Saradnik Has Resigned

Word has come in that State Representative Lena Saradnik has stepped down from the legislative. The Democratic legislator who represents Legislative District 26 in Northwest Pima County, issued a press release stating she needs to dedicate recovery time to a stroke she suffered last November. 

Pima County Supervisors are now tasked with appointing a Democrat to fill the vacancy. Democratic precinct committeemen in LD 26 will now need to vote to nominate and provide three names to the Supervisors.

With the 2008 election cycle just getting underway, Democrats will need to front a strong Democrat in a district with a Republican registration edge.


  1. We removed the comments to this post. Sonoran Alliance certainly believes in hard hitting political coverage but not when it has anything to do with someone’s illness. Even we have standards. Thanks for your continued patronage of our blog.

    We wish Lena a full recovery.