Rove on the Vote

Hat tip to Politicker AZ for this revealing video featuring Karl Rove describing the machinations on the floor of the House on Monday. In this audio, Rove explains how Pelosi demonstrated “leadership” by allowing vulnerable Democrats like Gabrielle Giffords and Harry Mitchell to vote “No” for purely political reasons.


  1. Maybe Gabby Giffords licked her finger, stuck it up in the air. Saw the deal was going down and voted “her conscience” against the bill?


  2. Gabbys gotta go says

    Bruce you are mostly right she licked her finger I agree but then stuck it not up in the air but in her …

  3. kralmajales says

    She thought it was a bad bill, just like the GOP members of the House. Maybe for different reasons, but not political. I am intersted to see if the GOP members will stay together and vote against it again on Friday.

    Apparently Shaddeg is already moving. Hmmm is he in a competitive race…well, my gosh, He IS.

    How about that?

  4. kralmajales says

    And oh yeah, have you all worked on your excuses as to why Tim Bee is going to lose this race when he does in Nov.

    Excuse 1:

    Bee clearly isn’t the type of Republican that could excite the base. He made two key deals to secure the Govs. budget…not once…but twice. He also voted to bring the tax funding for Rio Nuevo.

    Excuse 2:

    Gosh it was a bad year for Republicans. Everything was blowing against Bee and his campaign…even in a Republican dominated district.

    Excuse 3:

    He wasn’t a great candidate afterall. He never really made gains against Giffords and couldn’t match her fundraising. Those Dems just have more money is all.

    I warned back in January that this would be a folly for Bee and that it would likely end his political career.

  5. kralmajales says

    Excuse 4 (I left one off):

    The GOP was divided against itself. It couldn’t muster both the support of social conservatives and anti-illegal immigration advocates and mainstream Republicans at the same time. We have to figure out what to do and unite the party.

  6. Kral,

    The bottom line? Weak candidate with only selective support and a horrible campaign.

  7. kralmajales says

    My god, anon, if he is weak candidate, then who on earth would have been a strong one for this seat? We may or may not agree, but Bee was the dream-candidate for this district. I mean of the past names (Huffman, Graf, Antenori, etc) Bee was to outshine them all.

    Maybe he will, there is still 30 days or so, but come on. The President of the State Senate, has all this clout in the district, has name rec., and has a massive amount of business support.

    What went wrong? Must be the horrible campaign.

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