Ruth McClung Endorses Ron Carmichael for Arizona Republican Party Chairman

TUCSON, AZ:  2010 Republican Congressional nominee Ruth McClung endorsed Ron Carmichael as the next Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  McClung cited Ron Carmichael’s plan to provide strong support to Republican candidates across the state.

“Looking forward to 2012, our Party will face a momentous election.  Although I believe Marty Hermanson is a great candidate, I endorse Ron Carmichael for State Chairman,” McClung said.  “Ron has decades of experience but is also willing to listen to new ideas. I found it refreshing to hear that he plans to organize help at the statewide level for candidates who have won their primaries. I am particularly aware of the importance of this help because it was a critical element that was lacking in my campaign against Raul Grijalva. I believe he will be a unifying force within the party and will help us complete the work begun in 2010.”

Ron Carmichael has been a resident of Arizona since 1964, and has served as a district chairman, precinct committeeman, state committeeman, campaign advisor, and chairman for numerous candidates.  Ron was also a Young Republican State Chairman and Chairman of the Young Republican National Convention Committee.


  1. Steve Calabrese says

    Very exciting news. People like Ruth are the future of the party, and she has had a crash course in the pitfalls of Congressional campaigning.

    Ruth should have won. The State Party failed to send observers to her polls, even as it was becoming clear there was massive vote fraud going on in that district. She most likely wants to have another go at Raul and doesn’t want to be redlined into irrelevancy by a corrupt redistricting process.

  2. Misinformed says

    Umm, there were at least several dozen election observers in her district on election day. Yuma alone had 20-30 poll watchers. Steve needs to get his facts right.

    What would have help Ruth is if Kyl and McCain had worked with the state party on GOTV efforts instead of setting-up their own GOTV organization. Much time and effort was dublicated and wasted because McCain and Kyl didn’t want to cooperate with the state party.

  3. Cactus Jack says

    Misinformed, your posting name says it all. The State Party actually made the decision not to work with members of the delegation, not the other way around. Republicans won’t have the luxury of a great electoral environment in 2012 so we must not repeat this mistake for yet another cycle.

  4. Actually, Cactus, the delegation refused to work with the state party. The delegation wanted to essentially take over the state party and use it as their financial conduit – not work with it. When the party resisted this action which was both illegal and a violation of the state party by-laws, the Senators took their marbles to Yuma because they couldn’t succeed in forcing the state party to break the law and its rules.

  5. Randy Pullen tried to extort Ruth out of all the money she raised in October, and when she refused to give them any more money, they only sent lawyers down for Jesse Kelly. There was not a single lawyer in Pima or Yuma to help oversee the ballot counting for CD7. No wonder Ruth wants a better state party — we should have had a Republican in CD7!

  6. Cactus Jack says

    The delegation did, in fact, offer to make unprecedented accommodations for the sake of our Republican nominees. When it became clear that the State Party that simply could not bring itself around to fulfill basic responsibilities to our candidates, other groups did step-up – just like they did in 2008. Regardless of the past, the Party cannot afford to continue alienating its own membership as it far too often has done.

  7. Hunter is on the money here. Just a simple point of fact.

  8. Ruth MCClung just burned the support of grassroots conservatives who have proven to make up the majority of Arizona Republicans.

    Pull this out when it comes time to find a conservative CD-7 candidate:

  9. LD 12 PC-Considering the vote turnout on the race you cite, I’d say the folks like you are out of touch with the real majority Republican voter of Arizona.

  10. What a list! Thanks #8.

    Thinking that those associated with the McCain Kyl camp are going to paint with the broad brush of fairness for all is being naive.

  11. RINO Hunter says

    Ruth McClung is a RINO!!! The McClung/McKyl/Zionist cabal is orchestrating a RINO overthrow of the best state party that ever existed! Randy Pullen and Rob Haney are the only conservatives in America. Everyone else, including me, are RINO’s unworthy of their affection. Hold me.

  12. #11 What part of super-majority in AZ House and Senate do you not understand?

  13. Ruth has lost all credibility with me. Wish I’d saved the donation I sent to her. Next time, I’ll know better. We Tea Party folks want conservatives. We have enough RINOs, Ruth.

  14. I tend to think the last people that should be suggesting who the chairman should be are…candidates for public office. C’mon you PC’s, we already don’t trust the elected officials, right? How did they get those jobs, anyway? So why on earth do we want to trust those next in line?

    And if that’s not cynical enough, a corollary says it matters not one bit who the party leader is. People run for office on their own merit, with their own friends, and their own platform of beliefs. Guess what, you already knew that. What you PC’s already know about getting elected as a PC is all you need to know about getting elected to public office. A handful of signatures and show up at some meetings. Oh my, it’s just such an opportunity for goofballs.

    Real conservatives should be spending about 1% of their time on politics.

  15. #8 — Anyone who thinks JD Hayworth is conservative is a blind numbskull. How conservative is a trillion dollar medicare entitlement bailout? You guys are crazy. You had a real chance to get rid of McCain and you were duped like suckers by a phony like JD Hayworth. Next time, try putting up someone with INTEGRITY so he won’t get slaughtered next time!

  16. Bobthe Builder says

    Whomever backs complete deregulation of fireworks is the true conservative Party Chairman!

  17. Sam Gerard says

    #15 Well you CERTAINLY are a daydreamer, or just plain delusional! You resort to name calling when you have none of the ‘facts’.

    Either you are smoking too much skunkweed for comparing the Medicare Part D, market based approach, with anything the left have supported; or you are simply lying to us. I believe the latter. IF you call JD a phony then I’m SURE you are! If you are a McCainiac in drag, you must be a Deakinasty nutjob!

  18. Bobthe Destroyer says

    #15 – spot on. I was one of the founders of the AZ Tea Party and as soon as I saw Tea Partiers supporting JD Hayworth, I parted ways. The AZ Tea Partiers completely lack judgment or even understanding of what conservatism is. That man (JD) is the furthest thing from a conservative I’ve ever seen …

  19. I won’t be sending Ruth any more donations if she runs again.

  20. Oh Lord! The use of RINO is OVER USED!! Reading through this is unbelievable, I’m beginning to think ALL of you are nutjobs!! Get it together Republicans…

  21. Tucson Conservative says

    I am impressed Ruth McClung had the guts to take a stand knowing she would piss some people off!!!! Go Ruth!

    Lets give Ron Carmichael a chance! If he doesn’t do what we need to win in 2012 then I hope there is someone else out there we can elect in his place…united we win divided we fall!

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