Roundtable Politics Post-Mortem on the Primary Elections

Hosts James Allen, Rachel Alexander and I discuss the primary election results with a conservative perspective.

Link to Monday, August 30 Roundtable Politics episode*

*this episode was NOT filmed with Horst Kraus’ camera nor was it filmed with the approval of the “Republican” Party or the self-aggrandizing McCainiac “Mafia” “leader” Jabba the Vath. No liberals, moderates, RINOs, or DIDs were harmed during the filming of this video…they were ritually sacrificed AFTER the program.


  1. Frankly, I do not know what this post is meant to convey.

    Many years ago I was invited to attend a forum that dealt with “immigration” or “open borders”, depending on how you wish to color it.
    One of the panelists was Russel Pearce, the others, I forgot their names, and it does not matter.
    What matters was the organizer, or co-organizer was one Rachel Alexander.
    What impressed me was for her to bring issues of importance to the fore, plain and simple.
    It did not matter what opinions, for my opinions are mine, period.

    A year or so ago, a mutual acquaintance suggested to me that Ms. Alexander could use a particular model of Camera for her “Pod Casts” for her specific conservative issues and if I would be inclined to make a donation of such a piece of electronic equipment?
    Being a conservative Republican, or so I thought of myself, at that time and even now, I was pleased to oblige.
    Ms. Alexander got the Equipment compliments of me and my wife.
    For reasons beyond my understanding, the associates of Rachel apparently have stepped onto the toes of some of the basically real Republicans by lending credence to the wackos
    That includes giving accolades to the most bankrupt and dead-beats in the Republican Party at any level; sad, but true.
    This is very regrettable, for the wackos will only weaken our party and embolden the Democrats in a socialist take-over of the United States, and it’s Constitution.
    So let it be known to all men. I am not an Indian giver.
    The Camera is yours, Rachel Alexander, to use as you see fit!

    Rachel, use the tool I gave you to promote the basics of true conservative’s spirit, and do not let you lead astray by Trojan Horses of the ilk of the current false prophets of the M.C.R.C and its clones. I know them best, I know them all, and they even tried to make me go away.
    What a waste of their friggen time and energy, because I do not yield to the Dead-Beats, the Bankrupts, the “Foreclosure Jockeys” and the Loud-Mouth Freaks and the WACadudles from the WACaderm Coalition.
    Mind my words.
    Have a pleasant Labor Day Weekend

  2. Rachel Alexander says

    I will be starting a second, additional radio show soon called Her Politics where we can use Horst’s camera. My co-hosts on that show lean more libertarian and we anticipate having a broad range of guests on the show from the right to the left including Horst. Stay tuned!

  3. One hopes Horst is not meant to represent ‘the left.’

  4. Conservative 2 the Bone says

    Horst, it was just a joke, geez lighten up. You may be many things Horst, maybe even a “Conservative Republican” (LOL) but politically correct, you are NOT. Did you seriously use the term “Indian giver” without blinking?

  5. Not Crazy Pam says

    This is awful, no wonder there are only 80 listeners.


    “…..Horst Kraus testified on behalf of a PREVIOUSLY CONVICTED child molester in a case involving a young boy at his nudist camp during a trial in October 2000. As a witness for the defense, Kraus testified to the good character of the defendant and the “untruthfulness” of the victim. The defendant, Owen Thompson, is now serving two life sentences for dangerous crimes against children at Shangri-La Ranch.

    hmmm…hard to imagine why anyone would want Horst Kraus to go away.

  7. No news, no insight. Just people who like to hear themselves talk. No thanks.

  8. Marcus Kelley says

    Listen to Conservative 2 the Bone. It was meant as a jab, as evidenced by the reference to ritual sacrifice in the note. I was honestly ready to let the whole thing die since Rachel PROVED I wasn’t using your camera, but James jokingly referenced the camera flap in the episode, so I did as well in a note by way of explanation.

    But since you decided to respond to the post, Horst, the issue is NOT that you were generous to Rachel, the issue is that your friend Vath LIED, at your behest, that I was using “your camera” to film my show, Grassroots Interviews. Even if Vath did it of his own accord, Vath lied. You castigated Fitzgerald for lying. Are you going to publicly castigate Vath too? No, because you’re every bit as perfidious as you like to accuse others of being. When you openly call Vath a liar and ask him to take the post down, maybe I’ll cut you some slack.

  9. Boy Horst we sure have Marcus the Mental Midget all worked up don’t we? Since many his ‘clients’ lost in the recent election, looks like he will need a job.

    Hey Horst, have a need for any towel boys out at the Ranch? Marcus needs a job.

  10. Marcus Kelley says

    Boy, that Jabba the Vath can speak ONLY lies, can’t he? ONE loss is “many”? I’ve already picked up another client to replace that income and will be trawling for more. Don’t worry about me, Jabba. Your concern is touching though. Thanks!

    Oh, wait, Jabba, your boyfriends Koponicki and Braswell lost. You suffered more losses than I did. Perhaps we should be passing you the box of tissues.

    Of course, notice that Jabba doesn’t concede that he lied about me even when proven wrong. Keep on perpetuating those lies, Jabba, it gets your friends everywhere!

  11. Gov. Jan Brewer, Sen. McCain, Tom Horne, ALL people you hate Uncle Fester and that I supported and helped. Get some ROGAINE for that hairdo of yours!

  12. Marcus Kelley says

    Oh, such slings and arrows! So wounded am I! Thanks for supporting all the big government crowd, Jabba. Those pale pastels will help us gain minority status soon enough.

    I notice you’re STILL not man enough to admit you lied about me.

  13. Jenny K #6,
    You are such a bore, the incident you make reverence to happened 13 years ago on Lake Pleasant and the offender was one of our tenants over whom I had no control. As quickly as I was appraised of the situation I notified the Sheriff. Seven years later I was called to the stand as a witness and under oath I testified truthfully to what I knew.
    Some individuals used my extremely loose connection to the trial as a smear to prevent me from becoming a District Chair. I cursed the conspirators and they are now watching daisies growing from below. I can amend and include you in my curse, not a problem, even though I moved on with my life and really don’t cherish with your kind of crap.
    My best advise to you is you saddle your broom and ride into the sunset.
    Oh, one more thing did you notice the wackos went through great pain to get me out of the Republican Party? Well they did not succeed. Let me conclude this with a poem in honor of David Fitzgerald III, the engineer of the destruction of a perfect conservative precinct and another wannabe legislator who was trying his level best to be recognized as a typical wacko.


    First he claimed no memory

    That he supported Hillary

    Then living high he tried his best

    But to the bank he lost his nest

    In the end and after all

    Fitzgerald finally dropped the ball.

  14. It seems pretty crappy to attack someone’s weight.

  15. Marcus Kelley says

    Grow a pair, you sissy liberal. I’m over weight too and Jeff attacks me for being bald. Do you see me crying?

  16. No wonder conservatives like JD lost, we have a bunch of blathering idiots like this running his operation. This isn’t the 3rd grade school yard. You people should grow up.

    I do agree though, I could only watch these kids pretend to be reporters for so long. Took me about 90 seconds to shut it down, but really I didn’t feel compelled to make fun of the bald guy because of it.

  17. Marcus Kelley,

    How is attacking someone because of their weight evidence of having ‘a pair,’ seems to me more indicative of a bully, and not a very funny or creative one at that.

  18. Marcus Kelley says

    As usual, your ignorance is astounding. Jeff, self-appointed leader of the “McCain Mafia,” is notorious for bullying conservatives. If anything, this is a case of a bully getting some of his own medicine. Stick to your know-nothing liberal circles, Todd, you’ll do much better.

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