Schweikert is in the Club


David Schweikert, candidate for Congressional District 5, has just earned the highly coveted endorsement of the Club for Growth.

Congratulations David!


  1. And with that, Mark Anderson, Jeff Hatch-Miller, and Susan Bitter-Smith realize they have better things to do than run for Congress!

  2. Absolutely! This puts the last nail in the coffin of those potential candidates. It also shoots a very close warning shot across the bow of the other existing candidates.

    For those new to political endorsements, this is a HUGE endorsement which will generate national interest and fundraising dollars.

    Finally, it means the beginning of the end to the short-lived reign of the current Democratic office holder.

    Congratulations David!

  3. CD 5 Conservative says

    That’s something of an overstatement. Jeff Flake in the 2000 primary (his first) raised $340,000, with the solid and nearly undivided support and attention of the Club for Growth. How much of that was from them? Consider the fact that Jeff was the head of the Goldwater Institute, and knew many well heeled conservative donors. He was also the choice of incumbent Congressman Matt Salmon. I would say the latter two factors generated much more money than the Club.

    It’s a fact, every candidate in this race would have liked to have had their endorsement; it’s free money. It’s not a fact that a group of Wall Street financiers make an endorsement and suddenly we don’t need to have a primary.

    What this does mean is that two candidates will have the money to be competitive (Ogsbury already HAD 350k at the end of September, with a year to go).

    Schweikert will still have to assemble a good organization, and articulate a winning message, and right now he’s doing neither.

    I DO think this is the last shot the Knaperek/Anderson/Hatch-Millers of the world had at getting some real coin.

  4. CD 5 points out that Flake got the endorsement but leaves out the missing part of the story. Flake won.

    CD 5 is wrong about Schweikert’s organization and message as well. But that’s not a major deal. If CD 5 is right and the race is now a two-person race between local boy Schweikert and D.C. lobbyist Ogsbury, David won’t need any more message than that to win in 2008.

    Ogsbury’s $350k includes $250k from himself. I think Schweikert can do the same, so that leaves Ogsbury ahead by $100k minus whatever David’s been raising. My guess is that David Schweikert will crush Ogsbury in the dollar race unless Ogsbury can go back into his own pocket for at least another $350k.

  5. Roger Maris says

    I agree… This is huge for the Schweikert Campaign. Not only should the club donate to his campaign directly, the REAL benefit is the amount of resources they will bring to the dance themselves. The Club agressively attacks those that do not share their pro-growth tax and ecomomic reform policies.

    Clearly, the club as looked at Schweikert’s public policy record and has endorsed him for his economic and tax policies. Congrads to David

  6. To have an endorsement come this soon, before the field is known is both a testament to Schweikert’s effort to lock down certain campaign details, but raises questions about the Club’s approach. Did they interview all the candidates? What record did they rely on to make the endorsement? This is an early season coup and nothing more. What is their criteria? Flake is certainly an example of a winner, but what is the record of other Club endorsed candidates? Didn’t they notice that when Ogsbury worked on the House approps committee, the deficit went away? Then after he left, it went awry? Or is the club more concerned about local property taxes?

  7. Something is fishy here with the Club for Growth endorsement. Yes, Ogsbury lobbied on behalf of Arizona interests, but he was also part of the early days of the Republican revolution when Appropriations Committee Chairman Bob Livingston was actually cutting the budgets at the bureaucracies (and for a few beautiful days actually closing down ‘non-essential’ government offices.) Ogsbury has experience at the national level and a record of fiscal conservatism. I will report back to this space after I get a better understanding of whether the Schweikert endorsement is attributable to a fair, objective process or, given the speed of this endorsement, a backroom deal.

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