Run Sarah Run

by Gayle Plato

Blog chatter seems extra cheesy and sharp regarding the prospects of resigning Governor Sarah Palin. Politically she’s dead, disheartened, not listening to staff. Is this the same staff pool who helped Levi the boyfriend get on Larry King? Could it be the crew from John McCain’s camp that drove the bus over Sarah, and the Bloomie’s bag full of clothes they snidely purchased for her during a late night What Not To Wear GOP Meet and Greet?

Even I said Sarah was done, but I didn’t know how accurate that statement might be. I do not think the people around her understand Sarah’s savvy, the Palin ethic, nor the family. I also think she’s a bit rough for the pseudo nice-nice of a gentlemen’s game of poker. Let’s face it, the GOP hadn’t seen such excitement for a leader since Gerald Ford fell down the steps of Air Force One’s exit ramp. This lady does not need to bluff; she is the only game in town.

I don’t know who is more excited she’s quitting either- the Democratic snarkophiles of Daily Kos and HoffPo, or the dandy upper crusts cut off by the Middle America Mom power of warm apple pie. Sarah generates funding, fervor, and fear.

Did many of us AZ Republicans hold our noses and vote McCain last round? Many still talk of walking out with our conservative values, independent spirit and financial contributions.

Sarah says she’s going to fight for the people who are hard working, but she didn’t say HOW– Nor WHERE. Ross Perot never got crowds like Sarah, and he spent a lot of his own money. Maybe Sarah knows she’s had her hat handed to her, and she’s going to take it all the way to right. Run Sarah Run. You might be the one reason I’ll pull out of the GOP and go to the Conservative Party. It’s going to take more than a year or two to get it going. Maybe that’s why you pushed away from the table and said you were done.


  1. “I do not think the people around her understand Sarah’s savvy, the Palin ethic, nor the family.”

    And you do? The people around her dont but the outsider does? Come on, all of this on everyone’s part is pure speculation. Some people hope she does done, others hope she isn’t done. Everyone has a prediction but no one knows jack. Only time will tell with something like this…

    People need to stop pretending they know things about Sarah Palin.

    I will say however, and I think we can all agree the whole resigning suddenly just before 4th of July is weird. I am not saying it means anything particular but her timing has created a lot of this guessing game. This media storm is no ones fault but her own.

  2. Maricopa GOP says

    Sarah is way smarter than her enemies in and out of the Republican Party understand. She will play the role of “THe New Politician” whose integrity would not allow her to spend the next two years taking a salary from the taxpayers of Alaska while spending a large part of her time and focus in Iowa, New Hampshire and other early Primary states. That will sell well with the grass roots.

    If she did not resign to make this campaign, the very people who are now attacking her for resigning would be calling for her resignation and typecasting her as just another political hack.

    I think that it is refreshing that she is willing to go against the status quo, especially since protecting the status quo has brought us to this sorry state.

  3. Thane, don't be daft. says

    She thinks she can be Huey Long in a skirt.

    She isn’t anywhere near smart enough to pull that off.

    If she is the future of the party- there is no future.


    Why bother, people voted for Hitler too.

  4. Have you seen her numbers? There’s a nontrivial chunk of folks that think she’s the cat’s meow.

    This is the end of a beginning. The past is probably irrelevant compared to what happens in the next 18 months, or even the next 12. MSM assumes she is not on a steep learning curve. Hmm.

    Come July 4, 2010 we can say a lot more about matters Palin. If she’s not on an aggressive learning curve, and if a David Letterman joke played a key role in her resignation, this will resolve itself within a year.

    On the other hand, if the other extreme prevails, she could quite possibly consolidate enough followers to present the GOP with the choice of becoming her party or someone else’s – running against her.

  5. OR…she could be a voice of conservative politics and never hold office again. The cable news shows are full of folks with “used to be” as their claim to fame.

  6. kralmajales says

    X4MR’s work above has a lot of truth in it This to me smacked of someone who saw they had support, but worried that she’d be irrelevant is she stayed all the way in Alaska. That ambition can lead to a lot of things…the quest for higher office…or as Ann said, money.

    But it is this statement by Gayle that should concern the Republican party and everyone on here that agrees with it:

    “You might be the one reason I’ll pull out of the GOP and go to the Conservative Party.”

    IF that happens, you have gone Whig. It will be a force that everyone will take seriously. They will fight it, peel off voters, and bring down any politician that seeks to control or undue the GOP. Democrats will watch for awhile…let you fight…and then pick off the people who feel discarded by the movement. That will create what is known as a partisan realignment.

  7. kralmajales says

    Thought some might find this interesting. The numbers, to me, are way to early, BUT they are numbers and certainly give hope to her…but not the GOP.

    7 of 10 Republicans would vote for her for President…but only 34% of independents…and only 17% of Dems.

    Of course, she has time to remake herself over and over for 2012.

  8. Tiredofthecrap says

    We saw what happens when you worry about the Dem and Ind. vote (McCain). Run Conservative, Run Hard and No Apologies.

  9. “…the dandy upper crusts cut off by the Middle America Mom power of warm apple pie”(?) She clearly works better as a symbol of class resentment for the writer, rather than as an actual, functioning president. The fact that the MSM hates you does not automatically mean you would be a great president (they hated Nixon and Quayle also). I grew up poorer than Sara Palin, am every bit as conservative than she is if not more so and have no desire to see her anywhere near the oval office.
    Realistically, if the economy recovers (not likely) it will be a thin field in 2012. If the economy sputters (much more likely) you will see Romney, Huckabee and a whole bunch of other guys (Pawlenty, maybe Barber) who will finish behind the two of them.

  10. I see Cal Thomas, much in the vein of Jonah Goldberg, also calls for a ‘remake’ of Sarah Palin.

  11. ARep- you liked that line huh? Thx 🙂 I am not big on class resentment issues considering I am independently wealthy looking down on all the little ppl below. LOL How is it down there?

  12. Maricopa GOP, that’s just dumb. I didn’t hear any of you complaining and demanding George W. Bush resign the governorship of Texas. Sarah Palin lost all her credibility to govern a country by walking away. By quitting.

  13. Iris Lynch says

    QUIT? I think she pulled the rug out from under these people who were determined to cut her down to size. Boy, are they mad!

    She is young, ambitious, smart as a whip (she can lay it out there on a moment’s notice with no “UHS” and no teleprompter). Whatever she needs to learn about the world around us can be easily learned by her, besides which history is continually being made. In 5 years it will not matter what she did July 4th. Hell, we don’t seem to care that Obama had a foreign passport when he was 21, smoked pot, made illegal real estate deals and who knows what else. Oh you clever lawbreaker, you.

    75%? Not bad, for starts.

  14. Iris,

    In 5 years no one will care about this if she does something. No one knows what she plans on doing, I personally don’t even think she has a clue right now. She could get ready to run for an Alaskan senate seat, she could just be a big fundraiser for a bunch of years and try and be the next RNC chair. But she could just as easily make some quick money on this book and be done with politics.

    I love how a lot of people feel the need to defend this decision… it happened, it was weird timing and a weird decision there is no getting around it. Just sit back and see what happens.

  15. Just as an endnote – Peggy Noonan pretty much blows all these talking points about Palin out of the water:

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