Scottsdale – The New San Francisco?

Scottsdale Goes Gay

Here are two stories in the Arizona Republic and East Valley Tribune announcing Scottsdale’s desire to go gay.  The city of Scottsdate is now reaching out across the country to homosexuals for tourism dollars through a website promoting “The Most Liveable City.” Both stories shoots down the notion that the homosexual community is the victim of widespread discrimination. It’s no secret that the homosexual community generally is higher educated and makes more income per capita. Scottsdale’s policy change sends a clear message that it now wants to cater to the gay and lesbian community because they realize that money talks.

What is also interesting is that this decision was announced almost immediately after the failure of Proposition 401 which would have tightened restrictions on lap dancing and nudity in strip clubs. Could it be that the Scottsdale Conventions and Business Bureau sees an opportunity to market to the sexually-active community? Will they next appeal for swingers clubs and bath houses to relocate to Scottsdale?


  1. God help us. Another good reason to get the liberals out of Arizona.

  2. I’ve got a question. What’s wrong with being sexually-active? I don’t think the homosexuals have cornered the market on sexual activity. In fact, even our party’s gubernatorial candidate has been sexually-active (eight kids) at some point in his marriage.

    When given the choice of sexually-active or sexually-inactive, I’ll choose sexualy-active anyday. Even if I have to pop a little blue pill.

  3. Yes, I see your point. Better to be sexually-active than not!

  4. Active indeed, but with healthy boundaries, which means between men and women within lifetime commitment.

    Parenthetically (and pathetically), Scottsdale has had an entrenched gay presence for quite a while, quietly but relentlessly consolidating power. As a longtime city employee, I tried to rally opposition to domestic partner benefits for city employees and inclusion of “sexual orientation” in the diversity policy. Several local churches joined us in opposition, but to no avail. Informed conservative activists needed in Scottsdale!

  5. Perhaps better terminology would be “sexually confused?”

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