Ron Paul’s Big Dog!

I have to admit, I love this ad!

Well done Team Paul!


  1. True that ad is good media! Education, interior, energy, hud, commerce glad to see them go. Add the EPA and I’d be happier. But, I thought Ron Paul’s big bark was all about the Federal Reserve.

    I would vote for Ron Paul over Barack Obama.

  2. I dont know who I am supporting yet. I do think that Ron Paul would be one of the strongest challengers to Obama. I know he is a libertarian and all that, but he has populist appeal, like Gingrich, but he doesnt have the baggage. I believe he would do some of the bold stuff that he talks about. I dont beleive most of the others because they are standard politicians.
    Gingrich – some good ideas, but too much personal baggage and soft on immigration. The only reason he is up in the polls is because he has an Archie Bunker appeal. Archie would love him, its the look not necessarily the policy.
    Romney – cant get traction cause he is too slick looking. Archie doesnt trust him. The Blu hairs dont like someone that is too good looking and young. They like that worn out look like Gingrich. And Romneys a flip flopper.
    Bachman – Shes a good looking woman. Archies dont like that, even the women. She has been known to run her mouth about a week before she engages her brain. No chance.

  3. With all due repect, Ron Paul and his advertizing don’t mesh.
    He looks like a lap dog, he’s murmur murmur but his ads are WWF quality.

    What’s up with that? He’s small, mousy but his banners are edgy San Fran #OWS REVOLUTION.
    This has never made sense. Does he actually project like he’d actually DELIVER on the boasts of the ad?

    • True Conservative says

      So, we should vote according to physical appearance?

      Obama is a better looking guy than McCain, how has that worked out for America?

      We have had short presidents before, including James Madison.

      • Conservative American says

        You post under the user name, “True Conservative”. Let’s see how “conservative” you really are. Define “marriage” for us, TC.

  4. North Valley Patriot says

    The ad leaves out “Israel? GONE! Any chance of stopping militant Islam? GONE! Efforts to defend the homeland? GONE!”

    But then I suppose that ad wouldn’t be as effective.

    • That’s nonsense. His whole shtick (for 20 years) has been bringing the military home from foreign adventurism to PUT THEM ON THE BORDER and DEFEND THE HOMELAND.

      Furthermore, he has said that if the government really respected and defended the 2nd amendment that 9/11 never would have happened.

      And you know what? He’s right. If passengers on airlines were armed or unknown as to whether they were armed or not, as they were before the Gun Control Act of 1968, 3 guys couldn’t comandeer a plane and control it long enough to fly it half way across the country and into a building.

      Before the GCA, there were zero commercial hijackings in the US. They didn’t start till the passengers were mandatorily disarmed.

      Like the man says, you either defend the constitution or you don’t. The founding fathers didn’t put an “ignore the constitution rationalization clause” anywhere in the document, though liberals (and RINOs) love to think they did.

    • Oh North Valley, typical babble – dribble you might say. Paul cutting Israel lose, cutting the puppet strings is THE CHANCE to stop “militant iSLAM” DEAD in its tracks. It’s the restraints the United States puts on Israel’s right to act that is the threat. Letting Israel do what it does best in defending their homeland is the only reasonable action. Well we could also stop funding the terrorists so they have terrorists, so they can claim terrorist threat, TERRORIST THREAT.

      Pulling our military home from where we (Paul) can is the ultimate trump card. Right now our cards are on the table, picking a few (most) cards up would give us our leverage back. Host countries for our military will fall all over themselves asking what we want them to do so we don’t leave – pay for it.

      Bringing our military home not only saves money, but it saves money two fold – securing OUR borders from those who suck our social systems dry. Maybe it pays threefold, our military weapons industries could engage in free trade under certain guidelines that have our best interests in mind.

      When they let you out of the cage (box) you need to stop walking around and looking back into the cage, venture out beyond what you have been looking at while in the cage.

  5. Mike Triggs says

    I’m with Shane – Love it!

  6. Paul has the best media people, bar none! Ron Paul’s ads rock, all of them!!! In a face-off, I would vote for Ron Paul over Barack Obama.

  7. la raza for Paul says

    North Valley Patriot, you’re so right. Paul opposes e-Verify. Paul opposes a border fence. Paul opposes Border Patrol highway checkpoints which force illegal traffic into desert terrain where it is photographed, tracked and apprehended thanks to groups like

    The Libertarian Platform calls for “unrestricted movement of human capitol across national borders.” LP.ORG. So, Ron Paul never met a border security or interior enforcement tool he liked. And eliminate aid to Israel? Brilliant! (not).

    Ron Paul’s CULT following doesn’t get it that while Paul sounds like a great conservative on many issues, open borders will destroy all conservative principles.

    The only candidate worse than Ron Paul is Rick Perry. Thank goodness Ron 10% Paul is irrelevant except to his lunatic fake-Republican “supporters.”

    • Paul supports bringing home the national guard and putting them at the border. That actually STOPS people from crossing.

      E-verify doesn’t stop anyone from coming and also applies to all law abiding citizens – where’s THAT in the constitution that law abiding citizens need to get permission from the federal department of homeland security before getting a job?

      Where the heck do you get your information? From your @$$? The man has been saying the same thing for 20 years or more.

    • What the hel* does the libertarian platform have to do with anything anyway? Paul is a 12 term REPUBLICAN congressman from Texas. He votes NO on all spending increases and YES on every tax cut. Meanwhile, didn’t you endorse one or more Republicans for Janet? Why, yes, I think you did!

  8. Our US military policy was established as a result of the Barbary Wars. It has been proved to be the most succesful protection of this country, projecting our forces to the source of the conflict nd shutting it down at the source, advocated by convert Thomas Jefferson after too many hostage, merchant ship and crew losses.

    Ron Paul advocates the John Adams coastal defensive structure… border defense. This was shown to be easily breached by our enemies as in the Quasi War and the War of 1812. Note that our enemeis were our first allies the French and our cousins the British … quick to strike perceiving weakeness.

    Once the enemy gets that close, a nation fights at a tactical disadvantage. This nation tried that approach .. early USA really really really wanted to be left alone, but other countries didn’t respect it. ..and we paid for it in blood and war on our ground. The Muslim Barbary overlords sent their raiding ships into the Atlantic to grab defenseless American trading ships.

    Our defense must have TWO elements, projection and now border – as Mexico can easiy project over our border, either projecting cartels or Mexican Army.

    To argue to strip one defense for the other is one dimensional naive thinking. We have the means to do both. The Democrats have seized massive amounts of money for … what? Then they claim we have to cut our military. Our military has a CONSTITUTIONAL authority… what of the money-eating programs that the Democrats protect and promote are Constitutional? Welfare? Health Care? Housing subsidies, student loans?

    SO what if Ron Paul has been saying this for years? HIstory doesn’t support his approach, he’s been wrong every time on this matter, and it’s a very big, important one, with the highest stakes involved.

    When was the time to stop the 9/11 hijackers? In the air, 600 miles an hour hurtling towards lower Manhattan, or their bases of operation where they planned, coordinated, and then sent out the perps?

    Ron Paul doesn’t know what he’s talking about on this matter. A first year 2nd Lt in the Army knows this much yet Ron Paul fancies himself POTUS?

    • Dude, no one said pull out of US territories. We have territories all over the Pacific and we have NATO.

      Nice try wanumumumia. Paul has more donations from active military than all other candidates, democrat and republican COMBINED, both in total number of donations and total dollars. Perhaps those numbers speak more than your limited 1 view.

      • You can disagree without getting racist on me.
        I don’t insult you, I put up a comment, take it or leave it, go defend your position, do you see me jerking around your nic like a junior high brat just because I have another view on this?

        If this is your bigoted character and you think Ron Paul is cool, then what does Paul really appeal to in people?

        Despite your funding claim, the military has a better grasp of what’s out there than Paul does. He wants to drag them out of where they KNOW is the critical action, he’d throw away hard-earned gains.

        I did not talk about US territories at all, why are you wandering around talking about that?

        • True Conservative says

          There’s that desperate search for outrage again.

          Observe spells wanumba’s nic as “wanumumumia” and wanumba – desperate for some feigned indignation – declares that to be “racism.”

          No shame, none whatsoever.

          • No. It’s a just a “clever” connection on my African roots and a black murderer felon. We need a Progressive Liberal like Troofer Conservative to jump in and facilitate us rubes that it’s not racist at all.

            I don’t mind it, it makes it easy to display people’s true natures …speaking of true natures:
            Ron Paul is a bad joke, a professional presidential candidate and a political gimmick creation designed to split votes to help the Democrats against the Republicans.

          • Conservative American says

            TC, you feign being a Conservative while you are a radical, left wing liberal Democrat. Where is your shame?

            Define “marriage” for us, TC.

      • “We have territories all over the Pacific and we have NATO.”

        Ron Paul publically in favor of disbanding NATO. He stated that NATO should be disbanded rather than expanded:

        Ron Paul is also publically in favor of withdrawing all US forces from bases in Japan:

        And he wants to withdraw US forces from South Korea too:

        The only remaining US territories in the Pacific are Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). Guam and the CNMI are right next to each other and American Samoa is in the Southern Hemisphere far away from anything strategically important. So we don’t have territories “all over the Pacific”.

  9. la raza for Paul says

    Observe, “Paul supports bringing home the national guard and putting them at the border. That actually STOPS people from crossing.”
    Thank you for that. We agree then that Paul opposes fencing and wants to rely exclusively on troops to stop the intruders.

    Appropriate fencing such as the existing Yuma sector fence – double layer and patrolled – reduces needed man hours. 24/7 human only border security with no fencing is a losing proposition for the taxpayers. Yet, that is exactly what Ron Paul advocates. Michele Bachman has got it right.

    Fencing is only designed to slow down surface traffic, not stop it. Troops are needed to enforce the fencing but not nearly as many troops as would be needed with no fencing. That is an obvious and indisputable. Even the Ron Paul cult cannot justify “no fencing” as advocated for by Ron Paul.

    • Exactly. The first thing a military does is secure their perimeter … a fence/wall/moat/barrier.

      The Moroccans couldn’t keep the Polisario out, until they built a wall, Cyprus is cut in half by a wall, North Korea is held back from invading South Korea by a wall, the Indians had to build the LOC Line of Control to stop the Pakistani invasions in the Hindu Kush mountain range, the Israelis have been successful in drastically reducing terror attacks with a wall, the Egyptians controlled their border only with a wall …

      The historical and contemporary lessons of requiring a barrier to control long stretches is plain. It’s called a force multiplier and the most efficient use of forces.

      Ron Paul talks about an impossibility.. a budget-busting troops runnng up and down a several thousand mile international border… it’s patent nonsense, not possible without a defensible barrier construction. The Romans knew that, the Chinese knew that, for thousands of years, everyone with a border problem knew that … but it’s Ron Paul’s solution. He has zero historical or military foundation for it, but LO! how people are insulted for pointing it out.

  10. Ron Paul wanted open borders in 2008, now he is sorta changing his mind. RP is a true libertarian, please read that platform and you will see exactly what he believes. He is for free trade of goods and services along with the free flow of people, OH ILLEGALS. He is for the letting Israel fend for themselves in the land of terrorist. Oh I forgot in his mind there is no terrorist that America did not create, he belongs to the blame America first crowd.

    But if he is the nominee I will vote for him, even with all his idiotic beliefs he is better than Obama. But I support Newt, back in 1996 I said he should run for President.

    • Newt co-sponsored the 1989 climate change bill with Pelosi. You’re a Newt supporter? LOL Shows where you stand.

  11. Ron Paul blames America for Mexico’s interior drug wars. What happened to the nonintervention Paul so often reminds us of? Mexico has their own drug laws. Blame their crime problems on incompetent law enforcement in Mexico where it belongs.

    Paul blaming America for Mexico’s drug wars due to demand makes as much sense as blaming the supply from Mexico for America’s drug addicts. Ron Paul is the purveyor of “self hate” for the Right.

    • Kind of doesn’t matter if/when our government goes broke, now, does it? If that’s your position, I would certainly hope there’s a GOP candidate who is NO COMPROMISE on the 2nd am so you can protect yourself from what might come across the border in large numbers.

      • Just what have we shut down at the source: name it? Border defense today is the same as 1812 because once they get close there is a tactical disadvantage: describe close in today’s world? Mexico can easily project over the border……. I would say so……

        U.S. Agents Launder Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels


        “Western Elites Secretly Still Building Islam.”

        and Ron Paul was for open borders in 2008? Come on you can do better than that!

        Vanishing American Sunday, January 20, 2008

        So America, the United States that is, needs to spend more money to build a wall while maintaining “OUR FORWARD PROJECTION”. Build a wall that will not be needed once (if) we eliminate the things that is cause for considering the fence in the first place. Makes really good financial sense in this time where there is no money – did someone say “naïve thinking”?

        What doesn’t one realize that it’s about the Federal Reserve that which we the people do not have any control over whatsoever. Who other than Ron Paul has been saying for decades that the FEDERAL RESERVE needs to be shut down?

        Libya, why Libya? It was about Libya getting ready to green the desert to produce food for Africa. How do you control the masses, food and water.

        • WHAT?
          Libya was NOT getting ready to green the desert to produce food for Africa. Obama’s “pastor” Wright visited America-murdering Ghaddafi, Nation of Islam Farrakhan was a guest of Ghaddafi … Ghaddafi would spread money around.
          Ghaddafi trained the rebel slaughterers Foday Sanko and Charles Taylor, who tag-teamed Liberia and Sierra Leone into catastrophe. GHaddafi had a legion of rebels he trained scattered thru Africa. Ghaddafi had plans to CONQUER AFrica under HIS rule, and was the agitator behind the CHAD CIVIL WAR.

          WHen GHaddafi talked “green” it meant Ghaddafi’s GREEN ISLAMIC SOCIALISM. Go read his GREEN BOOK. Obama’s GREEN talk is Ghaddafi SOCIALISM, not “environment.” A long rant against capitalism and democracy.

          Van Jones admitted “green” means “socialism.” But Ghaddafi was hated by the MuslimBrotherhood for not being “Arab” enough and his personality cult leadership was in the way of re-establishing the Caliphate. Farrakhan raged at Obama for thowing Ghaddafi under the bus… but Obama seems to favor the Muslim Brotherhood – a more global empire thang if the success of their rapid conquest of the north African states is a sign.

          Ironically, the Barbary Coast re-establishing the empire structure that caused the USA so much trouble in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

  12. How much money does Ron Paul make running for POTUS every cycle? His suits are definitely nicer than they used to be. Nice way to augment that meager Congressiional paycheck.

    • Did you miss that he said he’d return every penny of the POTUS salary to the Treasury over and above what amounts to the median American income? I think it’s $39,000.

      Nice try at a personal attack. When you are personally attacked you essentially get all indignant and begin to cry. But that doesn’t stop you from personally attacking others, now, does it? Nope.

      • How much does Ron Paul get for every presidential run? Matching funds?

        It is not a personal attack to ask what Ron Paul’s income has been since he started being a perpetual candidate for POTUS. Its relevent to whether he walks his talk.

  13. JPD said about building a fence: Makes really good financial sense in this time where there is no money – did someone say “naïve thinking”?

    Completing the fence reduces the number of troops needed. Yes, it makes excellent financial sense compared to Ron Paul’s plan of 100% human border security with no fence.

    • Juan Paul “clueless person.” Suggest you stop acting like the GOP and MSM tools and take a look at Ron Paul’s, the one Newt tried to use but messed up.

  14. Andy Bernard says

    I suddenly have the urge to go buy a truck.

  15. Wanumumumba et al, seem to have ignored that the joint chiefs have stated the #1 threat to the American homeland and people is the national debt (because of what America’s enemies could reap on the American economy by dumping bonds).

    You heard that – the #1 threat to American’s national security is the national debt, not nukes, not Al Qaeda, not Pakis, not N. Koreans, not Iranians.

    Maybe you guys know more than the Joint Chiefs, if so I have to salute you for your excellent data gathering and intelligence. However, if you know the same or less than the joint chiefs like me, then it seems obvious, in light of the preeminent threat as they describe, which GOP candidate’s positions are the ones most consistent with strong national defense.

    • I can multi-task, Oberserve. Stop projecting your narrow bias on me.
      If the Democrats destroy our national economy, we will have no means to defend ourselves. The so-called Bush deficit was created by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, DEMOCRATS. The out of control spending started when Pelosi took the Speaker’s gavel, not before.

      The Democrats are already pushing hard to disarm us. 8,700 jobs to be cut in DEFENSE… what are the jobs cut from the Department of Education, HUD? Freddie Mac, Sallie Mae?
      Who needs Commerce if we don’t have any? The EPA?

      How destructive to the NATION is it for Obama to force a transfer of defense expeditures for actual working employees to food stamps and unemplyment payments to the very same out of work defense people?

      He has quite the big smile as he chokes the life out of this country.


  16. Paula Pennypacker says

    Great ad! Anyone but Obama!

  17. Ron “Ross Perot” Paul.

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