Russell Pearce Statement on today’s tragic events in Gilbert

Our prayers and thoughts are with the surviving family members and friends of the victims of today’s horrific and evil act. There are no words to adequately express the sadness we share, as a community, with those affected.

I spent much of my day resisting efforts by those in the media to get me to make a statement. Today’s events have nothing to do with me and no connection to me. Yet TV news crews started coming to my home seeking comments and my telephone rang nonstop with calls from those who were desperate to score the ugliest of political points off of this tragedy. Now my name is being mentioned in coverage and I have no choice but to respond.

Regarding whether I knew JT Ready, I did, as did many of us who have been involved in Mesa politics for a long time. When we first met JT he was fresh out of the Marine Corp and seemed like a decent person. He worked as a telephone fundraiser for Christian and pro-life groups, he dated the daughter of one of our District 18 members, and his attitudes and spoken opinions were good and decent. At some point in time darkness took his life over, his heart changed, and he began to associate with the more despicable groups in society. They were intolerant and hateful and like so many who knew him from before, I was upset and disappointed at the choices he was making. I worked with others to have him removed from his local position within our Republican Party because there has never been and will never be any room in our Party or our lives for those preaching hatred. He was angry with me and stayed angry with me, and it has been several years since I have had reason to speak with JT.

In the past several years the local media has worked hard to try to tie me to the JT Ready that preached hate, and that is nothing more than a lie. When I learned the truth about him, I made it clear how wrong I thought it was and I worked to remove him from our Party. Yet the lie is told and retold over and over again. It is the ugliest form of politics. The most radical groups I have ever belonged to are the Boy Scouts of America and the Fraternal Order of Police, and in my 65 years in Mesa, as a law enforcement deputy, as a judge and as the head of state agencies, I have never been accused of mistreating anyone or of unfair conduct toward anyone I have associated with, hired or supervised.

Finally, while I am frequently critical of the job the mainstream media does in pursuing a political agenda instead of the truth, today’s behavior is the most reprehensible that I have ever witnessed. On the very day that these unspeakable crimes take place, editors and producers all over town are making a concerted effort to make the story about a politician whose conservative politics they disagree with.

Today, the Devil won and claimed the soul of one young man and the lives of others, including the most innocent of all, a child. Our thoughts and prayers are with the four beautiful souls that are now in God’s hands. We pray that He accepts them into his kingdom and that he grants comfort and solace to the friends and surviving family.


  1. “When I learned the truth about him, I made it clear how wrong I thought it was and I worked to remove him from our Party.”

    That’s why members of the GOP, including (and to his credit) J.D. Hayworth, had to publicly shame Russell Pearce into severing ties with JT Ready. And it’d be real interesting if Russell would acknowledge who initially forwarded him the e-mail from the white supremacist National Alliance that he thought was so important to send to his constituents. Was it JT Ready? Will Russell ever tell us who sent it to him, if not JT Ready?

  2. North Valley Patriot says

    Klute, you are a liar. I was at the GOP meetings, first at the LD meeting where Pearce and others worked to get Ready ousted as a PC, then at the County meeting (or state, I forget which it was). Put down the ax you grind for once and try to be decent on a day as horrific as this one has been.

    • “Klute, you are a liar.”

      Did J.D. Hayworth withdraw his endorsement of Russell Pearce in 2006 or not? Did Flake, Shaddegg, and Franks send a letter to Tom Hubbard to remove Ready as an LD18 precinct committeeman before Pearce publicly and officially denounced JT Ready? Did not the Anti-Defamation League identify JT Ready as a Neo-Nazi in testimony before the legislature months before Pearce and Ready were chummy at the nativist rally at the Capitol?

      Your lack of awarness of the facts does not make me a liar.

      “Put down the ax you grind for once and try to be decent on a day as horrific as this one has been.”

      Spare me your mewling and puking claims of decency. What happened today might not have happened if JT Ready had remained a white trash nobody, instead of some schizoid monster thanks to Pearce trying to groom another crony for power (only to have to cut him loose when his racism became a little too overt).

  3. Brother Lester says

    Mr. Pearce did not dissociate himself from JT Ready until long after Ready had been outed by the Anti-Defamation League as a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.

    Pearce claims that Ready “heart changed.” This is bullshit. Mr. Pearce is lying again. As he’s lied to us so many times before. Ready was associated with Neo-Nazi groups for years before Pearce was forced to cut his ties. What changed was not Mr. Ready’s heart. All that changed was public awareness of who JT Ready really was. Thanks to the Anti-Defamation League and the Phoenix New Times.

    Klute is probably right on the money. If the email from the National Alliance, which Pearce forwarded on to his friends, did not originate from JT Ready, who sent it? Why doesn’t Mr. Pearce just tell us this? Of course, it’s easier to just blame the news media. It’s all just a story the New Times made up.

    Pearce is a liar and a racist. He’s tied to JT Ready because he earned that right. The news media has every right to ask why the most powerful politician in the state of Arizona was associating with a Neo-Nazi. Pearce’s attempts to lie his way out of one are pathetic.

  4. Tyler Montague says

    I think it is highly inappropriate and insensitive to try and exploit Pearce’s years-ago-severed relationship with this crazy guy upon the occasion of a tragedy like this. That would be like what the gun control nuts do when they joyfully exploit a shooting to try and promote their latest restriction proposals.

    • Sgt. Flapjaw says

      Tyler, I have had many problems with you and could never be an ally. I do however commend you for calling out these rancid beasts that just have to put hate out there no matter what has happened to a family. I don’t believe Klute or Lester have a soul, and cannot be any better of character than Randy Ready.

    • Chad Snow says

      I agree with Tyler. It’s what groups like Ban Amnesty Now do every time an illegal alien commits a heinous crime. The victims deserve better than to try and politicize a tragedy. I dislike Pearce’s politics more than anyone, but don’t see what he had to do with this senseless crime and don’t think he should be held to account for Ready’s actions – especially the night of the murders.

      • Back again Snowbilly? Tyler never mentioned what you’re puking as a comparible parallel – this is your twist. Don’t come to this site with your “reasonability” – it doesn’t sell, nor Montague’s either. You pledged on 1/1/12 that you would NEVER come back here. I see that pledge, like your qualifications as an American, aren’t worth the bytes they take up. Scram!

        • Adrian Cruz says

          zoo, you’re a pussy who makes up a name and can’t spell. Do you have an opinion or an argument or something to add to the conversation here? Or do you just come on to insult others and act tough? Talk about wasting bytes.

      • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

        That’s a good point, Chad. Just ask Julie Erfle if it’s classy to try and exploit tragedy for political purposes. That’s what Pearce and others did to her when her police officer husband died at the hands of an illegal alien. She was repulsed.

  5. SonoranSam says

    But you guys have nothing to say about forcing taxpayers to make a $650,000 donation to Russell Pearce’s next campaign?


    • The filth twins (Hook & Lake) at the illegal-sucking FOX 10 KSAZ kicked of their 9 p.m. newscast last night with Lake referring to Ready as “…at the center of Arizona’s immigration battle…”, nothing but pure yellow journalism to try to associate Ready with Pearce. J.T. Ready was at the center of illegal immigration in Arizona? Since the **** when? These $2 broadcast whores are no better than the wipe residue that piles in here hoping to leave their smear marks in permanent fashion. Cyber slut Klute reaches into her rear end and drags out the old Pearce email issue which was explained away years ago, but we’ll cover it once again:

      For years Russell Pearce has received thousands of emails every month, from all over the country. There is truly nothing about illegal immigration that could enlighten Pearce in an email. It was reported by the media that the email in question that was forwarded by Pearce was quite lengthy, and that the “white supremacist” remarks contained in the email were all near the end of the message. Pearce simply scanned the first few paragraphs and forwarded the email on, which is quite believable for someone who wrote the book on illegal immigration.

      Who would believe that Russell Pearce would knowingly spread such data, ruin his reputation, and be labled for life? The pro-illegal anti-Pearce vermin in the media, particularly the scum magnet New Times, refuses to let it die. So let’s just ignore the street refuse that ill winds carry here; they are desperate, sub-human flag bearers.

      • Oberserve says

        I still have the actual email Russell Pearce forwarded. I was on Pearce’s email list, received it, and still have it.

        So, nice try. I believe the source was stormfront dot org. How could Pearce NOT know? Especially in light of the fact his own son has a body size tatoo of the Third Reich eagle?

        Hmm…. answer me THAT.

        • All of you liberal puke’s job is to tear down conservatives, whether they be Pearce, Brewer, or John Doe, so why would you want to admit anything? I explained what happened in a manner that even someone with your intelligence level could understand. Pearce deliberately forwarded the email because YOU said so? Give yourself a “nice try” and slump on back to the festering hemorrhoid motel at the ‘Bastard or “stormfront” where you belong. This is a CONSERVATIVE site and a CONSERVATIVE blog.

          • Lampoon says

            Funny how you only want one point of view on a site that supposedly celebrates liberty and freedom.

            Zoo, you don’t want freedom, you just want the freedom you agree with.

          • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

            Pearce isn’t a conservative, he is a right-wing populist. Please don’t insult serious conservatives by associating us with Pearce. Brewer isn’t even that…she is Chuck Coughlin’s puppet.

          • Tiny Elvis says

            Sorry zoo, you make CONSERVATIVE look CRAZY

    • Sonoran Sam: First, it wouldn’t be “a $650,000 donation tro Russell Pearce’s next campaign.” Where do you and your hateful buddies come up with this garbage? IF Pearce received any money it wouldn’t be more than $262,000. Second, Pearce has not made any attempt to request the state reimburse his campaign for the recall expenses. Third, it’s in the Constitution that an elected official “shall” be reimbursed for “reasonable” costs. Apparently, Pearce haters don’t believe in the Constitution.

      • Reimbursed for what? He collected more from out of state donors than he spent on the campaign. What is reasonable about cutting him a check for expenses when he had none? If they would pass a law to reimburse a candidate for expenses in excess of what they brought in through donations, I would be okay with that. But this stinks.

        On a semi-related note, we have term limits that max out his time in the Senate at 8 consecutive years. At $24,000 a year, that is $192,000 that Pearce would make in salary if he served his full 4 two-year terms. And yet he spent $250,000 to stay in office? Does that strike anyone else as wrong? (this comment isn’t so much about Pearce as it is about our campaign finance system in general)

  6. Tyler,

    I guess then we’ll never hear another word about Bill Ayers and Barack Obama again the, right?. I mean you’re all so sensitive about past associations. Hey what was tattoo’d on Russell’s sons chest?

    But no, we must never ask questions about Russell’s associations. We must never do that.

    • Tiny Elvis says

      We should hold ourselves to a higher standard. Okay, now that I’ve got my disclaimer out of the way, if the situation were reversed, and this was an association Lewis or Worsley or Crandall (if he stayed in the race) had, this site would be nuclear. Further, let’s say an illegal mexican committed this atrocity. This site, along with BAN Amnesty Now, would be livid.

      I was just checking in on the crazies over at BAN Amnesty Now FB page a few minutes ago. They’ve got a post up about an illegal who raped a young woman in another state, but strangely nothing about the JT Ready massacre…strange….I guess it’s only a travesty when illegal brown people commit crimes.

      • I am just waiting on someone on here to bash Obama for his pastor again. If they are going to judge a person for the company they keep, it better go both ways.

        • Tiny Elvis says

          If Jeremiah Wright had just shot 4 people, you better believe we would

          • Most folks on this board do not have such a high threshold for trashing the President as you do. Inflammatory statements made by a third party are good enough for them. No murder necessary.

            • I am just hoping the remember this the next time they reach for their own “guilt by association” card to play.

  7. Sgt. Flappy,

    The fact that you think pointing out previous objections to Russell Pearce from conservatives and pointing out how Pearce is engaging in disingenuous damage control is equal to mass murder and Nazism…

    Well that just shows how entrenched you are on Planet Crackpot.

  8. I agree with Tyler Montague. I don’t like Pearce’s politics (at all), but trying to put this tragedy on him is wrong.

  9. Pearce is not to blame for the tragedy, of course. Revealing company he once kept, tho.

    As for the statement above? A polite word is hard to come by.

  10. Lampoon says

    Another load of bilge from Russell Pearce, they were good friends, Pearce sponsored JT as a Bishop. Pearce lost the ability to tell the truth, we have his pal JT, his candidate Olivia Cortes, the Fiesta Bowl, the true story of his firing for making licenses, his neo nazi son, his wife abuse charges.

    As for JT…another pile of worthless crap is gone, a baby shooting coward.

    The voters know that Pearce and JT were friends, no amount of sputtering by Pearce will change that.

    Oh, and bonus….no $260,000 for the corrupt EX Senator.


    • Oberserve says

      Sorry, I dont believe JT did it. What do you think he was doing out in the desert? It wasn’t stopping illegal border crossers, it was stealing their drxgs. The chickens always eventually come home to roost. They didn’t get him because his a white supremacist. They got him because he took their shi*.

  11. Robert "JT" Woodman says

    What we really need is Espresso Pundit Greg Patterson to explain to us all, in about 8000 words, that there is really absolutely NOTHING wrong with the former de-facto governor of Arizona hanging around with a baby-murdering white supremacist Neo-Nazi. Nothing whatsover. The REAL problem is that the Arizona Republic is not reporting the story correctly. And that’s why no one reads them anymore.

    Then Patterson could join Russell Pearce in calling for a buycott of the Phoenix New Times in protest of their coverage. Or is that a boycult? A bycutt? You know, whatever those things are called. Trouble is, Patterson is now on the Board of Regents, overseeing the state’s university sytsem, buycotts and boycults notwithstanding. But his blog is shut down. Faced with a potential public humiliation in having his appointment rejected by a Republican state senate, Patterson had to shut in down. It must have been very, very interesting for Patterson,seeing Jerry Lewis sitting on the state senate committee weighing his nomination. Did the box of old clothes that Lews “stole” come up? How about the term “Judas Goat?” Oh, no, that was Sonoran Alliance that threw that one out there, not Patterson. Did anyone say the name Olivia Cortes?

    Pearce can lie all he wants about his relationship with JT Ready. The photos and the videotape don’t lie. He’ll lose the primary by 20 points or more. He’s toast.

    The real story, that someone ought to be looking at, is how the hell JT Ready got ahold of gredades, and what was he planning on doing with them? Right wing domestic terrorism, coming from former member of the military? Oh, yeah, that’s a whole other story, isn;t it?

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