarking is amazing!

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