Sam Crump Endorsed By Team America PAC

For Immediate Release:

(Phoenix, AZ) – Team America PAC has endorsed Sam Crump for Arizona’s Third Congressional District.   According to Team America Chairman Bay Buchanan, “Sam Crump is the only candidate in this race that will fight for real immigration reform in Washington.”

Crump is in a crowded primary race against several candidates who openly support guest worker programs. In the Arizona state legislature Sam Crump was a strong advocate for immigration enforcement and will continue to be in the United States House of Representatives.

“By sending Sam Crump to Congress we will be electing a leader that we can count on to vehemently oppose the open borders lobby in Washington,” added Buchanan.

Team America is a political action committee founded by former chair of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus Tom Tancredo that is dedicated to opposing amnesty and controlling our borders.

In addition to serving as Chairman of Team America, long time conservative activist Bay Buchanan is commentator for CNN and president of the conservative educational foundation The American Cause.


  1. Bravo!

    Jim Ward is a McCain / Kyl recruit. Jim Waring is as RINO as they come. Gorman is the “convenient conservative.”

    Crump is endorsed by Tom Tancredo too.

    We’ve got our solid conservative and that is Sam Crump by a mile!

  2. nightcrawler says

    Crump does have an impressive list of endorsements, no question. Hats off. The million (or shall we say, hundred thousand) dollar question is do those endorsements translate into votes ?

  3. PV Conservative says

    It looks like the anti-illegal immigration people have their candidate. I guess the question is which of the others will the open borders people rally around?

  4. I nominate Sam Crump as the official candidate of Team America World Police:

  5. Thane beat me to it!

  6. Nice that the loons have found a way to hate McCain on a post where there is absolutely no connection at all.

    Proves my point that they are lunatics and that does not reflect well on Crump.

  7. Jack Hammer says

    Or that Travis is McCain’s brown nosing “Sancho Panza”

    What really disturbs him is the fact that the “loons” have caught on to the nature and substance of “The John’s” power struture and the corrupt political/business clique it serves!

    And when John and structure are flushed, Travis will have to return to the used car lots!

  8. AllUsBadGuys says

    “Americaaaa… _______ YEAH!”

  9. Moon Valley GOP says

    Geez Travis, you’re pretty casual with the term “HATE” now, aren’t you? The only mention of McCain was the sentence: “Jim Ward is a McCain / Kyl recruit.”

    How do you see hate in that? I think we know who the loon is here.

  10. Moon Valley:

    Rinos will always use the Liberal Lexicon when asserting themselves.

    It’s ingrained!

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