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     I really had trouble coming up with a title for this story. An independent expenditure group named Protect Arizona’s Future has just put up what may become one of the most notorious signs of the season. Pete Hershberger is such a deceptive R*** even Greg at Espresso Pundit highlighted his literature. Here is a full copy of the piece.

     In April we covered Hershberger’s true fiscal record. Then in June Sonoran Alliance wrote about another truth-bending mailer. Now comes this sign from Protect Arizona’s Future. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I am not sure how effective the sign will be but it certainly is amusing.

     For a look at the LD 26 Senate candidate who really does want to protect the border visit Al Melvin’s web page.


  1. Wow, open-border advocates supporting an open-border candidate, and they have the ba**s to put that out there?

  2. Sonoran Sam says

    Tucson Citizen, 7/28/08
    Our Opinion: State Senate needs Pete Hershberger’s moderate voice
    Tucson Citizen
    Pete Hershberger has ably represented Legislative District 26 for eight years. His moderate voice has been an invaluable counterpoint to the uncompassionate conservatism of Maricopa County legislators.
    Term limits prohibit Hershberger from running for another Arizona House term…

    Read the rest of the opinion piece on the Tucson Citizen web site.

  3. Richard Wayne says

    The Tucson Comrade and Tucson Red Star are to the left of the Repugnant. The only people who are in alinement with them are socialist liberals regardless of party.

    By the way, securing the border is the federal government’s job, however, federal and state law says that state and local law enforcement officers are responsible for ferreting out and charging violators of all federal and state laws, specifically including illegal trespassers on American soil. Read the CFR’s. It is specifically spelled out, so cut out the Newspeak, George

  4. the same sign went up for Kevin Gibbons who is running against Russell Pearce. It’s obvious and laughable how blatently wrong it is.

  5. When do Pearce’s signs go up? The ones paid for by the Open Bigot crowd?

  6. V, The people (legal citizens) of Arizona aren’t buying your race baiting. We are one nation of people, not two nations of people contained within one set of borders. Law enforcement does not equate to racism or bigotry. If you don’t like American law go somewhere else. We didn’t invite the illegals in and we* have no problem telling them to get out.

    *Except of course, those that profit from illegal and exploited labor…the friends of Gibbons, Hershberger, Bouie. They put profits over patriotism. How does Mexico treat their illegal immigrants? I understand it’s pretty ugly. Unlike the first class accomodations illegals get here.

  7. These Hershberger signs probably were put up by illegals provided by the Wake Up Arizona crowd.

    Didn’t you just love the Arpaio bust Thursday? Arrested eleven food cart vendors for operating carts without permits. A class 3 misdemeanor violation of the county health code.

    They were making elotes: a snack made of white corn, mayonnaise, cheese, chile and lime juice. MMMMMMM, mayo carted around on a bicycle in the Phoenix sun for several hours and no permit. In the words of Rachel Ray: yumm-O!

    These purveyors of fine foods were arrested and booked and SURPRISE SURPRISE, all eleven vendors are illegal immigrants. Not four, or six, or two, or three, or even ten ten…all eleven of them. V must be upset that he’s missing out on a plate full of intestinal duress.

  8. Can A. Dien says

    Tom – Your last lines prove your racist when you asked how Mexico treats its illegals and failed to ask about Canada.
    Bob – If busting guys selling corn on the cob on the street is your idea of crime fighting, your significant other should be worried.
    All – If we could just show some common sense, maybe we could fix things.

  9. Common sense meaning “don’t follow health code” or common sense meaning “don’t bust illegal aliens”? Which one should I follow? You tell me. I think you are suggesting one or the other.

    All I’m saying is they busted a few street vendors and every one of them was an illegal alien…every one….AND they were violating health code. So much for “just wanting to be here for a better way of life” or my favorite line used by many in politics “otherwise law abiding people who are here illegally”.

  10. Wait, I know what your definition of “common sense” is…do away with e-verify, go back to the time consuming and inaccurate I-9 so that people can get away with hiring illegals while paperwork is shuffled back and forth. Why have a system that takes a minute or two to get an answer on that is accurate? Common sense indeed.

  11. Ghet A. Lyf says

    Bob, they’re corn vendors not car bombers!

  12. You’ve never been in a car a few hours after someone’s eaten bad mayo.

  13. Ghet, they’re criminals. Lock ’em up and send them away!

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