Russell Pearce responds

The Pearce campaign has released the following statement regarding recent events.

Statement of Rep. Russell Pearce
August 22, 2008

“I fully agree with the letter that Congressmen Franks, Shadegg and Flake sent to the Maricopa County Republican Party this week.

We have no room for hate speech or hate groups. We must enforce our laws with compassion, but without apology. “Illegal” has no race or nationality. I refuse to apologize for standing up for America and the Citizens of this Nation who have a Constitutional right to expect our laws to be enforced.

In my 61 years in this community and as a law enforcement officer, a Judge, as a father, grandfather, neighbor, scout master, little league coach, pop warner coach, I have never been accused of such asinine things. The most radical groups I have ever been associated with are the Boy Scouts of America and the Fraternal Order of Police, and I confess I still associate with both of them.

So it goes without saying that I completely disavow Mr. Ready and the groups he associates with.

Finally, the chronology of events as outlined by Nathan Sproul in a recent press release is, as all other material from Mr. Sproul, a distortion of the truth and flatly inaccurate. I refuse to further comment on any material distributed by Mr. Sproul or his committee because to do so only lends an aroma of credibility to a man and an organization who is making his living in the gutters of American politics.

Nathan Sproul is a target of a federal voter fraud investigation and has demonstrated to be as credible on politics as Mr. Ready has been on race.”

-Russell Pearce


  1. About time.

  2. Shouldn’t have had to do it. He distanced himself when the allegations came out and said then he did not agree with Ready or his beliefs. Sproul and his cronies choose to ignore that fact.

  3. Sorry Rep. Pearce, you’re a day late and a dollar short.

    It shouldn’t take 3 Members of the United States Congress and a virtual civil war in the State GOP for Pearce to make a public statement against Ready. Pearce should have moved away from this guy in 2007 when he took the stage at the State Capitol and started calling our delegation traitors.

    Pearce and Arpaio (Arpaio spoke at a United for a Sovereign America meeting) have quietly behind the scenes courted this group of hate spilling racists for their own personal gain and at the expense of the Arizona Republican Party’s future. Every time a J.T. Ready or Rusty Childress comes out and does their thing the rest of us look like a bunch of good ole boys.

    I don’t know if it’s out of personal vendetta or just an attempt to get Gibbons in office, but I thank God Representatives Flake, Shadegg and Franks have decided to take out the dirty laundry – now it’s time to clean it up.


  4. Alex P- I’m usually with you but on the Pearce connection it’s important to note that Russell did come out against Ready. These three coming out are an indirect way to try and link Pearce and Ready and it has little to do with their desire to clean things up. If that is what they’re trying to do, why not do it months ago when we all read about this going on? Are they that out of touch with what’s going on in their own state (I already know the answer to that when it comes to Flake).

  5. Russell Pearce has been saying what was in his written statement for months. I have personally heard him say these things (not including the Sproul parts) as far back as late January. I have even received emails from him with these same sentiments. Some people either didn’t listen to him or pretended not to.

    Also keep in mind that Russell Pearce actually did something to keep JT Ready from being elected as a PC again. Did Jeff Flake get down into the grassroots and personally tell JT Ready not to run for PC?

    JT Ready is already on his way out of an official position in the Republican Party thanks to Russell Pearce. If we had waited for the Congressmen to handle this, Ready would be on the verge of reelection and we would have a real mess on our hands. It is the Congressmen who are a day late and a peso (oops, I mean dollar) short. It’s obvious to everyone that this was timed to hurt Pearce in his race against Gibbons and was done for no other reason. If the Congressmen had really cared about this, they would have talked to Tom Husband about this months ago without writing their dramatic letter.

  6. Mr. Pearce,
    You are too late.

  7. Mr. Pearce,
    How phony to come out with this statement (written by Chuch Coughlin) the same day Tom Husband’s hit piece against Gibbons was delivered to District 18 mailboxes.

  8. Lewd Ann,

    Thank you for pointing out this as written by someone other than Mr. Pearce. I have emails from Mr. Pearce – they are never this polished – looks like the work of a ghost writter to me.

  9. Russell Pearce is a disgrace. The damage he has inflicted on the Republican Party will take years to heal. He needs to just go away.

  10. Leroy from CG says

    I know that Gibbons has hundreds of thousands of dollars and his report leaves room for communications, I wonder how many of you Pearce haters are being paid to work the blogs and put this type of drivel out.

    You either have never met Russell Pearce or you are a paid attack dog. Either way, the whole sham by the congressmen is ridiculous.

  11. Someone please scan the latest mailer and email it to

  12. Rep. Pearce, You are standing tall in the face of attack once again. You are a TRUE American Patriot. 75% of Arizona voters back you up every chance we have to vote on one of your proposals. Congress sold out the American grassroots voters long ago. You never forget us. Looking forward to another HUGE Russell Pearce victory again on Sept. 2nd.

  13. Hey, LSG guys…when Pearce wins the primary and the dems use your filth against him in the general…well, thanks a bundle. Randy Graf really appreciated your backstabbing two years ago too, in case he didn’t get a chance to tell you.

  14. Hunter,

    Please share those quotes with us and what Pearce said in the emails he has sent you. Did he forward you the neo-Nazi email he sent to 200 people also? My guess is he did.

    Come clean Hunter and at least post the quote.

    Pearce has said many things about Ready, here are just a few:

    1) At the Gibbons Debate-he said he did not know him and it was “only a picture” (but there were several pics and video showing them chumming, working the crowd and Pearce applauding Ready’s insane Military ideas and bad mouthing Kile,Flake and McCain)

    2) At the Arpaio Roast on 12/01/07 he said ” I dont think JT’s a bad guy-he just associates with the wrong groups.”

    3) Pearce endorsed Ready in 2006 when he ran for City Counsel.
    Ready was a white supremacist way before 2006.

    Ready was exposed as a neo-Nazi by the press and ADL at a State Legislative hearing 3 months before he was seen chumming with the guy.

    Why are you afraid to face the facts?
    You all have no defense against the truth about Pearce and Ready.

    And Allen-Pearce is barely scrapping 54% 2 weeks ago before all this resurfaced so stop with the fantasy already.

    Pearce’s policies are the main reason Az’s State sales tax has dropped 7% since January. How many people are helped when that happens?

  15. Leroy from CG Says:
    August 22nd, 2008 at 8:42 pm
    “I know that Gibbons has hundreds of thousands of dollars and his report leaves room for communications, I wonder how many of you Pearce haters are being paid to work the blogs and put this type of drivel out.”

    Paying Posters is a republican scam. I would never sink that low.
    That is what hate groups like FAIR do and Arpaio does.
    Since when has a republican ever cared about that? Thats such a cry-baby remark that I pity you for posting it. Pearce is using MY MONEY. I’d rather he find some rich republicans to back him. (good luck with that)

    No one cares about the money backing Gibbons. Its not even news worthy.

    “You either have never met Russell Pearce or you are a paid attack dog.”

    You are dead wrong on both accounts. No body is paying me anything and my Pearce Videos are getting 5 times the veiws Sprouls are. You really are delusional at this point in your failures
    to cover this up anymore. And I keep telling you Ready is not the only charector in Pearces close-nit circle that has neo-Nazi ties.

  16. Hunter,
    You are the gift that keeps giving.

    FACT: Husband knew about Ready and should have handled it.
    Read Flakes letter to Husband.

    Here is the link:

    Now he makes a complete contradiction to his February comments on Ready. Flake asks him why and gives him news links to show him why.

    Also, until you can show me some early quotes from Pearce (2007)? I’m going to have to believe he flip/flopped because I keep hearing him say something different everytime he addresses it. He knew it all along. He agrees with Ready. He cheered him at the State Capitol.

    Pearce did nothing about Ready. And he knew who he was.

    Trust me. If I was speaking that day, Pearce wouldn’t have cheered me like he did Ready. Pearce is not the great American you think he is.

  17. I am qouting this from the Az Republiv:

    “Ready ran for the Mesa City Council, winning an endorsement from Pearce.

    During that campaign, in which he openly sought support from the Hells Angels, Ready was found to have made several inaccurate statements in his biographical material.”


    You all still beleive Pearce when he says” The most radical groups I have ever been associated with are the Boy Scouts of America and the Fraternal Order of Police, and I confess I still associate with both of them.”

    I dont. Neither does the majority of voters. If you vote for him he will bring even more shame to your party. Time for the local GOP to stop blaming and start owning up.

  18. The kind of hateful language which has become the rallying cry of Pearce and those leading the MCRC where they demonize illegals has been used before. It was once used in Missouri by Lilburn Boggs when he issued his extermination order to get rid of the Mormons.
    “open and avowed defiance of the laws, and of having made war upon the people of this State … the Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State if necessary for the public peace—their outrages are beyond all description.” Lilbury Boggs Missouri Executive Order 44.
    How soon they forget.

  19. I just want J.T Ready gone. period. We don’t need racists to win elections!

  20. Leroy, I just checked the Gibbons campaign finance reports and he doesn’t have ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ as you claim. Please avoid the Koolaid statistics.
    Maximus, thanks for reminding us about Missouri’s Mormon Extermination Order. The LDS are embarrassed of Russell ‘Boggs’ Pearce.

  21. For those of you who are graced with Mr. Pearce’s emails, you would do a double take to read this polished email. I doubt Russell Pearce even knows what half of those words even meant, because he didn’t write it. He would fail a grammar course if he were in a 6th grade english class.

    Russell Pearce- own up to the truth. When you solicit your $5 contributions in open letters to the White Knights of America, do you honestly think that that group is less controversial than the Boy Scouts? If so, your scouts are in trouble!

  22. I think we have all figured out that Pearce is a bully and that GOP lemmings are following him over the cliff

  23. The kind of hateful language which has become the rallying cry of Pearce and those leading the MCRC where they demonize illegals has been used before. It was once used in Missouri by Lilburn Boggs when he issued his extermination order to get rid of the Mormons.
    “open and avowed defiance of the laws, and of having made war upon the people of this State … the Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State if necessary for the public peace—their outrages are beyond all description.” Lilbury Boggs Missouri Executive Order 44.
    How soon they forget.

    I hope that u aren’t lumping all the Mormon’s and this looney tune Pearce together.

    I will never vote for him. He is single handedly ruining the party.

  24. mr j,

    In my view, Pearce does not represent the Mormon community. I also have great respect for your church and the values it teaches. I am always amazed by the Mormons I meet. The ones I work with are honest as well as the real leaders and problem solvers at the work place. When I think of Mormons, I think of people with integrity.

  25. Latter-Day Ain't says

    The Untold Story: Pearce may not represent the LDS community but he propheses to be one of the Lord’s annointed. Pearce is a huge embarrassment to the LDS Church. He has done irreparable damage to the Church’s good image in Arizona.

    Sadly, this unfortunate truth will never make it into the main stream media.

  26. I’m just amazed at the amount of hate there is out there.

    You sit there and hide behind fake names afraid of what people would say if they knew who you were.

    So you hid like cowards afraid to be discovered. So who should we be more afraid of, what we already know or you the coward in hiding afraid to show you face.

    If your not man or woman enough to use your real name when posting then why should I or anybody for that matter give credence to what any of you have to say.

  27. I agree John.
    That is why I use my full real name. You can google me anytime if you dont beleive me. I also do not get paid or take any money for what I do.

  28. The patriots used pseudonyms in great works of political rhetoric to create public opinion and influence the colonies when they crafted the constitution and declaration of independence.
    Maybe if the morons that started this fight for the Az Republican party were more honorable and not the cheap shot artists that they are, then we would use our names.
    You dont want to know me in person my friend. I dont play.

  29. Dennis,

    This is from an email sent to me by Russell Pearce on 12/28/07 in response to an email I sent to Russell regarding a KFYI radio show hosted by Barry Markson (substituting for Barry Young).

    “He [Barry Markson] was way off base and he knows it. The picture from the Newtimes (by the way better fiction can be found in the fiction section of the library) of me with JT was the reporters attempt to get a picture with me with JT for his purpose and followed me around. I knew nothing of the Nazi issue until the story came out and was not aware of this sneaky attempt to portray me as a friend of these kind of groups. JT is a PC in District 18, no one including myself new of his association with hate groups like the neo Nazis and no one I know would be associated with that kind of group. Shame on him. The picture comes from an illegal alien rally put on at the capitol by USA and the Phoenixnews and was a positive rally in the pro law movement. JT showed up and hang around me and others. JD Hayworth was there, Ablert Rodriguez of “you don’t speak for me” a national organizations of Hispanics against illegal immigration and they also stood with me and the African American Republicans were represented there and by the leaders of both of these groups have endorsed me and have known me for years. The most radical group I have every associated with it the Boy Scouts of America and I still associate with them. Many other great Americans were there, no pictures of them by the slanderous Newtimes. They love to call names and hate all conservatives and especially those that believe America, Americans and the Rule of Law must come First.

    I have nothing to do with hate groups and condemn those that do. There is no room for hate. This is about what is right. Many of these people are good moral people, but have broken our laws and those that help them by offering them jobs or sanctuary are complicit and are also breaking the law.

    I will not be deterred by those that would intimidate me or others for standing for Constitutional principles, the Rule of Law for putting America First. That is part of their strategy, just like the racist term used by those to intimidate Americans from speaking out.

  30. Dennis,

    Tom Husband said he didn’t know that JT Ready is a member of a neo-Nazi group. He never said he was unaware that possessed anti-semitic, hateful, repulsive attitudes inconsistent with Republican Party principles.

    It is difficult to deal with elected officials having vile views of the world. After all, they are elected and it is difficult to remove someone from office because he holds views inconsistent with Republican principles.

    Again, I point out (as has Lyle Tuttle) that steps were taken to deal with JT Ready without “Congressional” intervention.

    Good people can argue about the severity of methods used to deal with JT Ready, but only dishonest people can say that nothing was done about him. The only people who handled this in a TIMELY manner were Maricopa County and LD18 Republican leaders.

    The Congressmen weighed in on this way too late.

    On September 3, 2008, JT Ready will no longer be a Republican PC thanks to leaders in LD18 such as Russell Pearce. If we had waited for the Congressmen, he would have been reelected and we would not be done with this unpleasant matter.

  31. Hunter,

    The info on JT Ready being a neo-Nazi was public before Pearce was cheering him at the Capitol in May have 2007. Also, the hateful, racist literature he was handing out was as white supremacist and evil as the neo-Nazi movement. Where do you think it came from? And guess what? The wording isn’t that different then some of Pearces bills that never passed.

    So saying Husband didn’t know he was a neo-Nazi (public info since Feb, 2007) But that he did know he was handing out anti-semitic lit and had a repulsive attitude inconsistent with the republican party is worse then saying ” I didn’t inhale” or “I did not have sexual relations with that women” It’s a lie-plain and simple. Shame on any republican that believes it.

    Do you really believe it in your heart Hunter? What is wrong with you?

    Again, your problem is Peace-not Ready. Why did Pearce just remove Buffalo Ricks name from his list of endorsers? Just last week he asked Rick’s group to canvass for him. Have you seen or heard Rick? The VFW,Post 9400 kicked them out last spring because of their involvement with neo-Nazis. That was also public info and covered in the press. But it never slowed Pearce down from keeping close ties with the group. (not until yesterday-that is) I, personally am responsable for seeing that it happened and received many a death threat because of it. When has that happened to you Hunter? Or Husband?

    Watch this video-Rick shows up about 2 1/2 minutes into it. He is repulsive and full of hate. I didn’t use the part where he tells a brown skinned women that we need to get some donkeys down here for a show. That was even too sickening to cover-but thats Pearce’s Buffalo. He is only one of many of Pearces current associates that make one wonder what Pearce is doing to the republican party.

    Think about what you are defending Hunter. And think about what a poor cover-up is going on.

  32. Hunter,
    Thanks for sharing the email. Now listen up!

    Pearce said at The Arpaio Roast: ” I dont think JT is a bad guy-I think his association with these groups is wrong.”

    But that is not what he told you in the email. As I have said before-he has flip/flopped on the Ready issue many times.

    Also, he claims to have known nothing about Ready? And Ready “just showed up” but Ready was a scheduled speaker at the event and was THE HIT OF THE EVENT! HE ROCKED THE PLACE AND EVERYONE LOVED HIM! Pearce reserved the Capitol lawn and was actively involved in the event. And Pearce did, in fact, chum with, work the crowd and mentor Ready. Pearce applauded a known neo-Nazi as did the rest of the anti-immigration crowd.

    By now you must know that it was public knowledge that Ready was exposed as a neo-Nazi in March of 07, 3 months before the event. (covered in the press and at Open State Leg. Hearing…Why didn’t Pearce do something then? Is he incompetent or guilty? Neither should be exceptable given his poor job of cover-up.

    In 2006, Pearce sent over 200 neo-Nazi emails to people, endorsed Ready to run as City Council while Ready was publicly seeking the endorsement of the Hells Angels..(As reported in the AZ Republic) . It kind of makes the whole boy-scout reference seem like the bull it is.

    Pearce hopes that you will all be so afraid of the “Illegal Alein invasion” that you will over-look this. But to do so only shows you are either racist or immature. Pearces anti-immigration policies have cost us a 7% sales tax loss. How does that help Arizona?

    Pearce wrote you that email before the entire video of Ready was released on YouTube. So now his email statement has holes in it even if the video were the only piece of evidence. But it’s not.

    Pearce has been busy (but not busy enough) pulling names off his endorsement list on his website. What does that tell you?

    If the republicans want to save their party, they will vote for Gibbons. If not, they will bring shame to Arizona nationally. PBS was here all last week. I spoke with them twice. We will certainly get National coverage if Pearce gets the nomination. We will have NY Times, CNN , Huffington Post, MSNBC and Lou Dobbs wont be able to save the day for Pearce or The GOP in Arizona. Pearce will be negative news and the way he has been defending himself lately he will certainly embarrass all of us.

    Also, find a more effective phrase then “Rule Of Law” It is the same phrase Hittler used for Gods sake.

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