SeeingRedAZ on Sproul’d

Our good friends at SeeingRedAZ have a great post on the despicable campaign tactics employed by Nathan Sproul. They’ve also coined a new political term – “Sproul’d.” (We invite our readers to come up with an official definition for the term.)

Most importantly, we ask our readers to take the following actions:

  1. File complaints with the State Party and ask them to sever any contracts with Nathan Sproul / Lincoln Strategy Group
  2. File complaints with the Republican National Committee and ask them to sever any contracts with Nathan Sproul / Lincoln Strategy Group.
  3. Contact any clients of Nathan Sproul / Lincoln Strategy Group and express your disgust of Sproul’s campaign tactics.

By cutting off all sources of income to Nathan Sproul and Lincoln Strategy Group, conservatives can shut his operation down and send him packing to another industry more suitable for shoveling manure.

Beginning tomorrow, campaign finance reports are due. Several conservative activists will be waiting for Mesa Deserves Better, Protect Arizona’s Future, The People of Arizona and the other dastardly political action committees to file their campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State’s office. With reports in hand, we will reveal the names of those individuals who have contributed to these PAC’s and their slimey campaign tactics.



  1. Pricinct Committeeman says

    You forgot one group. Project for Arizona’s Future, a one woman venture doing the work of Janet Napolitano. This “group” claims to be a non-partisan/non-profit center for voter information. They are not.

    They are an advocacy group that went after Speaker Weiers and Majority Leader Tom Boone during the last session – all in the name of “information”.

    Now, they’ve joined the likes of Protect Arizona’s Future and Mesa Deserves Better in doing hit pieces on conservatives in LD-4. Jack Harper and Tom Boone are being targeted and the open borders, no Marriage Amendment, kill babies through all abortions, John Zerby, is being promoted by them.

    Wonder how long they will be able to carry out the non-partisan/non-profit charade?

  2. Looking forward to the info.

    Keep up the very good work!

  3. Sproul’d = Exposing facts that some do not want exposed.

  4. Not my Party says

    Willing to tell it like it is despite the potential personal consequences.

  5. Getting Sprouled is obviously the opposite of getting a Melvin.

  6. Dastardley…now there’s a word that you don’t hear much anymore. It reminds me of a melodrama with the blonde haired braided heroine trapped to the railroad tracks….

    Sort of fits.

  7. I had a crazy night at bars and woke up with the Sprouls.

    My doctor said this special comb and shampoo should have them gone in a week or so though.

  8. Pearce shouldn’t blame Sproul. Pearce decided by himself that it would be a good idea to cheer on people calling Kyl, McCain and Flake traitors. What did he think was going to happen? Attack these guys and face no backlash? Pearce stood with that scum J.T. Ready – he made his bed, he should be man enough to lay in it.

  9. LuAnn’d = When a coward forces his woman to save his political behind.

  10. Cho Kerr,

    We know who you are and where you can be found…

  11. Sonoran Sam says

    DSW: What the heck does THAT reply to Cho Kerr mean? I’m assuming/hoping it was delivered tongue-in-cheek.

  12. Be careful. I would take DSW’s post as a threat. Pearce and his supporters are dangerous and capable of irrational acts. Why else would they direct so much outrage and anger toward Nathan Sproul while granting amnesty to and ignoring what Pearce has done? Why do they have no outrage over Pearce’s association with a known racist? They have lost their minds.

  13. That’s right, we peasants here at Sonoran Alliance might grab our staves and pitchforks and take to the streets.

    No, really, please watch comments like Cho Kerr made (even the pseudonym was nasty) because it brought Russell’s wife into the post. I am almost tempted to pull it but because we try to practice free speech here, I’m hesitant about not letting the commenter embarass themself.

    And yes, we do have IP address info (as do most blog sites).

  14. Pointing out the Obvious says

    Sproul’d: “fake but accurate” or “better then being Borked.”

  15. Is being Sproul’d bad? I guess it depends on what the definition of is is.

  16. Is pond scum nutritious?

  17. Even Janet Napolitano and the Arizona Republic agree that the mudslinging by Sproul is unacceptable behavior.

  18. Okay censor, do your stuff for the Aryan Princess. Its probably just Sproul in drag slinging more mud, but there isn’t even an attempt to add to the conversation with that post.

  19. OK, that comment by “Aryan Princess” had to go. It was just plain stupid. However, we do have the IP address of the commenter.

  20. DSW=Loser with access to IP addresses says

    I ask the 20 readers of Sonoran Alliance to….
    1 File complaints with the others that run this website and ask them to sever all ties with DSW/ Red Mountain Consulting.
    2 Express your disgust with SA’s blogging tactics on all other public forums. They let DSW intimidate and post threats w/o recourse.
    3 Contact any clients of DSW/Red Mountain Consulting and express your disgust of DSW’s tactics.

  21. DSW=Loser with access to IP addresses says

    oh, i am getting my oil changed and using the service center’s public internet. So u don’t have my IP address. Sorry!

  22. Anonymous proxy servers work great too! You don’t have my IP address either.

  23. Anyone that knows politics in the state of AZ understands this simple fact. Russell Pearce is bad for the GOP. He is a one issue blowhard.

    Carl Hay Says:
    August 14th, 2008 at 1:37 pm
    Even Janet Napolitano and the Arizona Republic agree that the mudslinging by Sproul is unacceptable behavior.

    Carl- Duh!! Of course the Repugnant and Janet are sticking up for Russell. He is very valuable for their party, He is continuously making the GOP look bad. If he fails to win it makes life that much harder for the Liberals to get their policy’s through.

    I for one am glad that Sproul and other conservatives are fighting for what is right. I would never vote for someone that has a spouse accusing them of abuse. Especially, if it were a very respected lawyer that she had right the petition.

    Pearce needs to go. As does Berman.

  24. Oh ya, did everyone forget that the employer sanctions law was written by liberal democrat’s that hoped it would splinter the party?

    The law is very anti-conservative. Here is an example of what this type of legislation can lead to….

    The police department in Scottsdale has failed to enforce the city’s laws. Therefore, a new law has passed that requires all the business owners in the city to hire it’s own police staff. The business now must pay an extra tax to the city and hire a full police staff to follow the law! Does that seem like a smart and conservative solution to a possible problem? No, of course not. We need all law enforcement officers to be in charge of keeping illegal immigrants out of our state, not business owners.
    That is right Phil, Saban, Gascon, Nappy, etc.

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