Schweikert Releases New Campaign Ad

Here is the latest campaign ad released by the David Schweikert campaign committee. This ad focuses on David Schweikert’s record on reform including, cutting taxes, fighting corruption and protected taxpayers.

The ad also points out that liberal Democrat Harry Mitchell is bankrolled by labor union bosses, voted against helping small businesses, voted higher taxes on working familes, put our jobs at risk and hurt our retirement savings.



  1. Take that, Scary Harry!

    I think I’ll have some masks made up for Halloween with his face on it.

    Not to mention he voted FOR the unconstitutional bail out!

  2. Fake Harry Mitchell says

    Sorry SA, but my Fake David Schweikert has gone rogue. It was a good idea initially to set this young pup loose on conservative blogs to stir up trouble, but as you can see he is increasingly erratic. I mean come on why would never criticize me for voting for the bailout? His job is to go after Schweikert. I don’t know what to tell you. We are trying to reign him in, but he and that Hermes character are drinking way too much red bull and playing Halo all night. Very sad situation.

  3. fake harry mitchell says

    Help me sa. I can no longer control fake schweikert. He’s like frankenstein. Change congress? That’s my message. Now of course you need to overlook my votes to help my benefactors the unons and the trial lawyers and of course the fact I am pelosis bitch. Oops can you say bitch on sa? I can think of no other way to describe it. I like pelosi and you have to admit she’s a piece of work with all the plastic surgery. Between you and me I wouldn’t mind…oh you get the idea. But I digress. I am an agent of change. Really…I am.

  4. kralmajales says

    God Im confused ^^^^^^^^^

    One piece of good news, Harry Mitchell has earned the endorsement of the VFW. Not bad. Good service brings great rewards of support.

    Shouldn’t we go for the guy who has the support of our Veterans of Foreign Wars?

  5. I’m a veteran and I’m definitely NOT supporting Harry Mitchell. Harry has actually voted against veterans and military folks more than voting for them. His Democrat handlers stuck him on a veteran committee so if the VFW endorsed him it’s only because they don’t want to get screwed too much by him – that’s kinda how it works in Washington. Besides, the VFW leadership is taking in the same attributes as the AARP and NEA. Their leadership is pretty elitist when it comes to politics. I’m willing to bet there are far more veterans and military members supporting David Schweikert over Harry.

  6. kralmajales says

    I think you are wrong DSW. So the VFW is now a distrusted organization too? Anybody that doesnt do what conservatives like all the time is some kind of total conspiracy.

    The VFW endorsed him because he is the best candidate in this race. Schweikert has absolutely no experience with Veterans.

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