Roundtable Politics with Lee Earle and LD 4 House candidate Jack Harper

Tonight on Roundtable Politics, James Allen, Rachel Alexander and I interviewed both Jack Harper and Lee Earle. To say the least it was a VERY spirited debate and an there are several instances where ardent conservatives disagree on the issues.

Roundtable Politics with hosts James Allen, Rachel Alexander and Marcus Kelley and guests Jack Harper and Lee Earle


  1. State Senator Jack Harper says

    Thanks for having me on. While I am currently a State Senator, I am not a Senate candidate. I am running for the House for the first time.

  2. Marcus Kelley says

    Fixed, Jack. Thanks for coming on the show.

  3. Michael Holliday says

    “…to his support of a draconian new immigration law in Arizona.”

    I guess enforcing your borders against drug dealers, arms and human smugglers and MS 13 Gang Bangers and terrorists is now considered “draconian.”

    By this guy’s logic, I guess arresting bank robbers would be considered genocidal torture.

    That’s why the traditional media is dying, folks. Jackasses like this author.

    Our country is dying because of jackasses like McCain.

  4. Precocious says


    Or the simple minded jackasses who elect the McCains of this world!

    Unfortunately our pols reflect the electorate!

  5. Part of this information already came out, but here is the rest of the report. Vernon Parker at the USDA

  6. Yikes! More on Mr. Parker.

    Unfortunately, the Office of Civil Rights remains “dysfunctional.” It lacks the moral leadership and guidance required to bring an end to racism, sexism, hostile work environment, intimidation and widespread reprisal against those who speak against injustice and other abuses… the physically challenged, women and those with different sexual orientation.

  7. It’s time for Moak to stop putting these hit pieces out on Vernon. If you want to know about Vernon’s campaign you should ask him. Moak is acting like a political thug. Not only is he dropping hits on Vernon, but he’s also making the employees of his telemarketing company run his phone banks without paying for these services (a major FEC Violation) Check out his FEC report and you’ll find there’s no payments for these services.

    If Moak is going to lie, cheat, and bully his way through his campaign, what would he do in Congress? What we need is someone who has already served with honor in Washington and that man is Vernon Parker.

  8. Lol. I don’t know Moak from Adam, and I put this information out there. It is more than apparent that Vernon Parker can’t effect change. He couldn’t do it as the assistant secretary for civil rights at the USDA , he couldn’t do it with his business VBP Group, and he hasn’t done it in Paradise Valley which is in financial dire straits. Let’s call a dud, a dud.

    In its “2006 Report on the State of Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Agriculture,” the USDA Coalition of Minority Employees felt quite different about Parker’s leadership.

    It said, “The boldness and failure under Vernon Parker and his leadership team runs deep to the core of our justice system and goes far beyond dollars. Their behaviors speak for themselves.”

  9. Uh, you guys used our state flag as a tablecloth?

  10. NotoriousGOP says

    Just so we have this straight @Sure, you are using the rantings of a UNION to support your claims of non-leadership?

    These statements by the USDA Coalition of Minority Employees are the wanton rally cries of the left pushing against someone on the right. You might as well jump behind the AFL-CIO’s view of any Republican you don’t like and call it truth.

    In the future consider the source before using them to push your agenda…

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