SA Live Blogging from the RNC Convention – Day 2

NOTE:  Technical difficulties prevented this post from going up last night.   We present it here in its entirety.

The Arizona delegation is all dressed up and finally has someplace to go! The convention schedule has returned to normal and with the abbreviated Day 1, events are being compressed, which makes for an even fuller Day 2. Mayor Giuliani has been moved to Wednesday and tonight’s program includes Fred Thompson before finishing the evening with Joe Lieberman. Expect a standing ovation for Joe! His photograph was inserted into an earlier video that featured a series of Republican heroes, and he was the only Democrat in the entire video. It is clear that McCain and Lieberman share a very strong mutual affection and respect.

So far, it has been another big night for Arizona as our own Wes Gullett was featured and had the opportunity to tell the story of Cindy McCain’s rescue of two beautiful girls after a visit to Mother Teresa’s orphanage. One was adopted by the McCains, the other by the Gulletts. The story is a touching one that a surprising number of folks in our own delegation were hearing for the first time. It was nice that the nation got a chance to hear the story.

Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Graham Keegan also got a prime time speaking opportunity.

Laura Bush was her usual radiant self and she introduced President Bush via video. Its an interesting sight when a convention hall full of people give a large video screen a standing ovation!

Then it was red meat time and Fred Thompson delivered. He was the perfect pitchman to contrast John McCain’s lifetime of service with Barack Obama’s speech on service. He delivered the lines and the crowd ate it up. More than one delegate pointed out that had Thompson campaigned with the same energy that he delivered this speech, this could have and probably would have been his convention instead. A Thompson-Palin ticket? We’ll leave you to imagine that one!

Lieberman’s speech was well received and probably played a very important role in the campaign’s message and outreach, even if a few of his lines met with mixed reviews. The crowd didn’t really applaud much when he compared Obama’s record to Bill Clinton’s, but you didn’t expect the Clinton years to get a standing ovation here.

When the event ended everyone rushed back to the hotel to pile into the hospitality suite and watch the Arizona election returns. The mood was very upbeat as this largely conservative delegation watched the results from a number of key election contests. Even nicer to hear were the conversations between key players regarding getting the people and money together to win in November. If any hard feelings remain from the primaries, no one here, with very few exceptions, seems to be holding a grudge.

Wednesday night is Palin night and folks here are JACKED UP to hear her speak.  Get to your television sets and don’t miss it!


  1. Bruce Ash,
    What do you have to say about your friend, Jeff Vath at politico mafioso continuing to throw false racist charges against our Republican nominees in District 6? Could you and your friend give the dems. a little more ammo?

  2. The site with all the John McCain automatic feeds? Yeah, that looks real good. Real nice home for our Presidential nominee. Coming right out the P. M. “I hate our Republican legislative nominees” site. A real positive reflection on our National Committeeman too.

    It was these lies that incited the defacing of Seel and Crump signs. Somebody is going to pay for their crimes there. One (or more) less “crazy people” on the streets to hurt Republicans is a good thing. Let’s hope that Sherriff’s investigation is proceeding swiftly. Does a sleeping bag come with that tent?

  3. The AZ delegation did a good job of getting on camera. We watched ya’ll behind Newt and the guys at Fox, and shaking hands as the big wigs walked by.

    Go AZ!

  4. Who are these loser idiots who keep posting about the Bouie-Seel race? Seel won. Get over it.

  5. Seel won which is a great thing! Bruce Ash is right at home blogging from the “I hate Republican nominees” site. That site is continuing to take shots at our nominees. Just wondering what our National Committeeman is doing blogging from a site that continues to try to incite hate for our nominees. Anybody know?

    Nice try at the spin Annie. It’s about as logical as seeing McCain on the “I hate our Republican nominees” site.

  6. Nice try Barry R. The truth hurts. Wait until you see what is going to happen next.

  7. Your phony and inciteful racist charges backfired helping cause your candidate’s loss. That they continue even after the primary shows your preference for dem. winners in the general.

    That Party leaders have a home with the phony racist charges guy is especially disappointing and reflects poorly on the Party.

    Fortunately, nobody comments at your site. I wouldn’t have commented “on” your site had it not been for the disappointment in seeing the Arizona National Committeeman providing articles at the phony racist charges site. Everybody knows the nominees better than to consider your “articles” the truth.

    I’m done on this topic. Won’t be checking back.

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