Russell Pearce Endorsed by MCRC

Word just in that the Maricopa County Republican Committee has just endorsed Russell Pearce over Kevin Gibbons in the Republican Primary Senate Race in Legislative District 18.

Donations from Democrats to Gibbons may have had something to do with it.

This means that Russell Pearce has earned the title of Republican nominee incarnate of the Maricopa County Republican Party. Sources indicate that a vote of 20-1 rendered the endorsement.


  1. Just Win Baby says

    Who was the one who voted for the Democrat’s Republican?

  2. This could be really good for Pearce, because the County Party can now spend money on his race. Guess I’ll send them some money!

  3. EGC REPORTER says

    Leg Dist 6 representative Horst Kraus was the no vote. Chairman Dave Braswell must be so proud of Horst’s representation. Dave sends Horst to stand in for him when he is absent which is frequent.

    Leg Dist 6 is well represented by McCain supporters and so a vote against Pearce coming from LD 6 is not a surprise.

    This vote again represents the polarization between the Congressional delegation and the base of the party which McCain policies have caused.

    Gibbons is Flake’s brother-in-law and was recruited by the delegation to take out Pearce who represents the voice of the unrepresented base of the party.

    The Amnesty delegation will not stand for anyone speaking against their agenda. They are attacking the base wherever opposition arises. And they say we must be unified to win. What’s good for the Maverick is good for the base.

  4. Just WIn Baby says

    Thanks for the report, Reporter. Horst’s name sounds familiar, I’m sure he’s been blogged about before. Still, being the “1” in a 20 to 1 vote isn’t exactly something to brag about. I guess Horst is a Pedersen fan?

  5. Puritan Polly says
  6. Reflection, distorted says

    Uh, why did they take so long to endorse Pearce? What a joke. Pearce is his own man. He doesn’t need stupid tactics, phony support, and accusations that he “represents the voice of the unrepresented.” He’s an elected official, he’s taken his oaths, he’s been elected more than a few times, and he represents his district. Not the party. Not some part of the party. Geez, it’s a pretty good description of McCain.

  7. Good Grief! What a mess. I can’t find one good thing in any of this!

    1) Who accepts money from Pederson and expects to go unnoticed? Boneheaded.
    2) Why the need to endorse? The level of “super-delegate” mentality that seems to have overtaken things is amazing.
    3) Horst votes against the endorsement and it is assumed somehow, it involves a polarization and blah-blah-blah. How ’bout he just didn’t agree with the ECG endorsing in a contested primary?
    5) Amnesty is not the only issue out there, it is clearly not even on the table, and while important it may not be the people’s top priority when making ends meet and other threats loom large. It has become the catch-phrase of those who have no ability for authentic thought but can’t seem to find another outlet for their frustration at being outdone.

    ECG Reporter, the very tune of your song is what is so profoundly out of key with the leadership in the party. It is not the delegation, a few hard working donors, or a candidate or two that may be out of step with your version of the truth. And is certainly is not our fine and honorable candidate for President. Try as you may, it is impossible to mandate beliefs and actions in public policy and candidates. Last time I checked, that is why we had elections.

  8. Frank Soto says

    “Gibbons is Flake’s brother-in-law and was recruited by the delegation to take out Pearce who represents the voice of the unrepresented base of the party.”

    Um, how can you be the “base” of the party if you aren’t even represented? Doesn’t that indicate that you actually are a minority portion of the party?

  9. Frank Soto says

    Just to clarify: I am not saying that Pearce doesn’t represent the base of the party (whatever that means), but that it is an oxymoron to call something the “unrepresented base.”

  10. Hugh Nuze says

    Actually as a pro-life legislator Russell Pearce is a defender of all races, including their unborn young. It is mostly the Democrats with their pro-abortion agenda that want to eliminate the next generation. Study up on Planned Parenthood and you will see racism in action. Look into the number of abortions among black women to find the true tragedy of racial targeting.

  11. Mister Nuze,
    Is he also a defender of Anchor Babies?
    Frankly, I do not know him that well or see him all that often so I never had a chance to ask him.
    Perhaps you can enlighten us on that subject.

  12. Bobby Hyams says

    Way to go, Horst. You’re partly right, this is about illegal immigration and all its bad side effects. But for you to raise it, tells us where you stand, doesn’t it.

    I vote for Pearce because he stands for what I believe we should be doing in regards to taxes, budgets, and illegal immigration. Too bad you don’t live in our district. You could be the one vote against him. Oh, you already are.

  13. You’ve got to hand it him. Nobody *

    * Sorry Jim, your statement is not true.

  14. Thank you for the majority vote for Rep. Pearce. The right choice has been made
    for the benefit of our Arizona Citizens.

    I, as a Naturalized American of Mexican origin along with our organization:
    ‘American Citizens United’ -with members
    of all ethnic backgrounds- give our support to Rep. Russell Pearce. We support him with the knowledge that he is the best qualified candidate, and one who represents the best values of this Nation.

    ‘AMERICAN CITIZENS UNITED’ Stand behind him
    and will support him 100% in his campaign.
    God bless America! Happy 4th of July!

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