Ron Paul Revolutionaries Chaotic Takeover Attempt of Arizona Republican Convention

Guest video:

Here’s the video of Saturday’s Republican Party Convention where Ron Paul fanatics caused chaos and havoc in an attempt to take over the convention. Keep in mind that the woman who they attempted to elect as National Committeeman is a 911 Truther.


  1. LD6 Republican PC says

    I will be calling for the immediate removal of David Fitzgerald as Chairman of LD-6. He lied and stabbed Chairman Tom Morrissey in the back.

  2. Arizona Luke says

    I second that LD6 Republican. His actions were uncalled for and his and Paul’s camp total disrespect of our host Grand Canyon U’s Security staff automatically disqualifies him for representing ANY republican whether it be here in our LD, in AZ, or in Tampa. I am joining the call for his removal as Chair.

    And Ron Paul’s camp says they believe in ‘Property Rights’ — I guess they do until you tell them it’s time to go home. Then the Guy Fawkes masks appear.

    • If you are a PC in LD-6, you need to attend the next meeting there to call for this dude’s removal & get a non-Ron Paul nut supporter put in as Chair of LD-6 instead.

      • Arizona Luke says

        Yes Tyler, I will be there will bells on. The movement to remove him has already begun.

        As Drudge says ‘Developing…’

    • All I saw was video of corrupt security guards physically assaulting peaceful people w/ cameras. Show me otherwise.

    • Disturbed says

      Seconding a motion? It appears you guys know Robert’s Rules after all!

    • Why do you say that the Paul supporters were disrespecting anyone? The security personnel were attempting to forcefully change the convention vote. It’s not the Paul supporters’ fault that the Romney supporters got tired and went home. Enthusiasm counts when it comes to choosing delegates.

    • Steven Thomas says

      The numerous frauds committed by Morrissey and other goons such as Randall Pullen (to include) their unlawful adjournment of the convention and postpone the ballot counting until monday or tuesday are all being considered by the AZ AG – charges WILL be brought and some heads ARE going to roll. The Ron Paul’ers were accompanied by numerous once Santorum and Gingrich supporters in the demands that Robert’s Rules of Order be adhered to. There is NO WAY the establishment is going to stay in power in Arizona, and if they do it will be short-lived and you must understand the rest of the country is not going the way of Romney AT ALL! The AZGOP may have temporarily STOLEN a win here – but at what cost? Ron Paul is SWEEPING the delegates in more than HALF of the rest of the country! If the GOP really wants to beat Obozo they are the ones who will need to coalesce behind Ron Paul – he’s pulling 25% of the democratic vote from Obozo, has 50% of the under 30 vote, nearly 80% of the independent vote – AND Ron Paul advocates will NOT vote for Romney. PERIOD. You CAN’T win without them.

  3. Crazy Ron Paul says

    The Paul people are absolutely nutz! I would love to see them take over the party just to watch them lose all financial support and end up in a final suicide pact. I would give them 24 hours before they start fighting between themselves and stage another coup against themselves.

    • RPrEVOLution!! says

      This is the old tactic of the former Soviet Union — if you disagree with us you must be insane and we’ll ship you off to the psychiatric ward. This is what they did with the dissidents. The problem is not that Paul and his followers are crazy (far from it), it is that the Republican party has been hijacked by the neocons who want endless wars, financed by Bernanke’s printing press. The wars, which are not in the Republican tradition, are supposedly needed to keep us safe. For this reason we are supposed to go along and, in the process, surrender, in the name of the “Patriot” Act, the civil liberties that our Founding Fathers won for us. If the establishment is so concerned with keeping us safe, why is it that in the 11 years since 9/11, nothing has been done to secure the border with Mexico (answer: corporate and political interests want it open)? No, the wars are actually needed to re-write the map of the Middle East and support the military industrial complex. And what have the American people gotten in return? — body bags, an enormous national debt, a debased currency on the verge of collapse and joblessness. The American people have been betrayed by their own government. If the Founding Fathers could see what is going on, they would be rolling over in their graves. After all — wasn’t it they who warned us to beware of entangling foreign alliances and to not surrender our freedoms? If Ron Paul and his followers are “crazy” for holding these same views, are the Founding Fathers crazy too? It is time for Republicans to stop listening to the neocon mouthpieces in the mainstream media (Hannity, Limbaugh, Levine & O’Reilly, whose radio shows are syndicated by Clear Channel, a large piece of which is owned by Bain Capital) and start thinking for themselves. Wake up people — there is little difference between Romney & Obama — and why would there be since they are both largely funded by the major Wall Street banks? They are both establishment candidates that will give us more big government, bailouts and money printing (just like George W. did). Romney has defended the bailouts and Bernanke’s money printing. He talks about the wonders of capitalism, but what he really espouses is corporatism. After all, what is capitalistic about bailing out large banks? Isn’t what he really advocates a continuation of a system to protect the corporate elites at the expense of the American people? Fortunately, we finally have an alternative — Ron Paul — an ideologically consistent, incorruptible Congressman who honors his oath to defend the constitution. He refuses to be bought by special interests and has never voted to raise taxes or for an unbalanced budget. He has chosen not to participate in the lucrative congressional pension program and has vowed that as President he will accept no more than the U.S.median salary of $39,336. He receives more contributions from active duty military than all the other candidates combined and he is the premier advocate for freedom, peace and sound money in politics today. He is the only candidate with a plan to make real spending cuts. Wake up people — the second American Revolution is underway. Get onboard or get out of the way!!!

    • StopNDAA says

      Financial support? Hahaha. Like the AZ GOP can raise money. I just fell on the floor laughing.

  4. Watching that vid proves that these nutty Ron Paul supporters are just like the ‘Occupy Wall-Streeters’

  5. StopNDAA says

    A vote for Romney the baby killer is a ticket to hell. I hope he is worth it to you.

  6. StopNDAA says

    Interesting ad you have here

    Recall Scott Walker Now
    Tom Barrett will stand up to Scott Walker. Join us today!

  7. StopNDAA says

    Romney supporter assaults Ron Paul supporter at GOP convention.

    • Al DiCicco says

      Ya that was me assaulted. If you were not there, you do not know all that occurred. Much more to come on this matter.

      • Nice job wimp. Getting assaulted by an 80 year old man after being absolutely rude and making moronic Ron Paul catcalls during the middle of people’s speeches. Too bad that 80 year-old didn’t really assault you. You & the rest of the Ron Paul supporters at the Convention all looked like idiots.

  8. Sonoran Alliance aka AZGOP – quoting (ARS) 16-243 like a parrot just doesn’t make it so when you apply RNC Rule #38. See you on the floor at the national moron. Besides, what is the charge or more so the penalty for violating 16=243 – a spanking.

    How about Cardon’s FEC violation at the convention as well as Romney’s son?
    “Rule # 38”

    JPD says:

    May 13, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Henry Robert’s Ghost, thank you for confirming that the REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT, mostly their leaders aka RINO’s in the middle of defeat turned and ran thereby using cowardly tactics to prematurely end the convention before the business on the floor was complete. In fact, delegates left the convention stating they were leaving to establish a “NO QUORUM’ condition so that “that Karen Johnson won’t get elected”, in other words WILLFUL MALICIOUS INTENT.

    In addressing the convention Ms. Johnson stated that the Republican Party needed to insist that our Republican Representatives sign a loyalty pledge to the United States Constitution. Based on the delegates leaving so Karen Johnson didn’t get elected, the GOP establishment doesn’t believe in the constitution

    A truther that believes in the Constitution, there’s an idea for Repubs.

  9. JPD is correct. The AZGOP stretched this thing out so long so to force people to go home so they could close the meeting. At first I thought the reason things were taking so long was just pure incompetence, but no. As the hours went by with little to no action it became clear this was by design. The entire AZGOP, including “Tea Party” Morrisey will need to be removed. And here it is, 36 hours later and no results for the At Large delegates. How long does it take to count the ballots? They could have been counted by hand within that amount of time. Romney supporters lost and they had to resort to shutting the convention down instead of admitting defeat. It’s the same thing they will do if Romney is elected and continues the open borders, gun grabbing, baby killing, cap and trade loving policies of his soul brother Barry Hussien Obama.

    Romney Supports are nothing more than Obama supporters who cheer for guys with an R next to their name instead of a D.

    • Your incorrect. It wasn’t some evil plot that stretched this thing out. It was gross incompetence on the part of the AZ GOP. If these vote totals would have been announced much earlier, then all of the Romney people would have overwhelmingly combined to make sure that the 9/11 Truther would have lost the race for National Committeewoman.

      You’re also wrong about Romney. He’s nothing like Obama.

      But one fact for “Republicans” who support Ron Paul, is that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama.

      • A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Ron Paul. Not sure why it’s hard to understand that. I am sorry but the days of the two hand picked candidates owning our vote is over.

        • amen. 1,000,000 Ron Paul supporters would rather deny Romney the nomination now than play nice, we didnt start it , but we will finish it.

      • Americans participating in elections on a grassroots level is Evil? Thats rich.

      • “A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama.” That’s good. As long as it contributed to Mitt Romney’s loss. Cheaters never prosper.

      • Brian,
        Tom Morrissey is not Tea Party The GOP and GOP co-opted Tea Party’s may call him so to taint Tea Party’s but the last thing Tom, the GOP and Tea Party’s want to relive is 2010 from my perspective March 2010 Mr. Morrissey had a private meeting with several Tea Party people where Tom was very receptive to why he wasn’t Tea Party.

        Realize that this Delegate meeting Saturday (120512) may have been sabotaged by those under Tom that are loyal to others in the GOP that have been undermining him at every step. That said, in the real world the boss is ultimately responsible – YOU’RE Fired Tom.

        • JPD, I was sarcastically calling him “”Tea Party” Morrisey” with the quotes around Tea Party because he isn’t Tea Party, even though he was elected under the lie that he was. Not that it matters anymore because as you correctly stated, the GOP co-opted the Tea Party and ensured nothing ever came of it.

          And I fully agree, we need to fire Tom along with the rest of the AZGOP leadership.

      • StopNDAA says

        A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for integrity. Any pro-life person should be disgusted with the Republicans who voted for a man who his responsible for the deaths of so many babies. I would die before I would vote for that baby killer. God help you people. You need to seriously think about your soul and if you want that on your conscience.

  10. Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

    The Paulistinian nut jobs have one good point: The AZ Republican Party is a nightmarish mess, and these meetings are ridiculously long, boring, and disorganized.

    I’m glad you’re part of the party, and I like a lot of RP’s ideas, and I’m glad that he is in the race to champion them. That said, you RP crazies are nuts. Paul lost, he has no chance, and it’s time to get behind Romney 100%, or else we’ll end up with Obama.

    • J3ss1c4drpaul says

      If Ron Paul doesnt win, which he still has a very good chance, But lets just say Romney gets it I WILL NEVER BACK HIM NEVER! so obama will win..

      • On what planet does Ron Paul still have a good chance to win?

        • ProudAmericanFirst says

          No One But Paul. By wite-in, if necessary.

          I have no use for ANY candidate, Obam-NEY included, that supports NDAA indefinite detention, TSA, Patriot Act (AGAINST our Constitution), corporate conglomerate elitist who was BRED to put the small/medium business out and under (my business cannot afford Obam-NEY), puts dog on roof tops, etc. Mittens raised taxes 7 times – opposite of what a true conservative is, and is author of your beloved Obam-NEY Care.

          If you Mittens people want a leftist Marxist so bad, why not just re-elect Obama? True Conservative Republicans, Indepenedants, and a lot of Democrats are on-board with Paul. Ron Paul IS the true conservative.

  11. I think the Ron Paul supporters helped create the long drawn out process so sane people would get disgusted and leave and they could take over. Pretty sad that these “Occupy” people think they represent the people. Ron Paul can’t be pleased with this. If he is pleased, then I am even happier that he hasn’t gotten traction with the general public.

    • I guess there are sane people, and then there are passionate people. I know which side I’m on. I know which side Thomas Jefferson was on too.

  12. I was at the meeting and it was one of the worst run meetings I’ve ever attended, whether in business or political. The Party didn’t plan well with bad counting machines, poorly printed ballots and no control of security on the floor as people who had no credentials were walking around with cameramen following them for photo ops.
    I was told by a woman there she’d never vote for me because I’m to conservative and believe to much in the Constitution. I’m really sorry to see this happen in the GOP, I believe we all need to take a close look at what we say we stand for and where we’ve been led for the last few decades.
    The GOP has to get itself back on track while it still can as I’m traveling all over the state and many of the Republicans I speak with feel this way, even though the leaders know it they insist on continuing down a road to destroying themselves and the GOP with them just for the sake of Control/Power.
    I hope this division can be fixed, however try to remember we’re suppose to be trying to Restore Our Country to a Constitutional Republic not a Socialist Democracy. God Bless You All; Van

  13. This is what I wrote the night of the event. I was already pissed off after being at the Convention from 7:45 am to 9:05 pm. which meant that Judy & I had to get up at 4:45 am on a Saturday in order to be up there on time. Before I was at least respectful of the Ron Paul crazies, but not anymore. Here’s my report from that night:

    “I’m a Mitt Romney supporter & I’m just returning home from being a delegate to the Arizona Republican Party State Convention where we picked our delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. The end of the meeting nearly descended into chaos as Ron Paul supporters showed up to the convention en masse and through their sophistry & subversive tactics had at least two of their delegates elected out of Arizona’s 9 Congressional seats. Their tactics in Arizona were very similar to the successful tactics they deployed in Nevada (and Maine) recently, where they were able to get many Ron Paul supporters sent to the Republican National Convention.

    Due to the extremely poor tactics of Nathan Sproul, the political consultant who is running Romney’s Arizona campaign, Mitt Romney did not even have complete delegate slates available to help his higher number of Republican supporters present know who to support to combat the better organized & rabid Ron Paul supporters.

    The election of National Committeewoman ended with no clear winner as the Ron Paul supporters nominated their candidate of choice from the floor in a vote that required a majority in order to win. The Paulista candidate ended up getting the highest number of votes as two traditional Republican candidates split the non-loony, non-Ron Paul support of the vast majority of delegates. But by that time it was getting so late that most Mitt Romney supporters had already left & Ron Paul’s supporters were demanding that the run-off still be held. The Parliamentarian for the Arizona Republican Party ruled that there was no longer a quorum & in rapid succession it was moved to adjourn the meeting, where the run-off election for Republican National Committeewoman would be held by mail-in ballot instead. And the meeting was immediately adjourned by the State Party Chairman after this motion & with no vote. This made the Ron Paul supporters go crazy & they tried to take over the convention stage after the State Chairman called the meeting to a close by trying to say that the State Republican Party Chairman had abandoned his position by closing & leaving the meeting in a way that was against Arizona Republican Party bylaws.

    There were multiple problems with the ballots & as mentioned above grievous tactical errors by the Arizona Romney campaign. What should have been a happy day in Arizona for Mitt Romney, who easily carried the Arizona Republican Party Primary on February 28, quickly spiraled out of their control. Ron Paul & his supporters really must want Barack Obama to win in November with how they all behaved today even though Congressman Paul himself was not present for today’s turbulent & completely disorganized events.

    First things first, Nathan Sproul needs to be fired immediately by Mitt Romney’s campaign for not doing his job at all right. Sproul is notorious in Arizona for losing elections and for deploying dirty campaign tactics in almost every race in which he involves himself. Mitt should not be associated with anyone like Nathan Sproul & the problems today in Arizona could be directly laid at Sproul’s feet.”


    Also, the Arizona Republic had a completely incorrect story saying that Mitt Romney’s son Josh Romney, who spoke at the Convention was “booed off the stage” by the Ron Paul people. POLITICO also quoted from the story & used a similar headline about getting “booed off the stage”. There were some incredibly rude boos, but Josh Romney held firm & finished his prepared remarks. I can’t stand Ron Paul supporters. Here’s the AZ Republic article & my
    response to it:

    “I was at the Arizona Republican Convention & Josh Romney WAS NOT booed off the stage as “POLITICO” tried to imply in an online article. There were some Ron Paul supporters who were downright rude to him, but the younger Romney completed his prepared remarks & was very well received by the vast majority of delegates & others in attendance.

    Josh Romney also proved to be the bigger man in that he was very gracious to the Ron Paul supporters in attendance, even the few who did boo at him. The younger Romney said that he was impressed with how hard the other Republican candidates, including Ron Paul, had worked & how their supporters had supported some very important issues. The younger Romney was very impressive indeed.”


    All in all, what a horrible day & what a horrible & disorganized event! In the end, the AZ GOP Chair should be replaced for not even knowing or understanding the rules of his own convention. I personally had to walk up to the stage a number of times while the Chairman was addressing the Convention during votes to correct him on simple things like how many people we were allowed to vote for on any given ballot. He didn’t even know half of the time. Tom Morrissey did a horrible job. I know it’s a thankless, unpaid position, but wow!

    A lot of the problem was that people running the convention did not even understand the system that they had set up. The Chairman did not understand that we were voting for A Delegates & B Delegates in the case that Mitt Romney would allow Arizona to seat its entire delegation of 58 instead of just the 29 delegates that Arizona currently is entitled to because Arizona broke RNC rules by having a “Winner-Take-All” Primary before Super Tuesday. It is customary for the Presidential Nominee to forgive this type of transgression & to seat the entire delegation anyway – even if the rules were broken.

    The Romney campaign’s slates (once again the fault of Nathan Sproul who should be fired immediately if this hasn’t already been taken care of) only included spots for A Delegates too. So, either the Arizona Romney campaign had purposely decided ahead of time that there was no way Romney was going to seat all 58 delegates, or they were just dumb & setting themselves up for failure. Regardless, by not having complete slates (or lists of people for whom to vote) for A & B Delegates, the Romney campaign forced everybody to go along with one single person who Sproul had chosen for them for each Congressional District, and that required a hope that the Romney campaign chose someone that delegates from each congressional caucus actually liked. By preparing full slates, even if the top person the Romney campaign chose was not well liked, it would have been much more likely that person would have been replaced by another Romney supporter who was on the slate as a B Delegate. Romney supporters far outnumbers the Ron Paul moon-bats.

    Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman, Bruce Ash, who led our CD-2 caucuses to choose delegates from the new CD-2, did not even know that we were allowed to vote for up to 3 people on each ballot in our CD-2 caucuses. I had to correct him on that & plead with him in explaining to him that if we didn’t, we were almost undoubtedly going to vote for Ron Paul people for both B delegates since Ron Paul’s supporters were all united & the Romney supporters also wanted to be. In the end, that’s what happened in CD-2 anyway because the Romney campaign didn’t have anyone in particular to vote for on their slates as B Delegates. We overwhelmingly voted a Romney supporter as our A Delegate, who will surely be seated at Convention, but both B delegates were Ron Paul supporters. Romney’s only option now with how many Ron Paul B Delegates were elected will be to not seat the full Arizona Delegation. Romney’s campaign was completely outmaneuvered. This problem also could have been helped if the Chairman would have told everybody how many votes they would have on each ballot before they broke up into their congressional caucuses. But I doubt that Tom Morrissey even knew how many we were allowed to vote for in our caucuses.

    Also, Chairman Morrissey never explained during general session that in order to win the vote for National Committeeman or woman, a 50% + 1 vote majority was required. He mentioned something about a run-off, but never explained what would trigger a run-off. If voters don’t understand ahead of time how to avoid a run-off, then the assumption is that a run-off is only triggered with a tie vote. It was unbelievable that none of these things were explained to voters & it was unbelievable how poorly made the ballots actually were. For example, a delegate was allowed to vote for up to 31 people on the first ballot for delegates-at-large to the National Convention once we reconvened from the congressional caucuses, but there were hundreds of names on two separate legal-sized back-to-back sheets of paper & anyone could have voted for 31 on each sheet of paper instead because there was nothing tying the two paper sheets of each ballot together.

    So, if you’re confused about what I think happened on Saturday, yes, I’m a little bit agitated.

    • a_RP supporter says

      Apologies To the Arizona GOP and Romney Supporters

      I am sorry any Romney people had their feelings hurt. I know how embarrassing it is to have a camera pointed at you. It can be very harassing to hear boos in a crowd. It is damn right hurtful to have your opponents holler out their candidates name in a giant political convention.

      I do feel bad for chairman Morrissey, his credentials report didn’t come in for hours! His CD breakouts didn’t come back for hours! His At Large ballots didn’t get counted! His Committeeman and Committeewoman ballots didn’t get counted for like ever! And then all his delegates LEFT and they turned the lights out! Those damn Ron Paul supporters!

      And what about the CD chairmen! CD9 chairman was just given the role that morning, and here there were people making motions on the floor! How rude. I mean who cares if the ballot lists the Romney endorsed delegates out of order and it breaks the counting machines so they have to be hand counted. At least some CD members did not notice this so they only had to hand count SOME CD’s. And for the CD chairman to not even be told the ballot would be printed with a voting guide so he could answer questions about why or how is just not respectful to his title as chairman. And then some poor guy, a Ron Paul supporter I’m sure, forgot to print enough ballots and they all had to wait for the Kinkos trip! How rude! And I can’t believe the Ron Paul supporters were upset that their motion was held in indefinite discussion with no vote until at least 3 or 4 other motions were made out of order until some kind soul slipped in an amended motion and that gave the chairman the out needed to call a vote to just move on and forget that original vote without worrying about it!

      And poor former chairman Randy Pullen! No one even had the decency to tell him he would be the first name on the ballot and would have a glaring star next to his name! He looked quite uncomfortable about the whole thing. It is strange that he would be so excluded from this plan though considering he was so integral to the whole orchestration. A big thanks to he and Bruce Ash to stick around late to finally step out on to the floor long enough to move and second for adjournment or poor Morrissey would never have had gotten any sleep. I bet the Ron Paul people didn’t even volunteer to help count all those votes!

      Again, those Ron Paul bastards really dragged this thing out and are looney, eh?


      with your essay.

    • Tyler thank you for your report here. I agree nearly 100% with you. The only exception I have is that Josh Romney was booed when he promoted the GREEN slate of delegates. This is against party rules. Points of order were issued and ignored, then the booing took over.

      But your information RE Sproul is dead on. Thank you for your unbiased take.

  14. Robert Fallin says

    Let us see. Since you support a pathological liar, is it any wonder you have a problem with the truth. Josh Romney LIED when he said his father is the nominee and he was booed because he tried to sway the delegates to support his father’s slate. As far as “911 truthers” are concerned, you Bush/Cheney apologists have NEVER explained the collapse of Building 7 or how every government organization from the FBI to the FAA to NORAD to the Secret Service could fail its mission, but Bush didn’t fire, demote or discipline ANYBODY. Also, WHERE is the security footage of the terrorists boarding the aircraft? Every airport I’ve visited over the last 20 years has them. By the way, do you know your heroes Bush and Cheney were convicted of crimes against humanity last week by an international tribunal and that request has been submitted to the International Court of Justice in the Hague for further action?

  15. I was there, too, but only until about 5:30 pm.

    Every alleged violation of the rules made by Paul supporters that I’ve read about has been baseless.

    The opportunity to put alleged “illegal” endorsements on the ballots was made available to both Romney’s and Paul’s campaigns and were designed to make things easier for the delegates to vote for “their” candidates. It would have been better if Tom Morrissey had explained this from the podium before the voting began.

    When we had our CD 9 caucus meeting to elect our CD delegates and alternates, about 80 names appeared on the ballot. We were to vote for no more than 3; the top vote getter would be the delegate, the second-most would be the first alternate, etc. At the top of the ballot was former AZ Chairman Randy Pullen’s name with an asterisk next to it. At the bottom of the ballot the asterisk was explained: Endorsed by Mitt Romney Campaign.

    Well, one of the Paul supporters made a motion to have the ballot invalidated because “the Party” was showing favoritism. It was calmly pointed out that it was the ROMNEY CAMPAIGN that was the endorser. Then a long-time Republican woman made a motion to, instead, adopt the ballot as is. As this motion had the potential to moot the other motion, it took precedence. We voice voted. The ayes had it. “Division!” the Paulbots all shouted. So, we had to waste time tallying the votes. Out of 109 delegates, 83 had voted aye. So we wasted about 20 minutes on that.

    I explained to several of the Paul supporters who were nearby that there was nothing in the election code, the Rules of the Rep. Party, or the AZ GOP bylaws that forbade such endorsements from appearing on the ballot and that, indeed, some LD bylaws allow a nominating committee to endorse candidates running for LD officer positions.

    It was like talking to bricks.

    Then we had to come back for a second vote for the “B” slate of delegates. Same thing. This time, Tempe mayor Hugh Hallman was endorsed in the same fashion. Same motion was made. But this time with discussion. Just as the discussion started, I heard Randy Pullen tell someone else that he had learned from the people in charge of the ballots that Ron Paul’s campaign was allowed to have the same verbiage for their favored delegate or delegates. The Ron Paul campaign turned down the opportunity to do so.

    So I immediately raised my hand and asked to speak. I said something along the following lines:

    First, there was nothing in the election code, the Rules, etc., that forbade such endorsements.

    Second, this endorsement was made by a campaign, NOT the Party.

    Third, this endorsement actually helps someone who wants to vote for a Paul delegate because it identifies someone that that voter would NOT want to mistakenly vote for.

    At this point some nasty woman near the back of the room stood up and yelled at me, calling me several foul names. When she was done I told her that she was out of order and continued.

    Fourth, the Ron Paul campaign was given the opportunity to do the same, I had just learned from Randy Pullen, and the Paul campaign had turned down the opportunity. (Even this bit of news, which completely undercut all of their arguments, did not sway them.)

    So, this time, the “ayes” had it and “division” was not called for. Thereafter, we had the private security and the campus police eject several non-credentialed Paul supporters from the area because they wouldn’t shut up and we didn’t want to risk them actually trying to disrupt the voting.

    The alleged “ballot stuffing” was nothing more than someone assisting someone who wanted to leave before the ballot boxes were set out. Each county/LD chair was given only the number of ballots that corresponded to the number of voting delegates. Some people who wanted to leave the floor then marked their ballots and asked another delegate to deposit the ballots in the ballot boxes, which had not yet. Observation of this practice by “new to the Party” Paul supporters lead them to conclude ballot boxes were being “stuffed” when this impossible.

    The alleged “illegal adjournment” was done properly because there was no quorum – the quorum requirement, for this CONVENTION, per Bruce Ash, was 50% plus one. Some of the Paulbots read the AZ GOP bylaws Quorum section, not realizing that the one-third plus one requirement was for MEETINGS of the AZ GOP committee and does not apply to the convention, which is called and operated pursuant to directions from the national committee.

    I agree security was woefully inadequate. Many of the Paul supporters acted as if they were at a campaign rally instead of at a state convention to actually get some work done while following Robert’s Rules of Order.

    Bottom line: blame for all of this lies with all the precinct committeemen across the state who had failed to fill up all of the vacant PC slots in their respective precincts and who then failed to run for a delegate position. ONLY the precinct committeemen get to vote for the delegates. In 2008, in my LD, the only people who showed up to run for state convention delegate were the PCs, and we filled every delegate and alternate slot. This year, of the 28 delegate slot and 28 alternate slots, we only had 30 PCs show up to run. In the end, 4 of our delegate slots were filled by Paul supporters and 22 of the alternate slots were filled by Paul supporters.

    The Paul supporters have every right to be part of the process. I just wish some of them would act like adults instead of children. And learn basic things such as, when a meeting is being run per Robert’s Rules, that the chair of the meeting is to be respected, that only one person may have the floor at a time, and than ad hominem attacks and catcalls and jeers and shouting are completely out of order.

    • goofyfid says

      Thank you for saying “some” Ron Paul supporters. As a Paul supporter myself, it sickens me when a few extremely vocal people do not know when to hold their tongues. It makes us all look bad to those who like to generalize. That said, there is a large amount of frustrating bias against Ron Paul and his supporters, both in the MSM and the RNC. There are rules being broken, if not at this convention then at other conventions to shut out our delegates and it is to the tipping point of having to yell to have our voices heard and the rules adhered to. Had we had a fair process from the very beginning, we wouldn’t be where we are today, tempers boiling.

      I’m also getting tired of hearing Paulbots, Paultards, etc. We have our reasons to proudly support our candidate, reasons that go above and beyond “anyone but Obama”. If any of us expect unity in this party, we’re going to have to stop with the name calling. It makes you look less mature than those you mean to belittle. We’re all Republicans.

      • The Convention rules were probably broken by the Chairman. But at this point, I’m not even sure that the Chairman had any idea what the rules were. He was as utterly clueless as was Nathan Sproul who didn’t even have complete Romney delegate slates ready to be voted on.

    • a_RP supporter says

      Yes, thanks for a civilized description. I was bothered by the curse word the woman used and it appeared the whole room was, Ron Paul supporters as well as even her husband and herself as she shushed up let you continue uninterrupted.

      You can imagine our mood. It was jarring to see a BALLOT show endorsements. We didn’t expect that. It is unclear who in Ron Paul’s “campaign” was offered that luxury. Regardless we made a valid motion to change the ballots. The chairman did not know RRoO. Apologies were made on his behalf and he seemed fair enough. But our motion was not called for a vote. Discussion was allowed to continue for some time. People started making other motions out of order. Then, I missed the woman who made an move to amend the motion on the floor to change it to say, Let’s leave the ballot as is and continue on. Well, the chairman called a vote for that motion very quickly! It seemed like bias by the chairman and the secretary/parliamentarian. Yes, maybe in the interest of time, but regardless, it seemed bad. You do know other districts had the same sequence and they determined that the ballots were unable to be counted by the machine because the one name was stuck in front of everybody else. So the real story about the counting will come out.

      The use of name calling is expected, but distasteful. I respect Romney supporters in my district. I respect Tea Party supporters in my district. Almost all of us do. I was here 4 years ago and the party actually knew how to run a campaign. Perhaps the old guards have decided not to help Tom Morrissey along with anything. Perhaps it was strategic disorganization to allow an indeterminate ending. I don’t know. But a few loud Ron Paul people were not the most distasteful part of this convention. The fact that Ron paul people decided to conduct a vote after the chairman left was not that distasteful. They were burning off some steam after patiently waiting hours for the chairman who eventually did nothing. Didn’t count the ballots. Didn’t hold a run off. Couldn’t say one thing at the microphone without having to come back again and make a correction.

      What took the Credentials so long to prepare the report?

      They are counting the At Large ballots as we speak in Phoenix.

      We will again meet in Tampa and at Maricopa County convention and at state convention. We pray we can find community in this party.
      We want local government, not federal. We want school choice and health choice and family choice. We support charity and church freedom and freedom to form militia.
      We believe it is theft of the worse kind to print billions or trillions of “new” money to water down that which our parents and grandparents have saved since the great depression.
      We believe our military should be of the greatest caliber, able to strike down any threat before it reaches our shores or our people.
      We believe in Taft and and we believe in Paul and we believe it may be getting too late.

      Don’t wait for Europe to burn before you start fixing USA.

      • There were definitely things that were done improperly by the AZ GOP Chairman. But not explaining to the delegates the rules was the worst part. The Chairman should have clearly stated that in order to win the election for National Committeeman & National Committeewoman, a 50% + 1 vote was required. None of the delegates knew what would have forced a run-off election & that may be why many Romney supporters left early. The Chair also had no idea how many people we were allowed to vote for on any given ballot. And once again, me being a big Romney supporter, Nathan Sproul was completely outflanked by Ron Paul supporters because Sproul did not even submit complete slates. Sproul needs to be fired NOW by the Romney campaign if they haven’t already dismissed him.

        I do believe that it was completely proper to place an identifying mark next to all of the delegates on the Romney slate on the ballots because Romney did win the Arizona Primary overwhelmingly. And hopefully, the Ron Paul supporters who won in CDs 1 & 5 were also forced to swear oaths that they would support Mitt Romney in the first round of balloting at the Republican National Convention since Mitt Romney did win the support of Arizona Republican Primary voters. If any Ron Paul supporters who somehow got selected as delegates & swore oaths to support Romney on the first ballot end up breaking their oaths, they should be flogged.

        But complaining about potentially not getting the opportunity to have it marked on the ballots who were the Ron Paul supporters? Really? Did Ron Paul supporters really want the majority of delegates to know exactly who to avoid voting for? I think that part of the Ron Paul campaign tactics was to try to sneak in past unsuspecting Romney supporters. As a Romney supporter, I would have much preferred that every Ron Paul supporter had a little picture of Ron Paul before his or her name.

    • StopNDAA says

      Potential Romney delegates were also upset that the ballot was not in alphabetical order and one cnadidate received preferential treatmnet.

    • a quorum is not need to adjourn, a vote however is needed to adjourn. They did not offer the opportunity for a vote.

      Electioneering is not a good thing and emphasizing one candidate over another is just wrong. The Ron Paul campaign was offered this option, but turned it down knowing it would be challenged and was frankly wrong.

  16. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    There is plenty of film and video of what went on. These discussting illbred rable are an embarrassmen to them selves and to proper order. Ron Paul, if he were anything close to being a person of character, would denounce his followers and disband his cult. He should appologizes to the rational people who were in attendance, then go away for good.
    This film should go viral, I hope it does, and end Ron Paul and his children. I have not seen such low class actors since the last time [many years ago] that I attended a union meeting.

  17. Trey4RonPaul says

    Cold Warrior… I agree with everything you said. Everything. I especially agree with the last sentence 100% and within my own circles I have been saying EXACTLY that. It seems freedom and rudeness have been mistakenly conflated in their simple heads. Thank you for your good work too by the way. If I have one complaint its that I could not hear well in those small CD meetings and the “not knowing and not understanding” did cause me lots of stress. Perhaps louder microphones would help. Now on to my question: Do you know what the final delegate results where? I left when it was over and said that a runoff vote would be done by mail. But perhaps you can sympathize, I was sad to go home after all the time and not know any of the delegate results or committeeman/woman results. Do you have a good count? Fortunately for me, when I got to observe the two scanners counting ballots, it was clear it was clear to me then that it would be a long long night. I can only sympathize with those in the audience having all sorts of nonsense run through their heads… the not knowing, not hearing and the not understanding the process all goes to drives them nuts. I am sure the good Doctor Paul would not approve of that behavior either. Yes, I still like doctor Paul. I just wish we did not behave as a “direct democracy” so much in this event. If we are going to do that, then why bother with representative delegates? The fact that we always do, makes the electorate sit back. Gone are the days when we delegates came together to really debate things out among ourselves (was there ever such a time?) Anyway, those are my thoughts. Do you know who the 58 delegates and Alternates are? I don’t. I still have no idea how many are Ron Paul delegates and Romney delegates.

  18. Yeah, Darn those Ron Paul people! Them and their damned following of the GOP Rules!! oh wait…

    Ron Paul does nothing to get his people to come out, HE IS THE PEOPLE.

  19. Barracuda_Trader says

    And the Arizona Robamney supporters said,”Give us another 100 years as economic slaves to our masters at the FED/IRS Complex. We don’t like liberty. It scares us to be free. Make that bad man Ron Paul go away. Call the police. Make that liberty thingy stop. Please! We like the debt slavery and tax bondage of the FED/IRS Complex. And Masta’ Robamney will sign us up for another 100 year contract with the FED/IRS Complex in December 2013 when the agreement expires. Oh NO! Save us from FREEEEDOM!

  20. Arizona kind of seems like the last place that would want Massachusetts deciding its fate. smh

  21. Hey, I am a Ron Paul “fanatic”. That makes me a fanatic of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights as that is what Ron Paul stands for. Anybody got a problem with that, move to Red China. “Turn out the lights, the (statist rep.) Party’s over”. Sung to the same tune.

  22. I must have missed the part where there was “chaos” and “havoc”, it seemed relatively peaceful to me.

    And the only “crazy” people are the ones who support a candidate like Mitt Romney.

    • So, Drew, you support the rude cat calls that were made against Josh Romney & the Chairman of the Gila River Indian Community? Shouting down the Chairman of a Indigenous American Tribe was really classy for the Ron Paul supporters who took part in that.

      • If you recall the Goldwater Rockefeller convention there was plenty of commotion there. Passion is sorely missing from our political process.

  23. The conventions results are decided by the majority of who is in attendance. The Romney supporters are the minority at these conventions and mostly already have positions of power. The Paul supporters are the majority and vote themselves into the positions of power. The Romney people become angry when this happens, calling it “cheating” – FYI, the RPer’s are following the rules – they have to get loud and angry because the establishment refuses to let the democratic process take place because they hate Paul supporters. This is wrong; everyone should follow the rules no matter what.

    • Not so. Romney supporters were the vast majority of the delegates at Arizona’s Republican Convention on Saturday. Just look at the election result for National Committeeman. And that was even after many Romney supporters had left in frustration.

      Even though, this is a common tactic used by Ron Paul supporters to disenfranchise voters, when you talk about the “refus[ing] to let the democratic process take place”, remember the 239,167 Republican Primary voters who chose Mitt Romney as Arizona’s Republican nominee. 239,167 compared to 43,952 Primary voters who chose Ron Paul. Now if you want to talk about “Democratic Process”, just think of all of those voters who you don’t care about letting their voices be heard. By using subversive tactics to steal away delegates at convention, that’s just pathetic. Hopefully, those Ron Paul supporters who were elected follow through with the will of Arizona voters & choose Mitt Romney as the nominee for the Republican Party when they get to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.

  24. Well, I agree to disagree with a lot of what has been said. People forget that freedom is popular so it attracts all kinds. Unfortunately, it attracts those with bad manners as well as good. BUT to lump everyone together is collectivizing and I deplore it. I am a 55-year-old lifetime Republican and my husband is 68. We were very disappointed in the lack of organization and sloppiness of the whole ballot process. Most of the CDs had inaccurate counts and they would never have been noticed if those noisy Ronbots hadn’t pointed it out. Too bad somebody has to point these things out but if not, nothing will change.
    The problem is the Republican Party has become a good-ol-boys club and if you aren’t part of it and you actually want to get it back to what it stands for AND follow the rules, you are labeled a nut job and a trouble maker.
    If no one has noticed, we are losing our freedoms at the most basic level and facing a catastrophic economic crisis and all the Party candidates do is squabble about inessentials. Anyone who wants to talk about the real issues is considered a conspiracy theorist nut job. Every Bill that has been passed since the illegal Patriot Act takes us closer and closer to a place where most Republicans I know abhor. They acknowledge it but they don’t scream about it when their favored candidate favors some oppressive, unconstitutional policy. Instead of blindly following the man or the party, why don’t you follow the Constitution? The majority of Ron Paul supporters are not following the man but the message. I am sorry that you don’t understand that and you watch too much TV. Turn it off for once and research each and every candidate and their positions and what they voted for and their history before you decide to support them. And, most of all, who their chief financial contributors are. Please, at least do that. Following the money helps determine who is actually electing that candidate. Then maybe we can actually have someone in the White House who truly represents us.
    Dave Fitzgerald did not disrespect Security. He actually consulted with them and got permission to meet in the church parking lot adjacent to the University and instructed everyone to leave the premises. Following Roberts Rules of Order is what has been attempted but when the Chairman doesn’t have a clue what those are, it sounds like trouble making when someone questions the procedure. I thought the majority of delegates had to agree to adjourn a meeting and not just a chosen few. I thought ballots had to be counted and winners announced before a meeting is truly adjourned. So much unfinished business and people wonder why we are upset. So, we still do not know who actually won the delegate spots and who is actually going to count the votes to tell us. I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask.

  25. Marty Smith says

    Fortunlatley, Romney won’t need RP supporters to win. they are a very, very small fringe group who will never vote democrat, never vote GOP except Paul. So, as usual, they will sit home and cry that their guy didn’t win and come up with excuse number 1 million and 1 as to why

  26. Sgt. Flapjaw says

    Ron Paul has withdrawn from race. Concedes to Romney. Of course he still wants his cult followers to continue their borish behavior in the states that will still vote for delegates. Just can’t bear to get off the stage.

  27. @Sgt. Flapjaw

    He didn’t concede sh!t. He hasn’t suspended his campaign or anything. He is not doing rallies and he is still pro-actively seeking delegates. He has around 500 delegates to Romney’s 700, so don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    • Sgt. Flapjaw says

      I should have said he affectively conceded. I forgat that you “Dead Enders” seach for every thread to pull. You guys are over, now consider shutting up and look back to see what jerks you look like….Nah, no chance of that. Better yet, keep up with your antics, it proves what misfits you people are.

  28. Thank you for that link to the National Committeeman’s video. The lady spoke well. “Truther” is used as a term of abuse. But in this case it seems to be an apt terminology. Resort to sneering and name calling, and otherwise avoiding debate, is a tactic used to disguise the weaker argument. It tells me where the truth is most likely to be. Likewise the derisive “Ron Paul fanatics” quote this article sneers at.

    Perhaps the real fanaticism lies in those whose desire to have corporate money and bankers running their party overides the fanatical wars, the fanatical spending, the fanatical murders of US and foreign nationals, the fanatical restrictions on personal liberty, the fanatical ignorance of the Constitution, etc., etc? Well?? Does it???

  29. It is disappointing to see that this is just deteriorating into name calling and exaggeration. This usually occurs when someone has nothing of substance to contribute and to counter so they have to resort to these tactics. When people do not have any respect for those who disagree with them and they have no substance for their own position, they resort to such puerile responses. Too bad, Romney supporters, you might keep someone’s attention but you completely lose us when you stoop so low.

  30. Paul is out of the race as of today (Monday).

  31. Paul is NOT out of the race today. Please read his report and not what the media says about it. He is not going to invest resources in Primary States because he does not have the financial backing of Goldman Sachs, like Romney and Obamany to do it. He will focus his resources elsewhere.

  32. LD 20 PC says

    Ron Paul knows he has nothing left, money or decent organizational adults. All he is doing at this point is hurting Rand’s chance of furthering his political career. You frindge children will get older and when you do your naivete’ will deminish and you will realize all the trouble you had caused for nothing but to put your movement back to the stone age.

    JPD you supported the little Napoleon Jimmy Deakin with the horrid wife and allowed McCain to walk right back into office, now Ron Paul. And I guess you do not see what you and your ilk is doing to the Country. Instead of Ron Paul running against Obama he and his cult of fools is running against Romney. Please figure that is why the adults in the Republican Party will not support your candidate, even us grass roots Tea Party members. I know you try and make RP the leader of the TP, we are still laughing all the way to the polls on that one.

    • Hayworth gave us McCain as Hayworth allowed himself to be pushed into the race so he had someone he could run against to ignor the citizen candidate. I’m sorry you old people do not believe in the constitution but with the wait and see plan you and others will have turned to dust and then the party will change. LD20 – you are not TP perhaps – toilet paper.

  33. Sonoran Alliance says

    Here’s a sample of the response Sonoran Alliance has received on its voicemail for posting the Ron Paul slate.

    • Wow from Colorado! word travels fast and far. The slate was not posted, the 100+ names of FEC published donors and elected state delegates was published. Using FEC data is a Felony for any purpose other than purely informational.

  34. Very apparent that our current Director of Operations cannot competently perform his duties. His surly and autocratic responses to questions leading up to the convention are inexcusable. The buck stops with Chairman Morrissey. Either he will sever the employment of this Director of Operations or we are in for even worse with the August Primary and November General Election.

    After Saturday’s debacle, ditching this Director of Operations is a no-brainer.

  35. StopNDAA says

    Romney’s son breaks the rules at AZ GOP convention – there shall be no nominating speeches for delegates.

  36. From Karen Johnson
    A report on the Arizona Republican Convention this week by retired Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson, one of the top conservative leaders in the meeting in which she shares her story:
    Fwd’d by Ralph Hughes

    “I got up early Saturday morning (5 a.m.) and arrived at the Grand Canyon College at 7 a.m. to begin the day. The signs and banners for Ron Paul were already everywhere to be seen. It wasn’t until after 8 a.m. that the Romney signs begin to appear.

    “We were finally allowed to enter the main hall of the convention about 8:30 a.m…. [where] we were ‘treated’ to the usual bland speeches of the Governor, Secretary of State, Chairman of the Salt River/Pima tribe, and one of Mitt Romney’s sons [Josh]. Mitt’s son did NOT get booed off the stage [important clarification to other false reports] and, in fact, the first part of his talk was well received as he explained how much his father had cared for his mother during her illness.

    “At the end of his talk he held up the Romney green delegate slate, encouraging delegates to vote for it and that was when the boos begin to happen. In our by-laws, it is not permissible to campaign from the podium at the convention, unless you have that slot to speak in behalf of the candidate. I think the main problem the ‘establishment’ Arizona party leaders encountered was the huge amount of lawfully elected Ron Paul delegates. I am sure they expected some but not the number that attended. My guess would be 35-40% of the delegates were for Ron Paul. That is astounding compared to the handful we had in 2008.

    “There were 1,147 credentialed delegates at the convention. Arizona is allotted 29 delegates to the National Republican Convention, however, we also voted for a ‘B’ slate of delegates because the state party believes that Arizona will be given back the other 29 delegates that were taken away from them by the RNC for moving up our Presidential Primary to early February. I believe that will happen IF the Arizona Republican Party can guarantee that all of these 29 will be Romney delegates.

    “After the milk-toast speeches, we adjourned to the various Congressional causes (nine of them in all). I belong to Congressional District 1… There were approximately 112 of us gathered together to elect one delegate and one alternate from the ‘A’ ballot as well as one delegate and one alternate from the ‘B’ ballot. When the first ballot was passed out to us several people commented about the asterisk by the first name at the top of the ballot [indicating] ‘designated candidate supported by the Romney campaign’. Many people took pictures of the ballot for evidence of this blatant disregard of the rules as there is to be no campaigning on the ballot itself. We were later told from the podium that the Romney camp as well as the Paul camp had been offered the ability to do this. However, the Paul camp, knowing that it is against the rules to campaign in this fashion, declined on the grounds that it was not ethical, while the Romney camp went ahead with the designated candidates having an asterisk by their name.

    “When it came to voting for the balance of the delegates from the floor (delegates at large), the same unethical practice was done by listing all 20 delegates at the top of a four page ballot – all with asterisks by their names, stating at the bottom that these are the ‘chosen ones,’ so to speak. The explanation was, of course, that both camps were offered the same deal.

    “After the vote was taken on the first ballot in our Congressional District 1, a man the Chairman had designated as our secretary and he left to take the ballots downstairs to the counting room. He was alone with no one going with him. The security was non-existent. Approximately a half hour later the secretary returned with the vote tally. [Here comes the vote tabulation fraud] The Chairman announced the results and everyone looked in amazement at each other because our Ron Paul lady (Jill Skaufel) was not mentioned and we did not even know the others that had been announced as winners.

    “One of our astute delegates, Dara, stood up and said, ‘Wait a minute, this cannot be right’. Then she asked for the vote count for Jill. The Chairman said 15 votes. Dara then asked for all those in the room that voted for Jill to raise their hands. 51 hands went up. Whoa! That caused quite a stir. At that point the ‘establishment’ had no choice but to redo the voting [shows the power of a visible vote, versus a back room count].

    “After the second ballot our Jill won with 51 votes and the explanation was given that a ‘glitch’ had happen with the voting machine. It seems that the first name with the asterisk by it caused all the other votes that had been cast to move down, one below the actual person voted for on the ballot. What a crock! [I agree. The lone programmer was working on this home brew program late the previous night. And why use a computer and scanner for this small of a vote when a hand tally would have been quicker?] At any rate, we were able to get both of our Ron Paul people elected from CD 1, (delegate A and B) after three hours of wrangling and total frustration with the process.

    “By now it was nearly 4 p.m. and people were hungry and grouchy. I received a call just before leaving the CD [Congressional District] 1 caucus from a good friend that I had served with in the Arizona House, Representative Eddie Farnsworth. He asked if I was attending the convention and I explained where I was and the problems we were having in CD 1. He also said that similar things had happened in the CD District he was from and that he was irate about the asterisk by the Romney selected candidate. Eddie is an attorney and not specifically a Ron Paul fan but always fair. He was livid at how the convention was being run, he called it fraudulent and criminal. He told me he had gone to speak with the Executive Secretary of the party, Thayer Verschoor, [who was largely responsible, according to some, for everything that went wrong, ethically and technically at the convention] about the way the Romney campaign was using the ballot to campaign for their candidate(s). Finally, Thayer admitted that he had given the authorization for them to do this. Eddie said he was so disgusted that he and several other delegates from his CD District simply left.

    “The next item on the agenda was to select the National Committeeman and Woman. All the candidates were nominated from the floor. My name (Karen Johnson) was put forth, as was the current National Committeewoman, Sharon Giese, and a woman from Tucson named White. We all were allowed five minutes to have people endorse us from a microphone on the floor and then we spoke for a few moments from the podium. All the while the ballots for the at large delegates were supposedly being counted. We then voted on the man and woman to represent Arizona at the RNC and still waited and waited and waited for a report of the vote count on the delegates [Yes, those computer counts are so fast, and save a lot of time compared to hand counting!].

    “By now it was nearly 8 p.m. No one could figure out what was going on, just one delay after another. Many people left – almost all Romney delegates – as the Ron Paul people were loyal to the end and would not leave. I was standing near the back of the convention center speaking with a good friend that I had served with in the Arizona State Senate, Senator Ron Gould (a great candidate for Congress from his District in the upcoming election) and another friend (I thought) who had also served with me for four years in the Senate and who is now a Representative in the Arizona House, Jack Harper.

    “[This is classic establishment maneuver coming:] Jack came over and began to speak with me. He said, ‘Karen, we can end this vote right now on the National Committeewoman if you will come with me up to the podium and guarantee the leadership that you will not embarrass the Republican Party.’ I looked at him in astonishment and politely told him I could never make such a commitment. Senator Gould’s mouth nearly fell to his chest at this point. Then Jack really went off on me raising his voice quite loudly saying, ‘You are nothing but an embarrassment to the Republican Party, all the crap you talk about, like 9/11 and the fact that the Federal Government took out the twin towers is bunk.’

    “I replied that I had never said the Federal Government took out the Twin Towers but that there were many unanswered questions that needed to be addressed regarding what happened that day. Jack continued to berate me and say how stubborn I was and that someone like me could never be the National Committeewoman from Arizona because I was such an embarrassment to the party [the establishment is for relying on the people’s vote only so long as it goes their way].

    “Probably around 8:30 p.m. they announced the vote for National Committeewoman. I received around 370 votes, Sharon Giese got approximately 260 votes and the White lady from Tucson got about 140. The crowd of mostly Ron Paul supporters erupted in cheers and thought I had won BUT no, there has to be a run-off election because a candidate must get 50% plus one to win. So all the delegates that were left (mostly all the Ron Paul people) called for a run-off vote. The Chairman, Tom Morrissey, said we do not have a quorum [I believe they purposely caused the delays to encourage so many people leaving so they could claim this excuse]. The crowd booed and we were all told that the party would mail-out ballots to ALL the delegates and then determine the winner from that count.

    “So, if you leave early you still get your vote counted through a mail-in ballot. Needless to say the remainder of the delegates were livid, (remember, we still have no word on who was elected to be delegates at large) and demanded a run- off now. It was probably after 9 p.m. and the Chairman simply went to the podium and adjourned the meeting [just like Nevada in 2008]. No motions, nothing. No announcement of the delegate at large vote, only that they would be counted at a later date!

    “Back to the convention, at that point the Paul folks gathered around the podium and elected a new state party chairman, a man by the name of David Fitzgerald from Tucson. He called for the run-off vote and by voice vote I was elected National Committeewoman. We then adjourned to the parking lot as the security came up and turned the microphone off as well as the lights. In the parking lot, David Fitzgerald said that neither he nor the votes we have taken will be honored but he strongly urged all the delegates to become precinct committeemen and get their papers turned in by the end of May. He did a good job and we finally left after 10 p.m. I don’t need to tell you what a horrible, stressful and sad day it was for so many of us. At this point I was ashamed to be an Arizona Republican, having to observe the incompetency, shenanigans and outright breaking of the rules by people that I know very well.”

  37. some specific data can be located here: particularly in the document pool page

  38. TakeABreathAndRelax says

    I think we need to all just put our anger towards how the convention was handled from the beginning, agree it was a mess and move on… quit picking on each other, because at the end of the day, MOST of us are Republicans.

    I mean, I’ve seen children have better organizational skills to get something done, than did the planners of the event.

    No candidate should be offered a * by their potential delegates names, that’s just stupid. Each camp should hand out a slate of its own candidates and go from there… And the Romney banner hanging inside, who cares if the RP Campaign was offered the same $$$ deal to have theirs hung.
    Neither should be in there.

    Josh Romney was nothing compaired to the Tribal Governor who passionatly stumped for the Romney campaign… Here is a thought to settle that, maybe we should save time and get rid of speeches all together except for the Governor and the Chairman of the convention who should focus their speeches on the state of Arizona and also on the democratic political opponent.

    That was 30 to 40 minutes of totally wasted time of nonsense to divide us more as a political party than it was to encourage us to come together. Divided we fall, united we have power.

    And the calls for unity- again- waste of time. Hey here is an idea, let us vote, get it over with and HAND COUNT the votes and machine count the votes on stage. Run them through the machine FIRST then have 3 people on the backside of where those votes come out of the machine… a Romney/Paul authroized rep and then the chairman, to agree on the vote.

    What is the big deal with a “truther”??? So what if they don’t believe the official story. They have good reason not to… Operation Northwoods, little thing to google… Personally I dont think its “our government” behind it. Its the bigger group that meets in secret that kennedy warned us all about before he was murdered. But my personal feelings dont matter… again… who cares if she is a Truther. If she is and she gets elected to the position and moves up the political ladder from there… maybe she will find the truth -or- figure out the official story is the truth. Both are real posibilities. I’d rather have a badger in place digging and exploring for its food (truth) for answers than someone who a sheep chewing its grass in the field and hoping that there is grass on the other side and not investigating it.

    Lets let the system be honest and quit the voting deception that the GOP has been doing in states, like in AZ where the boxes were sitting unattended and could have totally been tampered with- and run the ballots like I suggested AT the convention- with the representitives of both sides watching the boxes from the minute those votes get put in, to the entering of those into the machine to a hand count after they’ve been spit out.

    People who have the most people showing up to vote, and the people who have the most votes win.
    Its up to the campaigns and the candidates to get their grass roots support to the conventions and if they don’t and can’t, thats a telling sign they’d fail as a leader of our country.

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