Scott Bundgaard Interview

I interviewed Scott Bundgaard who is running for the Arizona Senate in Legislative District 4. This was probably the most difficult interview I have given to date. Despite the difficulty, Mr. Bundgaard was a good sport. You can find the interview with his opponent Shawn Kohner on Grassroots interviews’ Facebook fanpage and Tony Bouie will be coming on the show July 9.

Bundgaard interview


  1. Woops, thought this was Scott’s video spoof of Jim Waring on behalf of pro-Abort Paulina Morris. What a weirdo.

  2. C2C,
    Watch the interview. I asked Scott about that and he said he shouldn’t have done it and it should in no way be taken to be an endorsement of Paulina Morris. Scott pretty much apologized for it. This interview was in no way a puff piece. I asked Scott about the support he receives from trial lawyers and his support for the Cardinals’ stadium. Those aren’t softball questions.

    I’d ask any of you who are going to comment on my interviews to actually WATCH them before commenting on them. If you don’t, you’re about as bad as Eric Holder, Obama, and JNo for commenting on SB 1070 without having read the bill.

  3. I’ve asked Jack to come on the show. He’s been in contact with us, but he has yet to set a date. You know what they say about leading horses to water.

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