Russell Pearce Responds to Bob Worsley Attack


(Mesa) – On Tuesday, Bob Worsley’s campaign attacked me and like-minded Arizonans for our efforts to draw attention to–and business away from–the Phoenix New Times and its corporate owner, The Village Voice. While hypocritically attacking me for some imagined “divisive rhetoric,”  Worsley’s campaign offered a strangely disconnected defense of the Phoenix New Times while asking voters to draw a connection between Congressman Raul Grijalva and me. Worsley’s rhetoric was obviously meant to be divisive, but he could not pick a more ill-fitting pair than Grijalva and me.

“What do Russell Pearce and Raul Grijalva have in common?”  asked his press release. The answer is nothing. I’m a proven conservative, Raul is a committed liberal. I have a 100% pro-life, pro-family, pro-Second Amendment voting record; Raul’s is the opposite. I helped to write and pass Arizona’s Jobs Bill and led the passage of the first truly balanced state budget in years, while Grijalva passed ObamaCare and voted for trillion dollar budget deficits. My actions led to job creation and economic growth, while Grijalva’s led to recession and depression. I wrote and passed SB1070 to enforce our nation’s immigration laws, while Grijalva opposed our efforts and wrote that the bill was bad for Arizona.

Come to think of it, so did Bob Worsley. You wouldn’t know that he wrote about it because he deleted part of his writings just after he announced for office, but the same Bob Worsley who wants to attack me for non-existent commonalities with Raul Grijalva wants voters to ignore (or better still, never find out) that he shares his illegal immigration ideology with Raul.

In his desperate attempt to try to connect me to Grijalva, Worsley jumped the shark and decided that attempts to change the business practices associated with the New Times and its owner were morally equivalent to Raul Grijalva calling for a boycott of the entire State of Arizona because he disagreed with SB1070 and enforcing the law.

It is worth revisiting the Phoenix New Times and The Village Voice to learn more about the people that Bob Worsley is defending.

According to media reports, The Village Voice and its family of newspapers account for 70% of all prostitution advertising in the United States. 48 State Attorney Generals and 19 U.S. Senators–Republicans and Democrats alike–have called on them to stop running sex ads which have been tied to child sex trafficking, and which collectively finance a national operation of hate campaigns against conservative individuals and organizations, elected officials and public servants, law enforcement and others. Investigations into these crimes have led to more than 50 arrests in 22 states. Millions of tainted dollars flow into the coffers of these publications and those paying the price are too often themselves victims of the most horrible crimes imaginable. Human trafficking and child and adult prostitution are horrific, and it is right and justifiable that decent people here in Arizona and across the country draw attention to these crimes and act to hold businesses that profit from them responsible.

While our effort to let advertisers know the truth about these publications is brand new, we have already been rewarded because the great people at Harkins Theaters and Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson have pulled their advertising. Bob Worsley accused me of threatening Harkins Theaters, but his accusations were wildly off the mark. The good folks at Harkins run a decent, family-oriented business, and they are much better off today knowing the truth about where their advertising dollars were going. And the people of Arizona will reward Harkins with even more business for being a responsible and family-friendly corporate citizen.

SB1070 was about enforcing laws to keep people safe. Liberals like Raul Grijalva and Bob Worsley opposed SB1070 and Grijalva went so far as to call for a boycott of his own state because he was mad that it was going to enforce the law.

Exposing the New Times and its corporate model is about exposing human exploitation, indecency, and alleged illegality. Bob Worsley, Sean Noble, and the rest of his political team oppose our efforts because they are desperate to attack me with a ludicrous comparison to Raul Grijalva. In so doing they take the side of an entity that profits off of some of the worst crimes imaginable.

I am disappointed in Bob and his campaign, both for the position they are taking, the negativity with which they are beginning this campaign, and the very same divisive rhetoric they would accuse me of.

I hope that Bob will change his mind and join those of us who are working to expose these practices. Decent Arizonans from all over this great state are rallying to the effort and we certainly have room for Bob, Sean and the rest of his team. We can and ought to be able to agree on the need to end the exploitation of children, and I hope that political ambition does not prevent Team Worsley from getting on the right side of this very important issue.

The citizens of our district deserve an honest and decent debate on the issues facing our state. I hope Mr. Worsley will drop his attacks and join me in that effort.



  1. Maybe Worsley gets his kicks from New Times ads. Anyone checked lately what else he’s eliminated from his web postings to hide his true beliefs?

  2. Oh Bob, I have joined Russsell’s boycott. Your unprincipled rant has convinced me to to help RP in his come back election, you have made me and many others realize anybody who runs against RP is supported by the Democrats.

  3. Will Bob now admit he made a mistake on this one too. First it is, now this. One more strike and your out. There will be no Democrats to help this time.

  4. Why is Pearce still doing a radio show while he is running for office?

    That is a no-no Russ.

    Worsley is gonna beat Russ harder than Lewis did.


  5. Nordine Crub says

    Russell honey, I know you’re still PO’d about the New Times coverage of your recall loss. But listen up…if you hadn’t tried to rig the race by getting Olivia to split the vote you probably would have won. You did it to yourself either the Spanish language signs that no one seems to know who paid for the printing. Had you won the race and you would still would be Senate President. And Bob probably wouldn’t be running but you tried to cheat to win.

    Don’t take your bad judgement out on Harkins Theaters and other Mesa businesses just because you got caught up in your own games.

    What was the final percentage you lost by? Cordially. Your friend Nordine

    • Nordine honey, are you Kirsten Enema’s mother? Is that why you support prostitution, child exploitation, and illegal aliens? Figures. Nauseated; your friend zoo.

      • With a face like that, how could it be anyone’s mother. Looks like Dave Johnson in a wig and mascara! Excuse me while I run to the toilet to hurl!

  6. TruConserv says

    When you need 10 paragraphs to respond to 5, and those 5 still make more sense than your 10, you (Russell) have lost the debate.

    Worsley point remains: Pearce has joined Grivala in demanding – as if he had the entitlement to demand anything from the voters who tossed him out – absolutely demanding that Arizonans bring economic harm to 133 good and decent businesses.

    Talk about your economic terrorists!

    Decent conservatives hate Grivala as much as they should now hate Pearce.

    Arizona first, not the Pearce syndicate.

    • Tiny Elvis says

      231 businesses now actually.

      Russell and BAN have now called for boycotts (glad to see they are using the right word now) for the Mesa Arts Center, Oregano’s, AZ Dept. of Health and Human Services, Wiener Mania 2012 and even the City of Palm Springs.

      Who the heck is advising Pearce? BTW, I read on another blog the other day that something like 20 or 30 businesses are actually in Mesa. Smart GOTV strategy Russell.

      If you’re having to defend your boycott and explain how it is different than Grijalva’s, you’re losing.

      Good for Worsley for calling Pearce out on his hypocrisy and pointing out how now matter how hard Pearce tries to claim he cares about the economy and jobs, he’s still a one-trick immigration pony.

      • It is time for a buycott. I think I will go to Buddy Stubbs this weekend and see what some of the new Harleys are going for. Afterwards, I will go to Harkins and catch a movie, and if there is nothing playing that I like, I will make sure to put a hundred on my Harkins card for later. Then I will send them a receipt, letting them know I appreciate them not supporting child prostitution.

    • Typically, it does take more time and space to answer the hysterical, hypocritical rantings of the Left. A lie cirlces the earth before a truth has a chance to get it’s shoes on. So answering Worsley’s ridiculous claim, 10-to-5, is actually an efficient use of words. Most of the Left’s goofy stands can be written on a bumper sticker, while truth often needs a sentence or two. Worsley is starting off on the “left” foot. His personal business relies on illegal immigration so, of course, he’s going to oppose SB1070. Any echoes of Chad Snow? Amazing how history continues to repeat itself.

      • Tiny Elvis says

        Speaking of repeating itself…it’s the Jerry v Russell echo chamber all over again. Remember when there would be like 85 comments per recall story? Remember when it was the same 30 people coming back and forth and getting in pissing matches? Remember when Shane’s daily hit counts were through the roof? Remember when it didn’t mean a damn thing to the voters of Mesa and Russell Pearce lost by 12 points?

        Yeah…those were good times.

        I wonder if Russell’s team is actually out pounding the pavement finding votes or if they’re just pissing off small businesses in Mesa that just had their most precious asset threatened. Genius.

        • Big difference this time around: Pearce will face a Republican in a Republican Primary in which no Democrats can vote. (Sorry Randy P, SEIU, Geroge Soros and the rest of the wacky Left). This will be more of a true measure. If Pearce loses, so be it.

          • Tiny Elvis says

            Very true. Also keep in mind it’s a different district. Something like 2/3 LD19, 1/3 LD18. Much different make up. We’re talking Karen Johnson vs. Rich Crandall.

            If Independents show up for the Republican primary, it’s going to be interesting.

        • Russ is probably out buying locks, and trying to find out when Worsley takes his morning jog.

          Amazing that there is such a tiny cadre of kooks that still back this corrupt clown. Any questions about Pearce’s (lack of) character were answered in the last election, Olivia Cortes, yard sign theft, Lester breaking the law, the campaign signs, Greg Western and his sleazery. And, Pearce never conceding on election night, nor calling Lewis.

          An utterly classless, corrupt man who has never had a real job, desperately trying to get back into office so he can use his power to take his opponents down. (because it worked SO WELL for for Andrew Thomas!) LOL

          • Lampoon: you have apparently never met the man. All you are doing is regurgitating the Left’s talking points. And I’m sure every law enforcement officer appreciates you calling their jobs not a “real job.” Pearce was a highly decorated Maricopa County Sheriffs Deputy, even taking a bullet, then chasing down and capturing the shooter. Try that job for one day.
            Talk about no class–you epitomize it.

  7. North Valley Patriot says

    TruConserv talking about hate and more hate, sounding just like a Worsley supporter. I’m not sure a campaign based on hate is going to work this time. And Nordine seems to have missed that Harkins Theaters is standing with Russell Pearce and the good people of Arizona on this one. No one is taking anything out on Harkins Theaters. Worsley wants people to know that he is pro-business, and he doesn’t care if that business is legal, illegal, moral, or immoral. Makes sense. He is for legal immigration and illegal immigration, so we already know he isn’t particularly troubled by human trafficking. So why would he be bothered by sexual exploitation either? I wonder how the LDS church feels about its bishops defending the New Times, prostitution and the sexual exploitation of women and children?

    • Tiny Elvis says

      Sean, is that you? Love the spin job on sex trafficking and prostitution. Question: is BAN concerned with all sex trafficking and prostitution, or just the illegal immigrant variety? Because I didn’t see that anywhere on the “About” page.


        Stick a fork in Worsley, that pimp daddy is done!

      • Tiny –

        Sean’s petition, as of right now, has 11 signatures, including his own, after nearly 3 weeks. The last one was 13 days ago. I’m thinking that Greg Patterson (Espresso Pundit / Brewer’s nomination for Board of Regents) should re-think his prediction that this will do great harm to Phoenix New Times and perhaps tip the scale to do them in. LOL.

        Laughably, when a Sonoran News reader suggested boycotting their advertisers, Don Sorchych just about popped a vein and stroked out. Take your valium, Don! Breathe before you turn blue!

        Does the phrase “do as I say and not as I do” remind you of anyone?

        Over at New Times, everybody is laughing at Pearce and BAN, not screaming with indignation like the very uptight Sorchych, Fenger and Bentley did over a much lesser insult.

    • Oh please….Pearce doesn’t like that a newspaper has an opinion, he is all for free speech, as long as its the speech he agrees with. That is un-American, and craven.

      BTW, has he ever paid back his Fiesta Bowl tickets? LOL

      • mesainsideout says

        Phoenix New Times, a newspaper?

        • Tiny Elvis says

          Here’s a question: can you prove any of the recent accusations against Russell aren’t true? Mary Peters has reconfirmed Russell was fired. Russell Pearce is quite possibly violating law by serving as BAN President and running for the Senate. Russell Pearce claimed to have the support of the LDS Church for SB1070.

          Am I missing anything? Are those lies?

        • Sonoran Alliances publishes “articles” from Sonoran News. Need we say more?

      • Lampoon, no he did not pay back those tickets, and 16 of his fellow Republicans voted against a bill that would greatly restrict freebies to politicians. No Democrats voted against it. Nine Democrats and 4 Republicans, including Jerry Lewis who handily defeated Pearce in the recall, voted in favor of the measure. Ethics mathematics suggest that 100% of the Democrats and 20% of the Republicans wanted to do what 90% of the voters want done. 0% of the Democrats and 80% of the Republicans want to ignore the wishes of the voters and keep taking hand-outs to the bank.

  8. Just got off the phone with a nice lady from Harkins Theatres who responded to my email… No surprise, but Russel Pearce’s claim that Harkins dropped adverts in the New Times due to BAN is not accurate.

    But don’t take my word, contact Harkins yourself.

  9. Mesainsideout,

    I don’t remember her name, which is a shame because we had a lovely talk about my email, which frankly chewed out Harkins for signing onto Russel Pearce’s boycott… She indicated that was not the case.

  10. Mesainsideout,

    Which is why, idiot, I specifically said:

    “Don’t take my word for it, contact Harkins yourself.”

    I’ve been honest here, and I’ve suggested a way for everyone to verify the veracity if what I’m saying.

    If you send Harkins an email, and will honestly report back what they tell you, you’ll get the same answer.

    • What? No witty bon-mot follow up?

      And to make it even easier for you to verify what I’m saying, here’s the website I used to originally ask them my question:

      Here’s the original e-mail I got, before she contacted me:

      From: “”
      To: [redacted]
      Sent: Friday, April 13, 2012 7:07 AM
      Subject: Harkins Guest Comment

      Thank you for taking the time to contact Harkins Theatres. Your questions/comments have been received and will be forwarded to the appropriate department for review.

      This is an automated e-mail that cannot be replied to. If you would like to discuss your concerns/comments, please feel free to contact our Guest Services Coordinator directly at 480-627-7777.

      Thank you for choosing Harkins Theatres.

      • wherewasi says


        I would really love to know –

        How is it that you have remained here and not had your posts deleted and/or been banned, even though you consistently are somewhat “contrary to popular opinion”?

        Are you the official token liberal? Is there an application that needs to be completed?

  11. Anson Clarkson says

    “’What do Russell Pearce and Raul Grijalva have in common?’ asked his press release. The answer is nothing.”

    Yeah! Russell Pearce called for a “buycott” of Arizona businesses that advertise with Phoenix New Times. Grijalva called for a boycott of Arizona businesses. I totally get it! But it is disturbing that Russell Pearce would be promoting 70% of the prostitution advertising in the USA. Weird world we live in.

  12. Anson Clarkson says:
    April 14, 2012 at 2:46 pm
    Yeah! Russell Pearce called for a “buycott” of Arizona businesses that advertise with Phoenix New Times. Grijalva called for a boycott of Arizona businesses. I totally get it!
    it is disturbing that Russell Pearce would be promoting 70% of the prostitution advertising in the USA

    How weird a world we live in.!

    How many rapes which are associated from solicitations via sexual marketing advertisements are necessary for the New Times followers to denounce and distance themselves?

    But, nooo. hatred of Pearce trumps independent thinking … ironically from a poseur culture that got mileage for years falsely boasting ‘independent.”

    • I’m so glad you’re back. This site was not nearly as entertaining while you were sulking.

      I’m back to not being sure which one of you is the Ultimate Authority on the party’s “iced Tea” – you or Conservative American. You are both always so certain that no one has a right to an opinion that you don’t agree with.

      “Independent thinking” – define that, would you please Dubby-Ya? You seem to define it by saying “read what I type and then repeat it out loud until you believe it and think you came up with it by yourself”.

      • Did you know that “iced tea” is drug slang for pot?

        So, no I am not an authority on that, except that I have witnessed a number of people get permanently brain-damaged on it. One symptom is making up false arguments and then getting lost inside forgetting the point but arguing them for weeks.

        Oddly enough, pretty close to the definition of the ‘old geezer moment’ of your nic wherewasi in the urban dictionary.

        • Haha! I’ve missed your zesty comebacks!

          No, I didn’t know that. I used Iced Tea as a Tea Party substitute for the “Arpaio Kool Aid” that is standard fare on azcentral. But then, I haven’t smoked any pot since the mid-70s, so I’m not surprised that I’m not up on the current slang. It makes me curious that you are.

          Regarding the geezer moment, point well taken. I’m no spring chicken, so I don’t take offense to being called old. However, the name originated, not from some senior moment pregnant pause, such as Brewer’s infamous 20-something second cricket chirp, but rather from getting my old name banned on azcentral and having a hard time coming up with a new name that wasn’t already in use. I picked “where was I” because I had been banished to a blogosphere black hole for a while and believe that it must have felt similar to an alien abduction, though I’ve never truly believed I’ve been abducted by aliens. But now we’re back to the mid 70s.

          Is that what you meant?

        • Just curious where you got the “iced tea is slang for pot” –

          I looked up “iced tea” on the Drug Slang Dictionary and Glossary of Street Drug Names. It’s not there. “Ice” is slang for meth and “tea” is slang for pot. I also called an acquaintance who is a medical mj card holder and asked him. He’s never heard of it before. He said “ganja” and “herb” are the terms he hears most often.

          • Thanks for confirming the drug references. Knew we could count on blood-profits New Times groupies.

            Found ‘ice tea’ at the same place ‘wherewasi’ is listed.

            But you know that.

            • wherewasi says

              Ok, W. You win this match. I just can’t compete with that intellectual masterpiece.

              I haven’t wasted any time studying drug slang the way you have. I had other, more interesting, topics to contemplate. One of them was the names of the 16 Republicans who voted against a measure to curtail the freebies they can receive from lobbyists.

              I’m sure you would recognize all of them.

  13. I’m thinking Russell might need to find out if Olivia Cortes is busy this late summer / autumn. It sounds like he might need to plant another diversionary opponent. If he’s scared enough to take on Lemons, he’s scared. Maybe because of that pesky article Lemons wrote about BAN possibly losing it’s tax exempt status because of Russell’s violations of the 501(c)4 laws…? I hope CQ held on to those Cortes signs he had printed. Looks like they might be needed again, and since the necessary campaign info was never printed on them, who would know they’re the same ones from the now infamous recall race?

    • That’s nothing compared to the illegal immigrant Latinos abused in sexual exploitation.
      Maybe Chad Snow will find it in his leather-like heart to offer legal counsel to help victims of the abusive sex industry, a sleazy coporate profiteering which found a home to advertise from at New Times?

      But, you’d rather not stick to that topic. Why not? Inconvenient?

      • Well, perhaps the MCSO would like to investigate these alleged cases of sexual abuse of Latino children.

        “IF” there are any victims…

        I’m quite certain that an attorney can’t do anything to help them until the perpetrators have been arrested and charged.

        But perhaps that also is “inconvenient” since our Sheriff is far more interested in Obama’s birth certificate. But, hey, illegal is illegal, right?

        • Souds like Apario doesn’t have to pay much attention , since the exploitation is a multi-state federal jurisdiction. FBI..

          • wherewasi says

            And clearly, they’re (FBI) all over it. Right?

            If Arpaio doesn’t have to pay much attention, why is he throwing such a hissy fit that no one believes the “results of his in depth investigation” – ?

          • Instapundit quoted this week:

            “New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof’s January 25 column, “How Pimps Use the Web to Sell Girls,” established pretty convincingly that the erotic-services advertising website owned by Village Voice Media was used to promote prostitution, and often violent and usurious forms of the practice.

            Kristof’s column came late in the game: Interest groups and nonprofits that fight sex trafficking had been complaining about for some time. But Kristof’s column became a sort of crusade for the paper, and it had legs.

            Kristof subsequently investigated the ownership of, and when he began asking questions of Goldman Sachs about their ownership stake in Village Voice Media, they abruptly unloaded their $30 million, 16-percent share in the company.”

            • More Instapundit links to Atlantic article:

              “It needs to be saved from its disastrous involvement in the adult-services advertising business. Perhaps more importantly, it needs to be saved from the “alternative press” culture at its Phoenix-based parent company …”

            • wherewasi says

              Here’s what I don’t understand, and if you have a brilliant explanation, I’d love to hear it.

              Village Voice Media has been around for decades. My first “grown up” job interview was with Minneapolis City Pages back in 1977 for a copy editor / typist / secretary. I guess I didn’t come across as liberal enough because I didn’t get the job, even though I was well qualified by skill set. (I did, however, get the next job I applied for and worked my way up the ladder to where I am now – 35 years later.)

              WHY – after all these years – Why did this SUDDENLY become such an issue with the Phoenix metro area Tea Party ONLY after Stephen Lemons started going after Russell Pearce and BAN with a big hammer?

              I would love it if you can point me to where the Conservatives have been on this like a dog on a bone for years. Or even for months.

              • wherewasi says

                …and remember, I said with the “Phoenix metro area Tea Party and Russell Pearce and BAN.” Yes, there is a longer-standing petition out there that has raised some awareness. But the timing of this locally is suspect.

                Show me ANYTHING more than a month or two old that says that Pearce and BAN were at all concerned about the welfare of young Mexican children because of VVM advertising. To me, it’s really hard to say in one breath that “we don’t support the DREAM Act because those Mexican youngsters were brought to this country illegally and we don’t care that they want to be productive, contributing members of our society” and then in the next breath say “but we DO care about these Mexican kids being brought here illegally to be exploited.”.

                Do you, or do you NOT, care about the future and the well-being of undocumented Mexican kids brought here by others, with no say in the matter?

              • Tiny Elvis says

                Wanumba…are you Sean McCaffrey?

              • Tiny Elvis says

                Because you try too hard to be a “normal” person

  14. Conservative Railbird says

    BOB WORSLEY is dishonest. He should stand proudly with what he wrote on his profile webpage instead of deleting it hoping no one would read it.

    Dishonest and being called a “leader of the church”? You’ve got to be kidding Bob.

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