Rudy on Life.

Sure it’s from 1989 but Rudy seems like a pretty enthusiastic supporter of abortion in this video. He will at least have some explaining to do. (Click on the arrow twice to view the video.)


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    That’s almost 20 years old… Sounds like McCain and/or Romney’s folks are trying to stop Rudy’s momentum… Tough part for them is their bad moments are a lot more recent, so it cuts both ways…

  2. kralmajales says

    Well…its kind of funny that Romney, too, has done some flip flopping as well. I mean wasn’t he also once self identified as pro-choice and pro gay rights? And it WASNT 20 years ago either. Also, remember his record in Mass. as governor was not so conservative either.

  3. Villanova says

    As one who respects the sanctity of life, I’m always receptive to people changing on this issue and coming to the pro-life side. Romney has done that. Giuliani has never rebuked his pro-abortion stance.
    Therein lies the difference, Kralmajales.

  4. kralmajales says

    Fair enough, Villanova, and well said.

    It is just now a question of whether you believe him and whether he will be strongly pro-life or whether he is just ambitious and pandering.

    There are certainly other pro-lifers in the race, like McCain, I think.

  5. Villanova says

    McCain certainly fits the category of “ambition and pandering” you mention.

    Conservatives have seen enough of McCain’s duplicity. He is pro-embryonic stem cell research, anti- gun rights, pro-amnesty for illegals, anti-border security, disses Christians until he decides to curry their favor. He vocally opposed Bush’s tax cuts, and supports constraints on the First Amendment with his McCain-Feingold campaign finance “reform.” This was after taking hefty infusions from financier, Charlie Keating. McCain’s gamesmanship in leading the Gang of 14 regarding judicial filibusters was another deal gone wrong. He has repeatedly voted to block drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, when such drilling would lessen our dependency on foreign oil.
    Many of his closest aides and associates were on the infamous Republicans for Napolitano list, while he gave lukewarm support to Republican, Len Munsil, in hopes of securing the conservative vote.

    Although I will not forget his duplicity on these and other issues, in the final analysis it isn’t going to matter. McCain’s campaign is imploding.

  6. Sean Noble says

    This is response to Villanova. As the person who was the day-to-day manager for Len Munsil’s primary election campaign, I wanted to clarify that Senator McCain’s support for Len Munsil was much more than lukewarm. He provided an endorsement quote and cut a T.V. commercial (the very day that the request was made) – can’t get much more involved than that. And, when the Munsil campaign ran the commercial in the general, Napolitano called McCain asking him to pull it down. He said no. That counts for something in my book.

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