SA Live Blogging from the RNC Convention – Day 1

Monday is officially in the books and we can report that, well, not much actually happened!  At least on the convention floor.  But that didn’t keep the Arizona delegation from getting a lot of face time during the session.  Our own Secretary of State Jan Brewer was named Deputy Permanent Co-Chair, drawing major applause from the AZ Delegation.  Something that is fun at these events is the applause that emanates from each state’s delegation when one of their members is mentioned, even in passing, from the podium.  You get the impression that the speaker could begin a sentence with “We have a child who has separated from her parents” and the room would go completely silent in concern.  Then the speaker would say, “her parents are Joe and Betty Drake from Ohio!” and the Ohio delegation would burst into loud applause, whistles and cheers!  Sure, its juvenile, but its fun all the same.  And the Arizona delegation had plenty of opportunities to burst into applause today.

The highlight of the day was the joint appearance by our First Lady Laura Bush and our next First Lady Cindy McCain.  Their focus was on the plight of those affected by Hurricane Gustav and the convention attendees and audiences were directed to contribute to the cause at  Both ladies were elegant, well-spoken, and very well received.

Another observation by several of the delegates was that the Sarah Palin choice is proving to be VERY popular with the crowd here.  When speakers would say that “we are going to elect John McCain the next President of the United States!” the applause was very solid.  But when they would follow that up with “and we are going to elect Sarah Palin the next Vice-President of the United States!” the applause was noticeably louder.  The base of the party, at least as represented here in St. Paul, loves this VP nominee pick by John McCain.

Funny observation of the day is that when you look around the top of the arena and see where all of the media organizations have their suites, Al Jazeera is here!  And there is only one network “to the left of Al Jazeera”.  NBC News!  We think it is “The Keith Olberman Effect.”

Speaking of the arena, we’ll leave you with a shot of the beautiful arena before moving on to the evening’s festivities.

Everyone wants to thank Medtronics for putting on a very swanky event at their HQ.  A Martini wall and an Ice Bar were the highlights.  Very cool, in every sense of the word!

Good night from St. Paul!  Tomorrow we will be blogging live from the hall itself!


  1. Cindy looked stunning at the RNC! John McCain and Sarah Palin have my vote as does Laura Knaperek. She is the only candidate in CD5 that has earned our trust by years of dedicated service to the people of her district, community, state and country. She raised 6 children in the district while serving on the PTA, than the Kyrene School Board and than the State House. She has stood up for Joe Citizen and will continue to do so in Congress.

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