Sam Crump Interview

Here is the next interview in a series of candidate interviews conducted by Grass Roots Interviews. Your host is Marcus Kelley interviewing Sam Crump who is running for Congress in CD-3.


  1. TrueAZConservative says

    Sam Crump: I wasn’t receiving traction and support in my run for attorney general. This guy is a carpet-bagger. Moved from CA to get into politics in Arizona, now after he couldn’t win the AG race, he figured he would try for something else.

  2. Hey! TrueAZConservative…who ARE you REALLY? Just curious! Takes a whole lot of guts to blast someone who’s putting it on the line to run for office. I bet you have some deep insecurity and regret how insignificant your life has become…How about YOU run for something (or maybe you can’t…because of a felony record or something?) A wise person once told me that the people who attack those who run for office are just JEALOUS! They don’t have the guts to do it themselves and so they attack the folks who do! Pamela Gorman OR Sam Crump, I think we’d be well-represented. I think we know what side YOUR bread is buttered on…..

  3. TrueAZConservative says

    Ron, first of all, I am not “blasting” Crump. Those were his words, and it is important for people to understand that before he was running for Congress, he was running for AG. There is no personal attack there, just facts. Secondly, it is curious why you would “blast” me for pointing to his past. Who ARE you REALLY? So if I attack someone running for office, then I am jealous…but if you attack someone pointing to someone’s record that is running for office, you are a stand up guy?? I think we know what side YOU are on.

  4. Glen Reid says

    Sam Crump is the only CD3 Candidate to endorse JD Hayworth over McCain. Crump is the only military veteran in the race.

    Crump voted for the Employer Sanctions law.

    While Pamela Gorman was busy endorsing McCain’s 2008 AZ House candidate, Tony Bouie, Crump was endorsing dependable conservative, Carl Seel in that same race.

    Sam Crump is the true dependable conservative in the AZ CD3 race.

    Go Crump!

  5. Marcus Kelley says

    You haven’t watched the interview. Even Sam Crump himself mentions that Bob Branch also has military service under his belt.

  6. Sam Crumps partner and friend was arrested for dishonest dealings in their firm. Sam was aware of all activity in his law firm.

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