Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Forms Coalition Against Proposition 204

Scottsdale, AZ: Scottsdale Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane announced today that he will be joining the “No New Taxes, No on 204” effort by forming a statewide coalition of mayors and council members in opposition to Proposition 204 which proposes a $1 Billion permanent sales tax increase with no education reform or accountability.

Vote NO on 204!

“If Proposition 204 were to pass, Arizona would have the 2nd highest sales tax rate in America, which could destroy job growth all across Arizona,” said Mayor Lane. “While passage of this Prop 204 is very clearly bad for Arizona, it is especially bad for Arizona cities, which is why the League of Arizona Cities and Towns has opposed Prop 204. I applaud the work that State Treasurer Doug Ducey has done leading the fight against Proposition 204 and I look forward to lending my support and the support of my colleagues to this effort,” ended Mayor Lane.

Mayor Lane adds to a growing list of elected officials including Gov. Jan Brewer, U.S. Congressman David Schweikert, Senate President Steve Pierce, Speaker of the House Andy Tobin and many others who have already joined State Treasurer Doug Ducey in his effort to defeat this permanent tax increase.

“I’m grateful for Mayor Lane’s leadership and support of the campaign to defeat Prop 204,” said State Treasurer and Chairman of the No New Taxes, No on 204 committee, Doug Ducey. “This coalition will be instrumental in raising awareness, all across Arizona, as to why Prop 204 is bad for local municipalities, and is especially bad for Arizona taxpayers. Passing a $1 billion blank check for special interest giveaways with almost no accountability standards and no real education reform does nothing to help Arizona’s teachers or its students.”

Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane was elected Mayor of Scottsdale in 2008 and was just recently overwhelming reelected for a second term. Before becoming Mayor, he served four years on the Scottsdale City Council. Mayor Lane also serves on the Executive Committee of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns as well as the Maricopa Association of Governments Regional Council, Executive Committee of Regional Council and Chairman of MAG’s Transportation Policy Committee. Before entering politics, Mayor Lane was a CPA and owned and operated multiple successful businesses in many different fields including regional aviation, and construction.



  1. Conservative American says

    First of all, it would be nice to see taxes go DOWN for a change. Secondly, it would be nice to demonstrate that a TEMPORARY tax increase can actually be TEMPORARY! It achieved it’s purpose. We bit the bullet. Now let it roll back to what it was!

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