SA will continue political coverage through the weekend – and a correction

     The Arizona Daily Star made an interesting revelation on the front page of Saturday’s paper (PDF file.) The will not cover any local political news this Sunday or Monday.

     Given much of their past coverage I am not sure the community is missing out on anything but why the blackout? The Star stated "It’s a way to ensure that coverage is fair to the end and keeps one side from making a last-minute statement the others can’t rebut." I think that is code for the senior editors want to take a few days off and the interns cannot be trusted right before election day. Believe me one side or the other will be making last-minute statements, through robo calls, mailers, or radio ads and Sonoran Alliance will happily cover the story. Candidates and campaigns are also free to correct our work in real time because we are a blog.

     Which brings us to a correction. On October 23rd we slammed Daniel Patterson over the issue of habitat destruction by solar farms. Patterson corrected us and stated that he supports rooftop solar and is opposed to massive solar fields on public lands. Good, we agree with him on that matter. The question now is do Gabrielle Giffords and the rest of the Democrats using solar as this years wedge issue agree with Patterson or are they for trashing large tracks of desert with inefficient and costly solar panels?


  1. Get Me A Barf Bag says

    Hey Gabby, Daniel and all you Dems:

    I’m pro rooftop choice! Keep your government off of my rooftop! My roof has a choice for what I put on it.

  2. Robert Rowley, Tucson, Arizona says

    Hey Bee, and all you Repubs:

    I’m pro rooftop choice! Keep your government off of my rooftop! My roof has a choice for what I put on it. Oh, and *, next time you touch my Giffords sign *.

    * PC is right, no threats please.

  3. Precinct Committeeman says

    Oh, this is great. Now SA has decided to allow personal threats to appear on this blog? This is outrageous. Glad I don’t live in Tucson and have to deal with people like Rowley, who think printing threats is appropriate, much less legal. That posting should be removed.

  4. Roof top solar is a much better choice.

    A parallel to this was seen in the 70’s and early eighties in the personal computer world. There were advocates that pushed for a central super computer with personal terminals (I think IBM was really hoping that the technology would have gone that way). However the evolution in personal computers was a much better direction allowing a rapid acceleration in new communication and data based systems.

    Massive solar farms still rely on massive infrastructure to transmit power which also takes energy to complete. Solar energy produced at an individual home requires no new infrastructure and will actually reduce grid requirements in the future. It is more efficient.

  5. A lot of rhetoric about solar.

    My thoughts are this: solar is fine for an incremental approach. However it’s still pretty expensive and the energy generated for the footprint of the panels is pretty low.

    It’s like the water issue. We can’t conserve our way out of the problem. Of course every little bit helps but I can’t conserve enough water, or energy, to supply the ten people who move here in the next couple of years.

    Fine if people want to pay the extra cost of solar if they can afford it. R&D is a great thing to continue as well, we should keep our efforts going to have replacements down the line. But people are kidding themselves if they think we can either afford or actually accomplish replacement of a large portion of our power grid with solar at this time.

    Solar panels, by the way, yield less electricity at hotter temps as counterintuitive as that may seem to people. There is a huge solar farm in Eager or Springerville or somewhere at a higher elevation because the cooler temps produce a higher yield.

  6. Robert Rowley, Tucson, Arizona says

    Not a threat Princinct, this Russian btard has removed several Giffords signs over the past month (a crime) and replaces them with Bee signs. Now some are rigged. He wants to violate the law then he gets what he gets. There’s a price for everything.

  7. The worst thing about censorship is

  8. I can hardly wait for Wed morning to come……

  9. Robert Rowley, Tucson, Arizona says

    “The voters of Arizona CD 8 are seeing the politically ineffective side to GOP Congressional candidate Tim Bee. The guy can not make up his mind….
    Let me preface my remarks by saying that Tim is a really nice guy. In fact, his easy going niceness …*

    *Robert, thank you for your comment. When you provide a link to an article it is not necessary to reprint every word of that article.

  10. Is there a way to become a content writer for the site?

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