Schweikert to Mitchell: Stop the Negative Attacks!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 11, 2008
Contact: Lauren C. Barnett 
Schweikert Calls for Negative Attacks to Cease
SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Today, the David Schweikert for Congress campaign, asks Rep. Mitchell to cease the negative television attacks.
Press Secretary Lauren C. Barnett said, “Clearly, national Democrats, notably the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, are panicking.  They know Rep. Mitchell is beatable.”   
The Schweikert campaign strongly denounces the false claims made in the DCCC advertisement.  In response, Schweikert stated, “As Treasurer, I proudly stand by my record of protecting the taxpayers of Maricopa County.”
Candidate David Schweikert continues to run a positive campaign focused on fiscal discipline, responsible energy policy (including domestic drilling) and reforming business-as-usual in Congress.
Schweikert said, “We have real problems in America.  Rep. Mitchell and I have an honest disagreement about how to solve those issues.  Let’s start the dialogue and stop the mudslinging.”  


  1. Antifederalist says

    Schweikert demonstrating, with his record, that Harry’s a liar = gold.

    Saying, “Stop the attacks” = appears like whining.

    Take a strong posture Scweik, don’t look weak. Send Harry home!

  2. George of the Desert says


    It’s not whining, it’s just putting on record that within about a nanosecond of Schweikert getting the nomination, Harry’s minions were trashing him. Voters need to know that and I sort of doubt Harry or anyone at the Republic will point that out.

    Harry is not your kindly ol’ uncle. He’s more like the cranky old teacher who has fun assigning extra homework on Homecoming Friday.

  3. What is the point of a news release like this? Can anyone educate me?

    Tell me your vision for the future…

  4. This reminds me of what the RCCC did to Democrats George Cordova, Paul Babbitt, and Ellen Simon in CD1 over the last three cycles. As soon as the primary was over, the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee completely overwhelmed those candidates on behalf of Renzi and knocked them out of the game with a relentless barrage of negative attacks, turning a swing distirct into a safe Republican seat. Seems like the Dems have learned the lesson and are doing the same thing to Schweickert.

  5. What attacks????

    What a wussy!!!

  6. I’d prefer something like:

    The DCCC, which has received more than $500,000 this election cycle from admitted tax cheat Congressman Charles Rangel, should pull it’s deceptive ads.

    “Do-nothing Congressman Harry Mitchell who has received $8,000 from tax-cheat Rangel the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which legislates US tax policy, should join me in this request,” said DS. etc..

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