Ron Paul Supporters Now Eating Themselves

Interesting video by a Ron Paul supporter in which he calls Rand Paul a “Scumbag” in his YouTube title.

Not surprised.

Every day the Ron Paul faction takes on the disturbing characteristics of a political cult. This is what happens when you put all your faith into one man.

The Ron Paul Revolution is O-V-E-R and even the son of the movement’s leader know it.

Watch as the Paulistinians further self-destruct as the General Election nears.

A word of advice to the Ron Paul followers. Get with the program!

The survival of the Republic depends on it.


  1. Mitt left Ron Paul and his program of trying to grab Delegates in the dust. Rand either endorsed Mitt or was left out in the lala land of politics. Smart move, I am sure Daddy was involved in the decision.

  2. Asterisk says

    Political neophyte Ron Paul-bots are unable to distinguish between promoting a slate and making a nominating speech. If that’s the talent level Ron Paul has working for him, no wonder he’s already history.

    AZ GOP is broken and most of those involved are in serious denial. 2012 Candidates, you are on your own.

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