Ron Paul, The 13th floor

This was too funny but true to pass up posting! Hopefully, my Ron Paul friends will feel some comedic justice.


  1. Paul Petersen says

    Say what you will about Jon Stewart, but he is hilarious. Laughed out loud numerous times over that segment.

  2. Jon Stewart is a professional Left mocker, and has acts like a panicked eel slithering about trying to escape when cornered with truth. It’s easy to mock anyone, we’re all imperfect, so his targets are limitless, but his choices are LAZY and cheap. Stewart NEVER actually hits on the fundamental issues… he just smirks and sneers at the easy stuff, and encourages everyone to join in, smirking and mocking, enticing everyone to feel “superior” whatever “rube” he’s rolling his eyes, bleeping his Fs and curling his lip at …which is actually bad for the human spirit.

    Been too many times in life when the most admirable people fled during a crisis, but the scruffy, annoying losers were the ones who stood fast and put their lives on the line to care about anything the Left dishonest tool Stewart says. Facades are not what’s important, the core is.

    Ron Paul’s liviing well on his moonlighting career as professional POTUS candidate. He talks enough to keep the money flowing, which provides him an easy workload and schedule, a small staff who spam a lot. No one talks about this obviously insincere political structure.

    • Clark_Kent says

      I think that is your opinion. Jon Stewart may have a big difference than most of us because he is in favor of a socialized healthcare doesn’t mean he is evil. Jon like many people have flawed ideas and sometimes it takes experience or time for them to wake up. I think Jon at least understands that the wars and the lies that surrounded the wars and the continued expansion of war in the middle east is ripping this nation apart. I think that after 10 years we can all somehow sit at the table and agree that for the better hope and future of our grandchildren that we not lay the debts and the wars upon their shoulders as chains made for slaves.I also believe that we need to cut this government down to limited size and limited power because it is turning fascist and it is very dangerous.It is not a left or right paradigm..just go to an airport and see the TSA acting like nazi gestapo complete with cell holding.

      • When Stewart’s not rolling his eyes and snickering, and forced to discuss things, he’s proved he is uninformed, and will lie. He will NEVER do ANYTHING that risks his precious seat in front of that camera, so he’s not in the least “cutting” or “courageous” or “risk-taking” in ANY measure.

        His appeal is egotistical. The “I’m superior to that total fool” conceit. Just like sitting around the Junior High lunch table and making rude comments about the kids you don’t like. So, after a while of him ripping into people one does like, Stewart tosses a few bones by mocking someone you don’t like, and at first it seems funny, but if you think about what he’s doing, then you see the sleazy set-up to indulge in demeaning another person’s humanity.

        Stewart attacks the person, not the ideas.
        It’s important to know the difference.

        I don’t care for much of what Ron Paul says or does, but he’s still a human being.

        • Clark_Kent says

          Jon Stewart is a comedian at the end of the day and that is totally fine. I do not fear ideas that fail anyhow. You not caring about Ron Paul does not mean his ideas will disappear . Ron Paul is essential to the GOP and is about to reshape it just as Goldwater did.

  3. Clark_Kent says

    I cringe at some stuff John Stewart has on his show but for the most part it is political satire . He was truthful about the large media stations blotting out the sun for Ron Paul’s victory in Iowa as a close 2nd place with over 4,000 votes in a 16,000 vote polling event. I think it is obvious that when NBC and its affiliates are owned by GENERAL ELECTRIC (number 1 bomb manufacturer contracted by the u.s. military) and FOX has Lockheed Martin investors…its obvious they want to shut down the candidate who threatens to end their profiteering wars and occupation rackets. The war lobby mafia is on high alert against Ron Paul for a reason…they are about to lose out on money if Ron does indeed become president and bring the troops home from the middle east.

  4. Andy Bernard says

    The biggest detriment to the Ron Paul movement is Ron Paul supporters.

    • Well, he can’t credibly pretend he doesn’t have a clue about what his supporters do, so he approves. He’s okay with it. Speaks volumes about what he values and believes.
      As usual, his actions should be examined more closely than his rhetoric.

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