Sarah Palin pimps for Kirk Adams

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Tea Parties are not supporting Sarah Palin anymore 

Sarah Palin has endorsed RINO after RINO and Arizona conservatives are tired of her meddling in our state

District 5 voters want a miniskirt and high heels
District 5 voters want a miniskirt and high heels

We received this email from two of the top Tea Party leaders in Arizona, both located in Arizona’s East Valley District 5, and thought it was worth sharing with our readers. We used to like Sarah Palin, but her continuing endorsements of liberal Republicans has caused us to believe she has sold out and no longer supports true conservative and Tea Party candidates. Matt Salmon is the true conservative in this Congressional race.

Subject: Sarah Palin’s Endorsements? Not the Voice of the Tea Party!
From: Randy Hatch, Chairman of Arizona Red Mountain Tea Party

Fellow Patriots,


Sarah Palin has lost my trust in 2010 by supporting RINO, John McCain.  Now word comes that she is again taking orders from her political boss and endorsing other moderate candidates she has probably never met, Jeff Flake and Kirk Adams.  It is very unfortunate that we live in a political system that values endorsements from popular people more than the actual records of those running for office.  We must be on the look out for these highly paid drive by endorsements by people like Sarah Palin who disappointed the Tea Party many times over since she fully endorsed the candidacy of John McCain, the biggest RINO of them all.  Many people gave her a pass for that two years ago when she campaigned for John McCain because he had put her on the National map and helped her to make millions in speaking fees.


She has become a multi-millionaire by traveling the country charging up to $200,000 an appearance to tell us NOT TO VOTE FOR RINOS AND NOT TO SUPPORT THE ESTABLISHMENT.  These words don’t match her actions and it is high time that true conservatives call her on it.  She has repeatedly supported and endorsed many very liberal republicans such as 36 year career politician, Orrin Hatch in Utah.  She helped to get him re-elected and this is just one of many other RINOS she is helping.  Anytime John McCain calls, she jumps.  We all know that John McCain is the biggest RINO of them all.


Her actions of preaching one thing and then doing another is hypocritical at best.  Has “Going Rogue” become “Going Political?”  It is my believe that Sarah Palin wants to become a Senator so bad that she will do just about anything McCain wants so she can take his seat in 4 years.


Endorsements are highly overrated.  A few close endorsements from friends are okay but some of these campaigns seem to be in competition for the most endorsements and not for the most votes.  I much prefer to get to know candidates personally by talking to them in person.  I don’t believe in casting a vote that relies on sham endorsements.  Americans should be willing to do the work needed to look up a politician’s record and by attending meetings where the candidate is speaking and answering questions.


I know Matt Salmon and I know Kirk Adams and I know their political records.  My vote is not personal, but I am voting for Matt Salmon because he is in my opinion, more conservative and will try harder to be guided by the constitution.  The same is true about Wil Cardon vs. Jeff Flake.  I know both of them well and I believe that Wil Cardon is more conservative.  It is that simple.


It is time for Sarah Palin to cut those Apron Strings with John McCain and bring her actions more in line with her words and it is time for the voters to do the work necessary to get to know each candidate without relying on a third party endorsement.


Randy Hatch
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Subject: Tea Parties are Supporting Matt Salmon
From: Greg Western, East Valley Tea Party

Contrary to Sarah Palin, the Tea Parties in the East Valley are not supporting Kirk Adams.
We had an unannounced straw poll, I did not want any candidate to influence the results, last week and it was 94% for Matt Salmon with only 6% for Kirk Adams. I know the other two Tea Parties are supporting Matt also. If you want to vote with the Tea Party vote Matt Salmon.

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  1. IamJohnGalt says

    Is this a bad joke? Randy Hatch would piddle himself to have Sarah Palin come to one of his Tea Party meetings. Good luck trying to tell members of your own Tea Party that Sarah Palin isn’t absolutely beloved.

    “Sarah Palin has lost my trust in 2010 by supporting RINO, John McCain.” like when MATT “GIVE ME OBAMACARE” SALMON SUPPORTED THE SAME RINO, JOHN MCCAIN. Way to lose credibility in the first sentence of you email. What a patriot!

    If only Hatch and Western had two brain cells to rub together between the both of them.

  2. Cutting the apron strings from McCain is not going to clear Palin’s head – it is all over the map. She clearly does not understand what conservative means, or plain doesn’t care. Palin came into the public eye as window dressing and four years later barely passes for that. Her public speeches are just unpleasant to listen to regardless of content. If Palin is looking to replace Count McCainula in the Senate, we had better hope someone exposes him to sunlight before 2016.

  3. Steve Nelson says

    Alleged “true conservative” Matt Salmon was a huge supporter of John McCain from the earliest stages of his campaign for Presidency (back when he was a lobbyist). What a hypocritical double standard, but actually typical of those Republicans who like to call other Republicans names.

    The irony is that by the current standard Ronald Reagan would be considered a RINO by most of these folks. Kirk Adams is conservative, always has been and always will. He is the superior choice for Mesa and Gilbert for Congress

    • Was Adams the guy with a Union Brother (representing attorney) or something where Adams held off all of Fillmore’s educational bills that would have reduced the burden on the tax payers of Arizona, as well as improve the education of the future leaders of the United States?

      Or is the guy that shut down the legislative process to go campaign?

  4. Palin doesn’t endorse people that lobby for Obamacare

  5. Palin is nothing more than a political prostitute that showed her true colors as called out in early 2010?

    BTW Randy Hatch has no room to talk!
    Hayworth Endorsement #9 Mesa Red Mountain Tea Party
    by JPD on August 19th, 2010
    I would like to see an audit of the $35.000 seed money (06/17/2010) – where it came from and where it went seeing that a 501c3, 501c4 and 527 were involved…………………. who is Hatch endorsing – Cardon – go figure. Hatch doesn’t believe in free speech, tolerance or what you think as far as his dealings with me.

    Hatch and Palin make a fine pair.

  6. Steve Nelson says

    The fact that 94% of tea partiers support Salmon over Adams is actually evidence of how easy it is for McSalmon to pull the wool over their eyes. Those people hate McCain and the are oblivious to the fact that Salmon was a huge supporter of McCain. Salmon hated J.D. Hayworth when he was in Congress, everyone knows that (except the Hayworth tea party folks who support Salmon.) Now he reaches out to get the Hayworth and Pearce vote so he can get back into Congress

  7. The same mistake is being made here that Brit Hume made earlier this evening on Fox, he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to the tea party. After this primary you are going to see several real Tea Parties pop back up and steam roll the others.

  8. nightcrawler says

    The irony of this piece is beyond measure. If you want present the argument of the futility of a media created persona and the subsequent fall from grace that hastens with time and collective wisdom, look no further than the political equivalent of the hula hoop called the Tea Party. So many rush to print buttons and pins while yearning to become relevant and young again. The children of the 60s and 70s with one more gray hair revolution shall not be denied, by fact or principle as long as there is a cause.
    At the stroke of midnight the pumpkin will once again appear in the place of a golden carriage, the horses will turn to mice, the coachmen into rats and the footmen into lizards. The enchanted ride of the tea party will be but a memory. Keep the buttons and pins and pass them down to your grandchildren, they may be worth something some day at the Antique Road Show.

  9. JPD the Nasty, he supported Jim Deakin and now Van. He is always trying to get a fool elected to something. He hated JD because all JD did was announce he was getting in the Senate race and people were rushing to get their names off the Deakin petitions. He talks about hate like he is projecting such love. JPD you are not relevant, you and Jimmy Less (meant to type less not Lee) and Van will not win an election all you will do is keep the same old retreads like McCain and McFlake in office. In 2008 Deakin the fool ran against JD Hayworth instead of McJerk, Van has Deakinized this election, maybe you people out there need to start looking at the candidates JPD is supproting and asking yourself why? Maybe he is the go to guy to keep the R.I.N.O.’s in office? Maybe he trying to get the opposition to vote for any loser to keep a true conservative like JD or Wil Cardon from winning? Better start thinking of that, and always remember 2010.

  10. ArizonaPol says

    I attended the Adams-Palin BBQ Monday Night and saw over 1,000 people there to meet and greet Sarah Palin. The event was billed as a “SURGE’ should have been schedule with a week to go in the election so that Adams could have have recieved more benefit from Palin appearance.
    The real issue is replacing Obama and Harry Reid, not arguing who represent the tea party. We are all neeeded in this effort.
    Personally I dont think Palin’s appearance at the BBQ will have an impact. Voters main criteria will remain.
    1. Who they think will do the best job.
    2. Who do they think has the RIGHT experience to do the job
    3. Who do they PERSONALLY trust to do the job

  11. CD-9, drinking Vodka again I see.

    You know you had every opportunity to refute everything I have posted, is it me or the facts?

    It was nice seeing you in Show Low on the 4th, I really like those mean looks you kept trying to get me to look at.

    So I’m so irrelevant in your mind that you think I’m the go to guy to keep RINO’s in office. You need to down a pot of coffee in the morn to chase that fifth before you open that trap of yours! Very entertaining don’t you think Chester?

    ArizonaPol, got to agree with you.

  12. JPD, why do I want to defute you, I want you to keep on talking. You sound like a fool and a tool for every off the wall candidate out there. You and yours who support the Deakins and Van’s know you are trying to savor the elections to keep the R.I.N.O.’s in office. Deakin ran around trying to beat McJerk, he thought he could use the tea party to get himself a job. His wife actually made so many enemies at the TP that they happily jumped ship, but since you could not see past your nose you blamed JD and would tirade against him. What was the result? Oh John McJerk won. You and Van are doing the same thing this Seante race. Peopel who really know Van know he is a manical little egomanic. We will not be fooled by his so-called constitutional campaign.

  13. CD-9, try attacking the message rather then the messenger. Go beat your husband and leave me alone. Cardon is a clown a strawman for Flake, it’s you who are re-electing McCAIN, you and that little web of decit Freedumb Alliance. What is interesting is you are stating that you agree with Agenda21.

  14. LOL, JPD you are more stupid with each election. Of course if I will not support the Little Napoleons you support I am supporting the UN Agenda. Keep vomiting for your delusional foolish candidate spoilers.

  15. The message bimbo, the message. Cardon as Hayworth were both McCain Machine scams, it’s you and like that put McFlake in, falling for it twice. Actually it was the McCain controled media both times.

    Tell us why your boy Wil pulled his ad buys on August 2nd, day of early ballots going out. Tell us why Nowicki put out two articles stating Cardon dropped? Flushing the early returns.

    Wake up – dumbass, you got played.

    So if I’m so STUPID why all the attention – go strum yourself and have another shoot of vodka.

    • Doug Allen says

      Ummm he lost by 50%… he was smart enough to do polling and see his message sucked, he was painting Flake as something Flake wasnt, it wasnt working, so he decided to save a few mill instead of blow more money.

      Seriously, the guy ran the worst campaign EVER!!!! The only thing he did right was save the money at the end.

      • You can find several accounts in May and June that reported Cardon was closing the gap on Flake, then Kyl and McCain stuck their cancerous noses in to stop the momentum. That 50% you’re thrilled with was around 22% when Cardon pulled his ads. There were also comments that Flake likely picked up 10 points in the election because Cardon stopped. And Cardon hit the bullseye on Flake about his “I lied” comment, his collusion with Illinois reconquista Luis Gutierrez, and his career-long stance as an amnesty slut. The hardcore Republican primary voters demonstrated quite clearly that the party’s intestines could give a crap about illegal immigration and were simply looking at the general versus Carmona. Now on that issue, there is no difference on the ballot. That is why Carmona will pick up many “crossover” votes in November.

  16. EndtheNDAA2012 says

    Kirk is a corporate kiss ass who stopped a number of bills that would have put an end to photo radar in Arizona. He apparently loves him some Goldman Sachs as that is who owns American Traffic Solutions.

  17. Kirk is a service and coverage union kiss ass, the trade unions would blow him off for what he is!

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